Ravaging Times

chapter 102

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Lv Bu’s main camp}

[?]: Five thousand men. I would lead a sneak attack from the south.
[?]: You think you can distract the enemy?
[?]: I know everything about the situation at the western part of the city; there shouldn’t be a problem.

[?]: This is the seventh tactic of the fifteenth possible round. Anything else?
[?]: Yes, the first tactic of the sixteenth round, when the enemy retreats for five li.
/* “li” is a distant unit */

[?]: Then our special force will control the western area.
/* special force ~ “an army suddenly appearing from nowhere” */

[?]: For the second tactic, the enemy will set an ambush of four thousand men in the western part of the city.
[?]: Wait, let me predict what tactic the Cao army will come up with at this point…

chapter 102 A Raised Spirit

[Chen Gong]: No need. There would be a total of three hundred and seventy-six possible rounds.

[?]: That… that many? Which one would be for real?
[CG]: Recordkeeper, start listing again from the seventh round.

[recordkeeper]: The first tactic is: if our insider assassinates Cao Cao, the Cao army will retreat to the western part of the city.
[advisor]: *yawn*
[recordkeeper]: The second tactic is: if we pursue, we would be ambushed there.

[CG]: I bet the troop that would ambush us has never been accounted for!

[advisor]: Cao Cao has a hundred thousand Qingzhou soldiers, but thirty thousand have not been deployed.

[CG]: Make a note of these thirty thousand.

[CG]: Make a note of the seventh possible round,
[CG]: and then,

[CG]: let’s start over again.

[advisor 1]: A… Advisor Chen, we’ve analyzed it three times.
[advisor 2]: Even if Cao Cao could travel between Heaven and earth, he still wouldn’t be able to escape our trap.
[advisor 2]: Besides, no commander under Cao Cao can react and adapt to the changing situation like he does.

[CG]: I wonder what you all think of our Lord Lv Bu?

[advisor 3]: Undoubtedly he stands out from the crowd.
/* “Among men Lv Bu”; now reworded */
[advisor 4]: The brilliant warrior and the undefeatable God of War.
/* I’m reconsidering using this title, and will change the title in the latter chapters */

[CG]: Yet there are people who dismiss him as the bold but simpleminded type.

[?]: That’s just practicing the theory of “On Morale”…
/* credit to John’s wording */
[?]: So then…
[?]: Do you think Generals like Yu Jin and Xiahou Dun are bold but simpleminded?

[advisor]: Quiet. Please let the head Advisor speak!

[CG]: Appraisal is subjective. In the eyes of each commander, his own Generals are all above Lv Bu.

[CG]: Recording history is also a subjective thing.
[CG]: Haven’t you noticed the many bold and simpleminded men in the historical records?

[CG]: But if they were so incompetent, why were they significant enough to have their names noted?
/* distorted */

[advisor]: You’re right; and also, why would they be given military command of hundreds of thousands of men?

[?]: That’s right! The Cao camp must have other skilled Generals!
[?]: So the head Advisor wants us to treat each enemy General like a God of War!

[CG]: Congratulations!

[CG]: You have all grasped the first rule in thinking like the Eight Geniuses!
/* “you all have successfully taken the FIRST STEP into Eight Geniuses’ thinking realm!” */

[Lv Bu]: His calculations are precise. I feel like my brain has been warped around.

[Gao Shun]: Yes, no wonder military advisors don’t live long.
[LB]: Even if our attack fails, we can still safely withdraw. I feel so relaxed now…

[LB]: And for the first time, I can even feel…

[LB]: the unbeatable power of the God of War!
/* maybe “invincibility”? */

{Cao Bao’s daughter, Cao Yuan}
[Cao Yuan]: Plus my father’s full support.

Chen Gong,
you have raised my spirits!

{Tanxian, Liu Bei’s stationing point}

[soldier 1]: I heard that Lv Bu has attacked Cao Cao.
[soldier 2]: That’s strange then! Can’t you guys see…?

[soldier 2]: That terrifying Guo Jia is still here… Why haven’t they retreated yet?

[?]: Mi Zhu said…

[?]: Lo… lord Tao Qian has died, and…
[Zhang Fei]: Yes, and lord Tao has decided to leave Xuzhou in your hands, big brother.

[Liu Bei]: I will not permit taking advantage of someone when he’s vulnerable!

[ZF]: Big brother, after you robbed one city and saved two, your kindness has become well-known. No one deserves Xuzhou more than you.

[LB]: I’ve never met lord Tao, so how did that happen?

[ZF]: That… is Heaven’s secret!
(“it’s enough that only Heaven knows about it”)
[LB]: Third brother!

[LB]: We will leave immediately after we save Xuzhou!

[ZF]: Big brother, Xuzhou cannot survive without a leader. What you’re doing is giving Lv Bu the chance to rule.

[ZF]: Big brother, don’t forget about our oath. This is a foundation for your empire!

[ZF]: Think about it! How many people understand the principle of Greater Righteousness?

[ZF]: Do you have the heart to give Xuzhou to the self-serving Guandong Alliance?

[LB]: Third brother, saving Xuzhou is the righteous thing to do.
[LB]: If someone seeks personal gain under the name of kindness and righteousness,

[LB]: I would hate his guts!
(“my hatred for him would cut into his skin and corrode his bones”; what’s a shorter phrase?”)

[LB]: Say no more. That upright second brother of yours would kill you if he hears this!

Can’t you see, big brother?

Second brother is really just like me. We are big fools who would do anything for you!

But, I must thank Heaven,

because even if my big brother is a fool,
he is truly…

a MAN OF HONOR who is worthy of my support!
/* “nobleman”? the emphasis has been reversed due to syntax limitation */

Dear Heaven, you have raised my spirits!

[?]: The heaven is ever-changing.
(possibly referring to the climate)
[?]: Its will is unpredictable.

[?]: If Heaven wants Han dead, it will give a sign.

[?]: If Heaven wants Han alive, then…

[Seventh]: there is a purpose for a fool like me.
(“A fool like me will surely have a reason for existing”)

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I want to recommend someone to you,
[LYH]: because you two are really similar.

[Seventh]: No, I already know who he is.

{cough: keh!}
[LYH]: In that case I hope you two will meet soon. Pardon me.

[Seventh]: Can you still go on?

[LYH]: Being hard to kill is what I’m worth…

[Seventh]: Careful!
[LYH]: Thanks.

Knowing a man like him still exist…

I can’t help but feel elated!

[soldier 1]: We have taken the mountain!
{flag reads: Guo}
[soldier 2]: Their mountain defense is lost. Tanxian will soon be ours!

{crowd: wah~}

[Yue Jin]: Our decoy will prevent Liu Bei from entering Tanxian while we continue to hold this mountain!

[YJ]: And now I have fulfilled my duty!
{cough: keh!}

[Guo Jia]: Keh! I’m so tired!
[YJ]: Then why did you insist on coming here?

[GJ]: One sees things further and more accurately on the mountain top!

[YJ]: The smoke has shrouded the entire city, just like you predicted.
[GJ]: Yes, the people in the city will surrender soon.

[GJ]: Tell our Lord to prepare to occupy the city.
[YJ]: Understood.

{sfx: hoo~}

[YJ]: The wind is getting stronger again.
[YJ]: Looks like we might not need to wait much longer!

{cough: keh! keh!}
[YJ]: It’s too windy here, you should head back down!

[?]: Look, that’s…!

{sfx: hoo~}


Whose hat… is this?

A great wind rises, and clouds are driven away…
a reference to Liu Bang’s poem, 大风歌 (“Song of Great Wind”?)

{vomit sfx: ugh!}

[YJ]: Guo Jia!

A great wind rises, and a dragon takes flight…
/* echos the previous line */


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