Ravaging Times

chapter 103

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Winning without fighting… that is the greatest strategy in the world!

[soldier 1]: Absolutely amazing.
/* “(I) prostrate myself (before this person)” */
[soldier 2]: What is?

[soldier 1]: Life is precious. If one can win the battle without bloodshed, then he is soldiers’ savior.

[soldier 2]: Oh, you’re talking about our Advisor Guo!

[soldier 1]: Even though his Darkness Tactics are really heinous,

[soldier 1]: mercy for the enemy would actually be extreme cruelty to oneself.

chapter 103 Borrowing the East Wind

[soldier 2]: Right. If we had to take this city by force, who knows how many people would be dead or injured.

[soldier 2]: As long as the fire continues to burn, the residents will surrender. Victory is ours for sure!
[soldier 1]: I thank Heaven for favoring us. Once I return home safely I will burn some incense for the gods.

[soldier 1]: And I will pray that the Advisor lives past a hundred!

[soldier]: I heard that he just caught a cold. I say he’ll be fine after some rest.
[soldier 2]: Don’t worry, the Advisor had already prepared a crafty tactic. Nothing will go wrong.

[soldier 1]: I agree. I doubt the enemy can counter it.

[soldier 3]: Haha, unless he’s a god…
[soldier 4]: Captain.

[soldier 4]: Captain, look!

Unless he is a god…
/* “celestial being” */

[soldier]: Wh… what is that?

[Yue Jin]: A strange man out of nowhere, wearing a coat of straw?
[YJ]: Then… did you guys catch him?

[captain]: No, the smoke is too heavy and we don’t know where he’s coming from.
[captain]: All we know right now is that he’s on the southern hill.

[YJ]: So many people are playing gods or devils in this day and age.
[captain]: Soldiers are always superstitious. I hope their morale won’t be affected!

[Cheng Yu]: Straw overcoat, leather skirt, unkempt hair and barefoot;
/* not sure */
[CY]: nails long and sharp, and his whole body covered in yellow fur…

[CY]: According to their description…

[CY]: General, could this be him?
[YJ]: I guess so… But… Advisor Cheng, what book is this?

{Cheng Yu}
[CY]: A book that the Advisor fears the most.
/* it’s not clear whether he’s talking about all advisors or just Guo Jia */

{cough: keh!}

[?]: General Yue, the Advisor needs his rest. Why do you bother him with such a trivial matter?
[Guo Jia]: No, Yue Jin, tell me.

[YJ]: Cheng Yu insisted that you take precaution, so…

[GJ]: Yes, he’s right. Our camp is full of superstitious men who used to follow Zhang Jiao.

[captain]: But I think he’s just a mountain dweller…
/* “man of the wild”? */
[captain]: Could he really use magic to disturb our morale?

[GJ]: Order the main troop to move to the west side, and tell them to avoid any contact with this man.

[YJ]: You’re joking, right? He… he’s only one man.
[captain]: Advisor, are you sure your head is clear? You did pass out for a whole day.

[GJ]: Keh! Fate… fate is unpredictable; two days from now something big will happen!

[GJ]: Keh! Just do what I said!

{cough: Keh! Keh! Keh!}

[Hua Tuo]: This environment is harmful to your respiration.

[HT]: Why don’t you go home and rest!

[GJ]: No, this contest between he and I isn’t over yet!
{cough: keh!}

[HT]: I’m glad that your will to fight is in full force, however…

[GJ]: I don’t care about titles.

[HT]: Then what do you care about?

[GJ]: I want to see…

[HT]: see how he breaks your perfect battle formation…?

{southern hill, Guo Jia’s second camp}
{sfx: hoo~}

[general]: Hold on! Don’t let the wind get its way!
[general]: Strong winds cannot blow this camp down!

[messenger]: General, the Advisor orders us to move to the western hill!

[general]: Wh… what? This is the vital route to Tanxian, we can’t…

[messenger]: It’s the Advisor’s order. Hurry! Hurry!

{sfx: hoo~}

[?]: The wind has turned, and it’s blowing the smoke over here!

East wind…

This… is not smoke!

It is cloud!

{sfx: cha~}

{scream: wah~}

{sfx: pa~}

{breath: shuh!}

[?]: The mes… messenger… is dead!
[?]: Wh… what is that?


[?]: Look, the clouds are gathering!


{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: peng~}

{scream: wah~}


Impossible! Impossible!

The most powerful strategy: call upon the gods to show their might!
/* not sure */

I, Cheng Yu, am beneath you!
/* “prostrate myself (before you)” */

[?]: God of Rain… Chisongzi!

[GJ]: Burn the firewood in a pile, and the flames will bring down the rain. Not to mention that Xuzhou is surrounded by forest.
[GJ]: I was observing the climate change, but I forgot that the wind change is a day early!

[general]: Ad… Advisor, what’re you talking about? Wh… what Chisongzi?
[GJ]: He is better than me… at reading the weather!

[GJ]: But… I must not fall! I want to see…

[GJ]: what else he can do to defeat me!


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