Ravaging Times

chapter 104

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{sfx: long~}

{sfx: sha~}

There goes the smoldering,

and here comes the deafening.
a quote from “Twenty-four Histories”? There must be a better way to phrase this…
Is it trying to hint at the never ending cycle of power over power?

chapter 104 Pride Before Defeat

Ha ha ha!

It’s Heaven’s Will!

[?]: Heaven has a way in dealing with evildoers.

[Liu Bei]: Third brother, this is Heaven’s Will!

Since it’s Heaven’s Will, you, my brother, have even less reason to refuse then.
No one deserves Xuzhou more than you!

{south hill, Guo Jia’s second main camp}

[soldier]: Wh… what should we do?

Unrighteous acts!

{sfx: peng~}

Will bring Heaven’s wrath!

Heaven… Heaven’s wrath!

[soldiers]: The god is angry!
[soldiers]: Let’s run for it!

[Guo Jia]: Amazing! Just a few words and you have reduced the army on the south hill to a mob.

[GJ]: This way the reinforcements can still reach Tanxian without the mountain defense.

[GJ]: A good use of shamanism to shake the morale of our men.

[GJ]: Even after Tao Qian’s death, if the losing soldiers believe Heaven is on their side, they will still be motivated to fight.

[GJ]: All of this reminds me of how Zhang Jiao used witchcraft to command the Yellow Turbans.

[GJ]: Though the way you look… really makes me want to laugh.

[captain]: Chisongzi? Or is it Zhang Jiao? Advisor, what exactly are you saying?
[captain]: Advisor, please be careful; he knows magic.

{sfx: sha~}

[GJ]: Magic, illusion.

[GJ]: Everyone, today I am honored to demonstrate a skill before a master.

[soldier 1]: A… Advisor, please… please be mindful.
[soldier 2]: Don’t anger the god!

[GJ]: Come.

{sfx: peng~}

[soldier]: Drawing Lightning? A… Advisor too…

[GJ]: History notes: during Tang’s Shang dynasty, a seven-year drought ended when Emperor Tang ordered a ceremonial burning of firewood, which caused a rain.
[GJ]: There have been many cruel witches who have used this trick to create rain through the ages.
{note: firewood, a type of wood}

[GJ]: As for the lightning trick, it’s just using metal to attract lightning, and that can be found in classical texts.

[GJ]: Only the two of us understood Master Water Mirror’s lesson on shamanism.

[soldiers]: Ma… master? So this guy is…

[GJ]: Your presence today will surely sadden our classmates.
[GJ]: Because you, Seventh, have received the title of Crouching Dragon.

[soldiers]: He’s the Crouching Dragon of the Eight Geniuses!
[soldiers]: No… no wonder he can do that!

[GJ]: But I’m disappointed that the Crouching Dragon can only get this far.

[GJ]: My army has surrounded this area, so no other troop can come in.

[GJ]: The fire may be extinguished, but… Tanxian is still obtainable.

[GJ]: And this is the best trap for the Crouching Dragon.

[Sima Yi]: Unfortunately, you didn’t trap the Crouching Dragon.

{sfx: peng~}

[SMY]: To have gone through all this trouble, you must be really afraid of this Seventh!

Th… this voice… he’s not one of the Eight!

[SMY]: Crouching Dragon did come, but…
[SMY]: he’s not here, and guess where?

[SMY]: I was thinking, why did Cao Cao leave behind a weak homebase? To lure Lv Bu, of course!

[SMY]: But in order to lure him out, that won’t be enough… He needs something only Xuzhou has.

[SMY]: And that “something” is on the west side, right?

[soldier]: Advisor, the south legion that should be going to the west…
[soldier]: is now a complete mess, I’m afraid…

[SMY]: Haha! So it IS on the west side.

[SMY]: You think I’d play shaman and break up the south legion, then return to defend Tanxian with the main army. But would I choose the last resort?

[SMY]: A moment of weakness was the bait, and you took it.

[SMY]: The weather changed, the locations are wrong, and the troops are not cooperating. Right back at you.

[SMY]: Mister Guo Jia, Crouching Dragon is now leading the reinforcements westward.

[soldier]: I’ll handle him, Advisor, please head for the west side.
[GJ]: This voice…

[GJ]: I didn’t look for you… yet you came to me instead?

[SMY]: Correct. That year at Pingyang Pass,
[SMY]: inside Guandong Alliance’s main tent,

[SMY]: the one who solved the puzzle alongside Crouching Dragon…

that stinking brat!


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