Ravaging Times

chapter 105

(I need to read this over, no time right now)


[farmer]: Gone…

[farmer]: All gone…

chapter 105 Phoenix Dances Atop the South Hill

[Sima Yi]: Homes destroyed, families killed, and good farmlands burned. The people of Xuzhou are really…

[SMY]: Food is a type of capital too, and it would be harder to request for aid from other lords without food in return. That’s the first extremity.

[SMY]: Consequently the soldiers become depressed, and they won’t be able to hold on much longer. That’s the second extremity.

[Zhang Lei]: Young Master, we didn’t come to Xuzhou to praise Cao Cao, did we…
[?]: Shh! Someone’s coming.

[Seventh]: The First Emperor Qin is coming.

[Guo Ang]: The First Emperor?
{sfx: ka!}

[Meng]: Mister, you would compare Cao Cao to the First Emperor?
[ZL]: Please come out, mister!

[Seventh]: Those who come to Xuzhou during a time of crisis have an ulterior motive.
/* is he targetting himself or Sima Yi? */

[Seventh]: Young Mister Sima, are you here to solve a puzzle again?

[SMY]: Congratulations! The Crouching Dragon has decided to get involved in the affairs of this world.

[Seventh]: How… do you know?

[SMY]: Don’t forget, I’m very good at solving puzzles.

[GA]: Lei, Guo Jia is already that masterful, and now with him… why don’t we…

[ZL]: You want to kill him here?

[ZL]: No, I don’t think he’s like that.
[GA]: How do you know? You’re not our Young Master.

[ZL]: Did you see what his horse was carrying?

[SMY]: Since you’ve received the title, why do you still cover your face?

[Seventh]: This puzzle is too boring…

[Seventh]: Hoo, why don’t you guess what my goal is?
[SMY]: We think alike, mister. So you can just say it straight out.

[Seventh]: I’m here to deal with Cao Cao.

[SMY]: You should’ve heard about the close relationship between the Sima and Cao clans. So…
[SMY]: we’ve caught a dissenter.

[Seventh]: But I also know that the Sima clan has a lot of investments in Tanxian, and Cao Cao still attacks it, so then…

[SMY]: Looks like you know the world’s events without leaving the house!

[Seventh]: Haha.
{Meng: What does he look like without the mask?}

[Seventh]: Once again, Young Mister Sima, we’re thinking along the same lines.

[Seventh]: Seeing this scorched farmland…
[SMY]: You’ve noticed it too, right?

[Seventh]: The fire is raging, but there isn’t so much ash.

[Seventh]: It’s not a normal way of burning… Too bad shixiong’s trick cannot fool us.
/* shixiong = “male upperclassman” */

[SMY]: Yes. In addition to attacking Xuzhou, he’s also after Lv Bu.
[?]: Based on this kind of mobilization, I say there is a spy within Cao Cao’s army.

[?]: Xuzhou covers a lot of territory, so deployment is difficult. The burning tactic is one method, but there is one concern.

[SMY]: So then we came up with another strategy.
[Seventh]: Except one missing component… a capable military commander.

[SMY]: General Zhao Yun, an old acquaintance of mine, is at Tanxian. Would you do something for me on my behalf?

[Seventh]: You want me to assist him? But… I have to…

[SMY]: I’m only good at solving puzzles, not as good a commander as you, and also…

[SMY]: I’m very interested in strange costumes.

[SMY]: Now that you have already become the Crouching Dragon, mister, do you want to join the gods as well?

[Seventh]: You know this wicked way too?

[SMY]: Mister, I don’t think Chisongzi looks like this.
[Meng]: Haha, that’s even worse than the one I made.

[Seventh]: Looks like I really should marry a woman who has good craftsmanship.
He’s going to take off his mask…

{sfx: splash!}

[Seventh]: This is for the deceased people of Xuzhou.

[Meng]: Young Master, I can pour another…
[SMY]: No need.

[Seventh]: Young Mister Sima, it’s a pleasure working with you.

[?]: And now we’re going to win.

[ZL]: This… is your second collaboration, right?

[SMY]: I hate you.

[ZL]: Yeah, he’s a tough one to figure out, no wonder…

[SMY]: No.

I meant that in this corruption-infested world…

[Guo Jia]: I hate you.

[SMY]: Righteous people are often hated.
[ZL]: Haha, can Young Master really qualify as one?

[GJ]: So you disrupt our men on the south side, while my shidi leads his men to the west…
/* shidi = “male lowerclassman” */
[GJ]: Proceeding on two fronts… Looks like I really was played by the two of you.

[SMY]: We must make you lose that “something” if we want to defeat you.

[GJ]: Then what do you two think that “something” is?

[SMY]: Attacking Xuzhou is one goal, and forcing Lv Bu out of Chenliu to kill him is another. But you need to do one thing in order to make Lv Bu mobilize his army.
[SMY]: Based on his past conducts… Lv Bu never mobilizes without finding out the exact amount of rations the enemy has. So for the Xuzhou campaign you made sure to bring only a small amount to tempt him.

[SMY]: Once Lv Bu cuts off your rations transport, you would experience a shortage in supply. However, you ordered the burning of Xuzhou’s farmland beforehand…
[SMY]: It might’ve looked like a way to reduce the enemy’s rations, but you’re actually burning the leftovers of a harvest.

[SMY]: Therefore that “something” is the harvested backup supply for Cao Cao!

[soldier 1]: How… how does this guy know what we’re up to?
[soldier 2]: Advisor, please let me lead a troop there to protect the rations!

[GJ]: The puzzle is solved, but… my strategic decision remains even if I’m absent.

[SMY]: Crouching Dragon told me that mister Guo is good at making strategic decisions; thus if one tactic falls through, there is always a replacement.

[SMY]: For example, General Yue Jin’s highly mobile force has already been sent to carry out the mission.
[soldier]: Oh right, where is Yue Jin?

[GJ]: It’s raining on the south side, so I had to come personally to reassure the troops.

[GJ]: But there is no rain on the west side, so do you think Crouching Dragon can still use witchcraft? Besides, I have already placed traps everywhere…

[GJ]: I really want to know what else you guys can do to defeat me.

[SMY]: Worthy of being called the King of Strategic Decisions. No wonder Crouching Dragon has the highest praise for you.
“strategic decision” is from a dictionary; I don’t like it but I can’t
think of a better one right now

[GJ]: My decisions take into account every possibility.
/* distorted */

[SMY]: Including secretly sending your men up here?

[ZL]: Ang, what do you see?
[GA]: We’re surrounded, obviously.

[SMY]: Though some things must’ve been unpredictable.

[GJ]: True. I didn’t look for you, but you came to me instead.
[GJ]: That was unexpected.

[SMY]: No, I’m talking about an untraceable wild card.

[SMY]: Not only does he know this mountain like the back of his hand…

[SMY]: My subordinate once told me… he is even more troublesome than Lv Bu!


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