Ravaging Times

chapter 108

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[messenger]: A letter from General Zhao. Where is General Zhang?
[soldier]: There, General Zhang is over there!

[Liu Bei]: The rain has stopped.
[LB]: Maybe Xuzhou’s battle will end soon as well…

Who exactly is that man standing behind Zhao Yun?

chapter 108 Self-interest and Righteousness, Darkness and Light

[LB]: Who exactly is the man that commanded the troop at Makeng Valley?

[Zhang Fei]: So the warlords have started to make their move.
[messenger]: General Zhao said he would come over if you need an advocate.

[ZF]: No, tell him that I can handle it myself.

[ZF]: You, send out a message for me.

[soldier]: My Lord, the fire has died out. Why don’t we go to Tanxian to greet the people?

[LB]: No, we stay out here. An envoy can speak for us.
[soldier]: But… I heard that the other warlords…

[LB]: We only came to relieve Xuzhou of its crisis. Its ownership has nothing to do with us.

[?]: A… Assassin!
[?]: Assassin? Sent by who?

[soldier]: My Lord, the scout says he’s there…

[LB]: Him again?
[LB]: Strange. Didn’t Cao Cao lead his men back to Yanzhou?

[LB]: But with my third brother here, an assassin… is no threat to me.

Yes, I’m here…

{sfx: pa!}

My Lord!

[soldier]: Somebody! Our Lord has been shot!

I’m here to make you comply.

[ZF]: The anesthetic is taking its effect.

{Makeng Valley}

{Tao Qian’s subordinate, Cao Bao}
[Cao Bao]: Burn the rations in the front; seize the rations in the back. Attack!

Noontime at Makeng Valley, Tao Qian’s reinforcements successfully seized the rations for Xuzhou.

[Seventh]: Using inappropriate force for the interest of his clan. Why help such an unrighteous man?

[Liaoyuan Huo]: So it’s true. They say the Seventh under Water Mirror knows the world’s events without leaving the house.

[Seventh]: And now I doubt the legend of the Handicapped Warriors, who were said to leave none of their targets alive.
[LYH]: What do you mean?

[Seventh]: With your identity exposed, hasn’t your Young Master ordered you to eliminate me as a witness?

[LYH]: You think I wouldn’t dare?

[Seventh]: I say… you know the greater good, which is not what I’d say about your Young Master.

[LYH]: Greater good? Then what is your definition, mister?
[Seventh]: In this corruption-infested world, a man of action should serve for the good of the people.

[Seventh]: Pingyuan’s Liu Bei is such a righteous man.

[LYH]: Your view is correct.

[LYH]: Except my Young Master said, the world is filled with evil, and fighting it is like hitting a rock with an egg.
[LYH]: Years of war would only bring misery to the living.

[LYH]: It may be better to help the strongest power to conquer the world, then after a speedy restoration of peace…

[LYH]: take over the reign!

[?]: This is far more beneficial for the people than fighting lengthy wars.

[LYH]: Besides, the suffering is only momentary, while happiness will come much sooner. That is the Greater Good for the people.
[Seventh]: You are speaking of the business world, mister Liaoyuan. I’m speaking of the true moral principles!

[Seventh]: Confucius said, you yourself desire standing, then help others to get standing; you yourself want success, then help others to attain success.
/* http://ccbs.ntu.edu.tw/FULLTEXT/JR-MDL/guo.htm */

[Seventh]: If the leader does not set the right example, his rule will not last, and war will start again.

[Seventh]: Men of honor think of the right thing to do, but scoundrels think of the most beneficial thing to do. So what if the act is futile?

[Seventh]: I don’t think you are a scoundrel, so are you here for righteousness or self-interest?

[LYH]: Goodbye, mister.

Merchants murder.
[Seventh]: Sigh!

[?]: Save it. I don’t like lectures.
[?]: There are things you can choose to do, and things you can choose not to do. A filthy man will be a filthy man and no amount of help will change that.

[?]: I won’t see you off, sir!
[?]: One day you will understand.

That day,
{cough: keh!}

two wounded men were troubled by two preachers.

Both of their minds…


Guo Jia’s serious condition that day and the coming of lords like Kong Rong and Tian Kai to help Xuzhou
have forced Yue Jin to retreat to Yanzhou.

By the afternoon,

Mi Zhu’s reinforcements have arrived in Tanxian,
as well as another group of people.

With the excuse of Liu Bei being wounded,
Zhang Fei accepted the governing responsibility of Xuzhou on his behalf.

Because of Liu Bei’s well-known benevolence, the people of Xuzhou cheered, overshadowing the mourning for Tao Qian.

Xuzhou’s battle pushed Cao Cao into a temporarily irremediable situation.

But Cao Cao’s darkness has passed,

and the light is in sight.

The shackle gave way under the pounding of a fervent spirit,
but behind the once locked door to the heart…

there is an endless amount of contradiction and pain…


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