Ravaging Times

chapter 109

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

It’s not easy to walk on the razor’s edge.

In this day and age, if you don’t kill others,
others would still kill you.

Killing is not scary,

but it is scary… when your quest to kill an evil person,
would mean the death of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

chapter 109 Life As A Dream

When I look at this man… I seem to see the anxiousness in the eyes of his parents, who are waiting for his return.

In this day and age,
right or wrong, human relations, and morality are usually twisted.

A child will be amused with a weapon in hand, and killing seems like the most basic instinct.
A mass murderer is regarded as a hero to some people.

Bad guys kill people, and so do the good guys.

Humans are still wild beasts after all.

Beneath the skin of benevolence and righteousness,

what… is his true nature?

Life is like a dream,

[Sima Yi]: Ha!

as a dream is to life.

[SMY]: Hachoo!

[SMY]: Ha…

[Meng]: Oh no.
[SMY]: Hachoo!

[M]: You wouldn’t stop wearing this costume just because it looks peculiar? You weirdo…

[M]: Oh no, a fever.
[Guo Ang]: Sister Meng, meal’s here!

[Zhang Lei]: Young Master, now that we’ve been exposed…
[GA]: Sister Meng, food!
[SMY]: Opposing Cao Cao was never my intention.

[SMY]: Don’t worry, I know how to deal with him.

[ZL]: I heard that Liu Bei took control of Xuzhou, but a man like him…

[SMY]: You mean he doesn’t look like an opportunist, right?

[M]: Huo-ge said that this is all his brother’s doing.

[SMY]: Sometimes if you can’t control your subordinates, they’ll do whatever they want.
[GA]: Sister Meng, where’s my food?

[SMY]: And where is A-Huo? Is he too hurt to eat?

[M]: Ever since he met Young Master’s “friend” yesterday afternoon…

[M]: He… seems to have turned into a different person…

[SMY]: Crouching Dragon?

[SMY]: Say no more, my head hurts just hearing his name.

{sfx: ka}

[SMY]: So you like my “Battle Uniform” too?

[Liaoyuan Huo]: It is a little peculiar, but…

[SMY]: The design is nice. I feel like a different person when I put it on.

[LYH]: But it feels familiar.

[SMY]: What?

[LYH]: I’ve seen it before.

[SMY]: In a dream?
[SMY]: You’ve seen Chisongzi in a dream?

[LYH]: Dreams are a fascinating thing, yes?

[SMY]: Yes, dreams are fascinating.

[SMY]: Weak men think that a dream is a kind of omen.

[LYH]: Then what about strong men?

[SMY]: The strong regard it as a form of their inner desire.

[LYH]: Desire?

[SMY]: The unspeakable inner desire, such as wealth, power, and women…

[SMY]: Or even to become an emperor.

[LYH]: Ha, who hasn’t thought about that.

[SMY]: There was one dream that I’ve been keep having, except… I always die in the end.

[SMY]: In this dream, a man dressed as Chisongzi keeps coming at me.

[LYH]: Young Master, I…
[SMY]: Go ahead.

[LYH]: As your friend, I don’t want to keep this from you.

[LYH]: I just had a similar dream.

[LYH]: In this dream, I was furious,

[LYH]: so much so, that I did not hesitate to make the person on the throne…



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