Ravaging Times

chapter 111

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Night time, at Lv Bu’s stationing post in Puyang.

[scout]: Report! There is a tremendous commotion on the outskirts of the west city. It appears that Xiahou Dun’s army is in disarray.

[captain]: Unbelievable, so the second assassin team succeeded.

[Lv Bu]: Haha, Cao Cao is dead. So then,
[LB]: Chen Gong,

chapter 111 Undefeatable

[Chen Gong]: Just leave everything to me.

{sfx: long~}

[scout 1]: Lv Bu is really sending troops here.
[scout 2]: They’re fast. Must be his main cavalry.

[scout]: They’re heading for the west city, then… let’s follow them from the side!
[?]: Scout team one, report back to the west city.

{west city}

[?]: A Man, are you saying Puyang’s Tian will be our insider?

{Yu Jin}
{Cao Hong}
[Cao Cao]: He owes us a favor. This time he’ll definitely help us.

[Cao Hong]: Lv Bu thinks you’re dead, so he will attack the west city from two sides, meaning to throw us off balance.

[CC]: Yes. Xiahou Dun and the others would play along if they know that my death is just a ploy.

[CC]: Once Lv Bu breaks into the city, he will find the place packed with flammable material…

[Yu Jin]: While we… have already led our troops during night time to attack from the south.
[CH]: What’re we waiting for?

[CC]: Head out.

{words on map: mountain, mountain, Puyang}

At midnight, Cao Cao’s army heads toward Puyang from the south.

The valley outside of Puyang.

[soldier 1]: Hey!

[soldier 1]: They’re here.
[soldier 2]: They’re here?

[soldier]: Advisor Chen Gong has arrived.

[?]: Looks like Cao Cao’s scout could only be on the outskirt.

[captain]: The men have been deployed according to your plan.
[CG]: No light, no sound. You did well.

[general]: Vice, signal everyone.
[vice]: Yessir!

[?]: There’s the signal.

[?]: Get up!
[?]: Get up!
[?]: Get up!

[?]: Time to wake up!
[?]: Team two, get up!
[soldier]: Hey! Work time.

[CG]: Vice, tell Zhang Miao that I have taken in his men.

[CG]: Now proceed to the west city according to plan.
[vice]: Yessir!

[captain]: Don’t stop, keep moving!

[vice]: Haha! Cao Cao won’t be expecting more than one troop of ours to head for the west city!

[CG]: No, only your team will head there.
[vice]: Me? But you…

[CG]: I want to watch your team lure away Cao Cao’s scouts.

Day break.

Cao Cao’s vanguard troop, under Cao Hong’s command, is waging a fierce assault at the main gates of Puyang.

While most of Puyang’s forces are defending the main gates,
Cao Cao’s insider Tian sent men to open the south gate to lead in Cao’s army.

[soldier]: General, the south gate…
In the morning, the south gate is lost.

Cao Cao’s main army pushes inward during the enemy’s weak moment, driving the defenders to the north gate.

At noontime, all but the north gate are lost.

Cao Cao’s entire army has entered the city.

[Han Hao]: Ha! King of tardiness is here.
[YJ]: Don’t rest, the north gate isn’t ours yet!

{General who protects the army, Han Hao}
/* http://members.shaw.ca/jiuwan2/Ranks.htm */
[YJ]: Did our Lord come in as well?

[HH]: Of course, only your team is late.
[HH]: Don’t bother begging me; I’m going to report this to our Lord.

[CH]: Don’t get up, take your break while you can.

[YJ]: Oh no.
[CH]: Go explain yourself.

[CC]: Yu Jin, explain yourself.

[YJ]: Too fast.
[CC]: You mean I was faster than you?

[YJ]: The north gate has not been taken, so you should’ve stationed on the outskirts, my Lord. Your troop could then block enemy reinforcements. It’s never a good idea to enter the city so carelessly.

[CH]: He sure knows how to come up with excuses.
[HH]: Even I can’t help you now.

[CC]: No, Yu Jin has always been a prudent man. Do tell.

[YJ]: Civilians.

[YJ]: Most of them are missing. Something else is going on.
[CH]: So… you were late because you went to check their residence?

[YJ]: Yes, I was looking for our insider Tian, but…

[CC]: You mean he suddenly disappeared?

[YJ]: Yes, the Tian clan is a wealthy clan in this city, but I found nothing in their shops. I’m afriad this is…

[soldier]: General Yu Jin! Out… outside…

[soldier]: An army appeared out of nowhere!

[YJ]: Does the flag reads Lv Bu?

[HH]: Lv… Bu? Impossible…
[soldier]: You’re right, it is Lv Bu’s army!

[CC]: Didn’t the scouts say his army is heading for the west city?

[LB]: You can’t keep your heads clear without mister Guo Jia?

[LB]: Though he’s probably no match for Chen Gong anyway.

[LB]: I like others to know my next step.

[?]: Xu Chu!

[LB]: But… sometimes I also like others to know my next two steps.

Lv Bu!

Wh… what…

[LB]: Recordkeeper, as an effective ally, mister Tian is now an honored guest.
[recordkeeper]: Noted.

[CC]: Yu Jin, I really shouldn’t have came in so early.
[YJ]: My Lord! We must take down the north gate or we’re done for!

[LB]: True, but… it’s already too late.
[?]: Block the three gates.

[CG]: Listen up! Burn the city with fire arrows!

{sfx: xiu~}
[LB]: Xu Chu, I wonder…

[LB]: if I focus my energy on fighting instead of scheming,

[LB]: would there be anyone who dares to claim that…

{sfx: peng~}

they can defeat me?

Confidence can dominate oneself.


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