Ravaging Times

chapter 112

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Mencius said, without a heart that sympathizes, one is not human; without a heart aware of shame, one is not human; without a heart that defers to others, one is not human.
/* http://www.iep.utm.edu/m/mencius.htm */

[?]: It has been a few years after the campaign against Dong. I can’t believe lord Tao just left like that…
[?]: Fortunately the owner of Xuzhou right now is Liu Bei.

[?]: Yes. Brother Tao did a good thing, willing Xuzhou to a virtuous man before his death.
[Guan Yu]: Sirs, you speak too kindly.

[?]: No, Imperial Uncle Liu’s benevolence has been told to the world, and he has even beaten Lv Bu at Hulao Pass,
[?]: hence I would be the first to approve of his rule over Xuzhou.

[?]: Our trip was not in vain, for we have seen the joy of Xuzhou’s people.

chapter 112 Not Human

[Kong Rong]: It’s unfortunate that the Imperial Uncle couldn’t be here to meet us. Please give our regards on our behalf. We will visit another time!
[GY]: Sirs, I will see you off.

[Tian Kai]: Frankly we came for some reward. But now…
{Inspector of Qingzhou, Tian Kai}
[KR]: Yes. I still couldn’t believe Tao Qian would give Xuzhou to him.
{Grand Administrator of Beihai, Kong Rong}

[TK]: But the people of Xuzhou have been through so much fighting, and if it continues…
[KR]: Mencius said, without a heart that sympathizes, one is not human.

[GY]: Oh.

[Taishi Ci]: Mencius said, without a heart aware of shame, one is not human.

[GY]: What?

{inner courtyard}

[Zhang Fei]: Has he noticed anything in this medicine?
[soldier]: Not yet.

[ZF]: Any problem?
[soldier]: Don’t worry, he’s still asleep.

{sfx: ka!}

[ZF]: My big brother is a man of integrity. He’s just inflexible to the changing times.
[ZF]: If it weren’t for the dirty business his two brothers had to do…

[ZF]: he might still be selling straw sandals.

[ZF]: Post more guards here until we convince him to accept Xuzhou.

[soldier]: This is the inner courtyard, so who could come here?

[ZF]: Well, someone just paid a visit.

[KR]: How was your assignment?

[TSC]: Haha, it was a comedy, but just as you said…

[TSC]: That man… pretty decent by nature, so those two besides him wouldn’t be too bad either.

[KR]: Looks like… you view him rather highly!
{Taishi Ci}
[TSC]: Lord Kong Rong, I think you should give up!

That day Kong Rong was the first to express his support for Liu Bei’s governance over Xuzhou.

Chen Gong besieges the three gates with fire, while Lv Bu holds his ground at the north gate. The Cao Cao army in the city are in disarray.

[soldier]: Sir, flammable materials are all over the place. If we can’t break out now we’re dead.

[captain]: Fight fire with fire… our Lord really fell for it this time.
/* distorted */

[captain]: Head for the north gate to help our Lord break out of here, hurry!

{sfx: long~}

{sfx: peng~}

[Gao Shun]: It’s over.
{Gao Shun}

[GS]: Once I kill this man, use fire to seal off this area.

{north gate}

[Cao Hong]: Xu… Xu Chu, your old wounds haven’t healed, don’t go!

[Xu Chu]: I am, still able!

[Lv Bu]: Cao Cao, didn’t you boast that Xu Chu can defeat me?

[LB]: It’s alright, you guys still have time to try me before the fire gets here.

Even… even more powerful than in the legend!

[Han Hao]: Even without Xu Chu, there’re still us!
[Yu Jin]: Let’s take him together!

[Dian Wei]: You don’t need to concern yourself of this.

[DW]: I’ll take it from here.

[LB]: You look like an assassin.
[captain]: Step down.

[DW]: That’s right. I killed all those so-called assassins of yours.

Including you!

{sfx: cha~}

He… he succeeded!

[DW]: To leave a mark on the body of the undefeatable God of War…

[YJ]: Dian Wei look out!

[DW]: I, Dian Wei, feel very honored.


{sfx: peng~}

[LB]: Mencius said, without a heart that defers to others, one is not human.

[LB]: That statement is for you presumptuous simpletons, who want to conquer the world.

{breathing: huff… huff…}

[LB]: Today I shall teach you all a lesson on behalf of Mencius.

[LB]: Come here, all of you.

On that day, the morale of Cao Cao’s army has completely collapsed even before the actual battle!

Fear can destroy everything.


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