Ravaging Times

chapter 114

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Lv Bu’s subordinate, Zang Ba}
[Zang Ba]: You mean… Cao Cao’s men at the west city is on the move?

[soldier]: Yes, Xiahou Dun’s men are coming here, while another troop is going around, heading somewhere south.

[ZB]: No need to specify where.
[soldier]: General Zang, you mean… Chenliu’s defense is not strong…

[ZB]: Surround Wei to rescue Zhao. They sure know a thing or two. Too bad…
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-Six_Strategies */

[Chen Gong]: It’s not that simple.

chapter 114 True Hero

[CG]: Let’s divide our forces as well. They must be uprooted!

[Yuan Yi]: We’re high ranking officers in the Cao army, we do not fear a mere Lv Bu!

[Lv Bu]: And now…

{sfx: pa~}

[LB]: attack at full force.

[LB]: Come to your death.

{crowd: wah~}

[soldier]: Ge… General, more than half of our men have dispersed…

[soldier]: My Lord, please get on the horse! Leave him to us!

[LB]: Excellent. The morale has collapsed even before the battle.

Only these useless men remain.

{sfx: peng~}

[?]: Make way for our Lord, hurry!

[YY]: I will follow my Lord in the retreat, you all cover for us!

[LB]: Is that the conduct of Cao Cao’s high ranking officer?

[LB]: I’ll give you a chance.

[LB]: Take me to Cao Cao, or else…

{crying: wuahahah!}

[captain]: Seal this area, don’t let the enemy come closer!

[soldier]: The front… frontline is broken… impossible!

[soldier]: Halt! Who goes there!

[YY]: Are you all blind? It’s me!

[LB]: And me.

{sfx: ta~}

{sfx: cha~}

[soldier]: This… this man is Lv Bu!

[LB]: Don’t stop, keeping going.

[captain]: My Lord, hurry to the next staging ground.

[LB]: You hear that?

[LB]: The next staging ground.

[Gao Shun]: Son of a bitch. Such an unpredictable Lord, taking things into his own hands.

[captian]: General, what now?
[GS]: Hahaha, there’s nothing we can do now.

Hoo! A one-man battle.

I was better skilled in politics even as a child. I entered the court at twenty under the recommendation of being “Filially Pious and Incorrupt”.
/* http://kongming.net/novel/sgz/caocao.php */

As Gentleman official, Northern Commandant of Luoyang, Prefect of Dunqiu, and Gentleman-consultant of the Imperial Court.
/* http://kongming.net/novel/sgz/caocao.php */

After the Yellow Turban rebellion, I served as Chief Commandant of Cavalry, Grand Administrator of Dongjun, and Governor of Yanzhou. My life was a steady rise to power.

But today it all feel like the passing clouds. And that is life.
What suits this identity now is just fleeing.

Men can die without a clear cause, and these men died for someone else’s ambition.

I am luckier than this man, for at least I have experienced everything.

Then why am I still anxious?

As long as I understand this point,


to be anxious about…

[Lv Bu]: You can’t escape.

[LB]: My men are behind this wall too.


[Cao Cao]: Do you take me for a coward? Come and get me!

[LB]: You are just a fool.

[CC]: There are only brave men who died fighting, no cowardly fools begging for their lives!

[LB]: If you want my opinion about heroes and fools,
[LB]: I really think the man sitting in front of me is more of a hero than you.

[CC]: People say Lv Bu acts in unexpected ways,

[CC]: if you’re using him to persuade me to surrender…

[CC]: such a shameful thing, as a man of principles I will simply laugh it off!

[LB]: Do you know what being heroic means?

[LB]: Have you heard of the tales about Gou Jian and Han Xin‘s humiliations?

[LB]: A hero should look at the big picture, and not be caught in the moment.

[LB]: Do you think heroes are smart? Or do they just share the values of simpletons?

[LB]: So, heroic rider, what’re you waiting for?

{crying: wah…}

[CC]: Your theory does make sense.

[CC]: Does that mean if you get captured one day, you will shamelessly beg for your life?

[LB]: What’s the shame in staying alive? Only a true hero will make this choice.

[CC]: I’m just an old-fashioned man, undeserving of such “noble state of mind”.

[LB]: That’s why you’re a fool.

[LB]: Hero or coward, it’s just a plaything to history.

Only smart men see through it all.

{sfx: peng~}

Only the wise can take over the world.


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