Ravaging Times

chapter 115

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Only the wise can take over the world.

[Sima Yi]: You killed me while I was sitting on the throne?

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Yes, I killed you.

[SMY]: You dare to kill me?

[LYH]: Phh.
/* before an outburst of laughter */

chapter 115 One Dream . Two Hearts

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha…
Ha ha ha…

[Meng]: What’re they laughing at?

[SMY]: How can you still laugh?
[LYH]: Dream…

[LYH]: is really a fascinating thing.

[LYH]: Is it a prophecy, or the desire of a powerful person?

[SMY]: Real or fake, I might have some idea now.

[SMY]: You dare to kill me, stinking brat!

[LYH]: Hahaha!
[SMY]: What now?

{sfx: pa~}

[SMY]: What the?

{sfx: peng~}

[LYH]: I’m so glad that you’re beginning to have the “will”.
/* “heart” */
[SMY]: Wh… what will?

[LYH]: I’ve been thinking about your views on helping the evil and usurping the throne.
[LYH]: Some say it’s immoral, but, it depends on who is doing it…

{sfx: peng~}

[LYH]: If the ruler does not set a good example, his reign won’t last. But that’s because the ruler is incompetent!

[SMY]: What’re you saying?

[LYH]: Didn’t the first emperor of Han do all sorts of bad deeds? Yet his rule lasted quite long.

[SMY]: It’s only a pointless dream! And also…

[LYH]: And also you were killed by me, right?

[LYH]: I killed you because I hate your lack of ambition. You’re afraid of getting killed, because you’re still worried about something.

[LYH]: Young Master, this is what your dream means!

The two of them in the hill, one is suddenly at ease, while the other is still uncertain.

[Lv Bu]: Only the wise can take over the world?
[LB]: You think this near-death blundering fool… is a wiseman who can take over the world?

[LYH]: I am prophetizing that a wiseman’s hegemony is about to begin!

[LYH]: The first step is to rescue lord Cao Cao.

[LB]: You want to help Cao Cao escape?
[LB]: Then I must congratulate brother Cao and the Sima clan for clearing the misunderstanding and working together again.

[LB]: It makes sense, considering that if I move to Henei, the Sima clan will have no place there.
[LB]: Fight Cao on one hand, help Cao on the other. The world is full of strange things.

[Cao Cao]: So the Sima clan sent you to save me?

[LYH]: We are paid to solve problems.

[CC]: Didn’t you accept Liu Bei’s payment?
[LYH]: I could accept Liu Bei’s meager payment,

[LYH]: so why not the big shell out by the Sima clan?

[LB]: Well said.

[LB]: Since Cao Cao is at a dead end, he’ll believe anything you say. The Sima clan could take this chance to vindicate itself.

[LYH]: Some people are after money, while some are after power. We’re all slaves to riches or power. As if you ever thought for Dong Zhuo.
/* not sure about last part */

[LB]: I say the Sima clan is concerned about their big investments in Tanxian.

[LYH]: Wouldn’t that be the dumbest thing in the world? The Sima clan once recommended lord Cao Cao for a government position, and the two houses have always been close.
[LYH]: Even though lord Cao Cao was determined to attack Xuzhou, the battle over Tanxian…

[LYH]: showed enough of lord Cao Cao’s consideration for the Sima clan.

[CC]: …yes.

[CC]: I’ve always respected the Sima clan, which is why I did not use full force, but merely hoped to frighten the defenders into surrendering.

[CC]: So, Lv Bu, why would you waste your time trying to turn us against each other?

[LB]: True, why should I speak to two men who are about to die!

[LB]: It’s just that, seeing you again…

[CC]: He’s coming.
[LYH]: Fear not.

[LB]: makes me inexplicably excited.

[Guo Ang]: I do too.

{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: peng~}

[GA]: So does he.

[LB]: Iron hammer?

{sfx: hoo~}

[Zhang Lei]: Wrong! It’s my blade.

{sfx: dang~}

{sfx: peng~}

[LB]: You’re dead.
/* “courting death” */

[?]: Watch out.

{sfx: xiu~}

[LYH]: For my spear.


Left side.

{sfx: peng~}

[GA]: And my hammer!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: I am just thrilled to meet old friends again.

{sfx: ta~}
[LYH]: And it’s really amusing to humiliate Lv Bu again.

[LB]: This technique has improved since the last time I saw it.
/* distorted */

[LYH]: Only use once.
[GA]: Perfect version!

In order to kill the enemy, one must be bold…

…and one must agitate the enemy.


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