Ravaging Times

chapter 117

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[soldier]: Vanguard, hold!

[soldier]: The Advisor orders you to hold your position until further notice.

[captain]: What? Didn’t Advisor want us to ambush the enemy in the valley up ahead?
[captain]: Isn’t it a good high strike tactic if we position ambush in the woods before the enemy arrives?
/* not sure */

[Chen Gong]: This is the second tactic of the twelveth round.

chapter 117 Genius, Surprises, and Masters of Scheme

[CG]: The wind is right.

[captain]: The wind is right? Advisor, you mean…

[CG]: Someone thinks that in order to deal with me…

[CG]: only arrows would work!

[captain]: Hurry! Surround the woods!

[?]: They… they didn’t come in, but surrounded us instead. What do we do now?

[Sima Yi]: The prediction is correct, and the men are well deployed.

[SMY]: After Xu Lin’s death, Chen Gong lives up to the title of the wisest of the wise!

[CG]: They placed troops in the woods. If we go in,

[CG]: we’ll be shot by Xun Yu’s archers.
[captain]: Xun… Xun Yu? You mean one of the Eight!?

[CG]: Yes, it’s him… the man who led a troop to Chenliu in hope of saving Zhao by surrounding Wei.

{sfx: xiong~ xiong~}

[soldier]: Report! Chen Gong’s army is not going into the woods! They’re burning the woods instead!

[soldier]: General Li, if the fire gets here, our way to Chenliu would be blocked too!

[Xun Yu]: Xiahou Dun should’ve split up his men by now, right?

[Li Dian]: I have sent someone to deliver your secret message when he reaches Puyang.

[XY]: Yes. Chen Gong is a very prudent man, so it’s difficult to trick him, but…

[XY]: I always treat people with sincerity.
/* “honesty”? */


War is full of clamour, but right now not a sound is heard.

I am keeping calm, with a sword in hand.

{sfx: da~}

If I just walk over to this man who is nearly dead and swing my sword…

the so-called God of War would then disappear…
But why aren’t they moving in for the kill?

And now someone said something.
/* “Right now I heard a sentence.” */
[Liaoyuan Huo]: Lv Bu, you don’t have to lay there so long for that small injury, right?

What? This… this is a small injury!?

[Lv Bu]: Hehh!


Right, he is no human.

[captain]: Charge! Everybody charge!

{shouting: kill~}

[LYH]: Hold them back.
[GA]: Yessir!

[Cao Cao]: The monster is not dead, and now an army, how could we…

[LYH]: Someone said, there is always light after the darkness passes.
[CC]: What!?

[LYH]: Lord Cao Cao, do you know which business the Sima clan makes the most money from?

[LYH]: It’s building weird city walls.

{sfx: peng~}

[soldier]: The… the sixth secret passageway has been opened!

[LYH]: And they don’t cut corners.
/* “genuine goods at a fair price” */

Secret passageway?

[soldier]: Look! Our… our Lord is here!

[Xiahou Dun]: Man! Look out!
/* he’s calling CC */

{shouting: kill~}

{sfx: pa~}

[LYH]: Leave!

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[XHD]: A Man!
[XHD]: Come here! This boy is…

[CC]: He’s on our side for now…

[LYH]: Right, before I accept someone else’s payment.

[CC]: Is that so?

[XHD]: I have other things to do, boy. The situation here…

[LYH]: Don’t mention it.

[LYH]: Aiding retreat has always been my job.

[XHD]: So full of heroic spirit, worthy of being the leader of the Handicapped Warriors.
[soldier]: This… this boy is their leader?

[LYH]: Watch your way in the dark.
/* “dark road” */

[Zhang Lei]: Ang, we’re leaving, hurry up!
[Guo Ang]: Ok!

{sfx: pa~}

[soldier]: Be careful, my Lord!


it is a dark road.


[Lv Bu]: Know this, Cao Cao’s main army has suffered a great loss, and they can’t fight anymore.
[LB]: Even this wound could not hide my joy of victory!

[LYH]: Then let me tell you a good news!

[LB]: I know, “surround Wei to save Zhao” is Chen Gong’s seventh tactic…

[LYH]: Yes, it is Chen Gong.

[LYH]: Once you find out who Chen Gong is dealing with right now…

[LYH]: you won’t be… laughing at all.

[LYH]: Ang, destroy this pathway.
[GA] Yessir!

My head feels so tired!

{sfx: peng~}

Xun Yu, what is your next step?

[CG]: Tell me Xun Yu’s position.

[captain]: The scout reports that Xun Yu has already retreated. And we have also send a division to Chenliu.
[captain]: Once the enemies in the woods are annihilated, we’ll head back to Puyang and regroup with the main army. Cao Cao will die within ten days.

[CG]: This is the seventh tactic of the fifteenth round. Anything else?
[captain]: Advisor Chen, we have calculated all three hundred and seventy-six rounds. Is there anything else?

True, every tactic against Cao Cao has been accounted for.

But as a military advisor…

[CG]: Vice, call another ten advisors over here.

[captain]: Advisor, the enemy is coming out!

[CG]: One?
[captain]: No, I think two.

[captain 1]: Two… I say they’re bringing the message of their surrender.
[captain 2]: They can’t stand the thick smoke anymore.
/* simplified */

Note down the seventh tactic of the fifteenth round, then start over…

[SMY]: Send word to Advisor Xun Yu, tell him,

[SMY]: that I have calculated up to round six hundred and fifty.

Watch the way in the dark,
and once the darkness passes,

I shall see the light of the bright path!

Everything is within my calculation.


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