Ravaging Times

volume 15

Back Cover Couplet
An able ruler in peacetimes; an anti-hero in wartimes

Previously on Ravages
Cao Cao loses the Puyang invasion; Handicapped Warriors barely win against the God of War

Ravages Afterword
With no understanding of the Lord’s intentions or the big picture, soldiers are forced to go into battle.
Knowing how incompetent the commander is or that the battlefield is dangerous, soldiers still have to step up to the plate.
…That is the destiny of low-class people. There is no other choice.
Once you rise above your class, your life will last a bit longer.
The higher your status, the more steps back you can take on the battlefield.
Heroes become cowards. Rulers become tyrants.
Tread on the lives of others to get closer to one’s own ideals – toward fame and fortune…
Along the way he will see history and waves after waves of nameless heroes.

Finally there is someone who understands us soldiers.
So what? That heartless man draws battle scenes to make a living!
Ps. My assistant A-Tang is going to self-publish a romance comic (title yet to be decided upon), and his penname will be “Taku”. It’s coming out soon. Please support him.

Next on Ravages
A tiger on the east has matured.
Little Conqueror
Volume 16, Respectfully Yours!


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