Ravaging Times

chapter 118

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

At the outer regions near Puyang, on the day before Cao Cao’s advancement to Puyang.
{north city}

[Guo Gong]: Lv Bu has a lot of influence, and now that Puyang is taken, Cao Cao is in big trouble.
[Sima Yi]: General Guo must have a reason to deploy troops here. We’ve known each other for a while, so let’s be frank.

[GG]: No… No, I just came to join the Puyang campaign, I…

[SMY]: Join the campaign? Is that for Cao Cao… or for Chen Gong?
[GG]: Then… then why’re you here?

[SMY]: To help you, of course.

chapter 118 Zhang Liang and Wolfneck

[GG]: Help me? So you think I want…
{Inspector of Yuzhou, Guo Gong}
/* http://members.shaw.ca/jiuwan2/Ranks.htm */

[SMY]: Right now Cao Cao is losing by a landslide, and a lot of Yanzhou’s people support Lv Bu. Yuzhou’s too, right?

[GG]: You think I will try to save myself and join Lv Bu?


[scout]: Runan region’s Yellow Turbans have joined Lv Bu’s army.

[SMY]: This secret message must be Lv Bu’s invitation.
[GG]: He… he’s inviting me…

[SMY]: Tear it up.

[GG]: Tear… but didn’t you agree that I should fight against Cao Cao…

[SMY]: I’m here… to help you analyze the situation.

[GG]: Analyze what? Right now I’m facing warlords from every direction.
Lv Bu to the north, Yellow Turban to the south, Zhang Mao to the west,
Liu Bei to the east, Qingzhou’s Tian Kai and Beihai’s Kong Rong on the outskirts

[GG]: Countless enemies cause Yanzhou’s allegiance to keep changing. How is this different from Dong Zhuo versus the Guandong Alliance?

[SMY]: Of course it’s different, they had much more forces then, but they still failed.

[SMY]: And now Lv Bu’s force is scarttered, Yellow Turban army is nothing without Zhang Jiao…

[SMY]: Zhang Miao will preserve his forces in Chenliu, Xuzhou is a mess, Tian Kai and Kong Rong will just spectate.

[Xun Yu]: And then…

{Xun Yu}
[XY]: There’re the agitating and malicious businessmen.

[XY]: Young Mister Sima,

{sfx: pa~}

[XY]: pleased to meet you.

Wolfneck!? This man…
see my previous notes here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/mercurysblood/1380.html

[SMY]: The pleasure’s all mine.

[XY]: I’m angry that I didn’t get to meet Mister Sima at Xuzhou.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: So it’s true that the Eight Geniuses know the world’s events without leaving the house.

[XY]: Then what’re you waiting for?

[LYH]: Young Master hasn’t given me the order.

[XY]: Or maybe he doesn’t have what it takes to deal with me.

[XY]: Am I right? Leader of the Handicapped Warriors.
[LYH]: Hoo.

[LYH]: Mister Xun Yu, we’ve been waiting for you.

[XY]: Since you’re so good at calculation, you must know that I’m here for General Guo AND you.

[XY]: I can forgive your misconducts, and keep them secret.

[SMY]: Because I still have some value?

[XY]: Don’t get smart with me, because you really have no choice.

[XY]: The Sima clan once worked with the Handicapped Warriors to oppose Lv Bu,
[XY]: so if Lord Cao loses, you think the Sima clan can survive in Yanzhou?

[SMY]: I just want to say that the Xuzhou campaign forced my hand.

[XY]: But it’s all about “money”, isn’t it?

[XY]: Since the Sima clan is filthy rich, what do you think you should do?
[SMY]: I hope to invest in lord Cao Cao’s affairs and become his strong supporter.

[XY]: A good suggestion; I’ll drop some charges. But… you’re not off the hook yet.
[SMY]: As an Advisor for lord Cao, you almost let him die; how will you be punished?

[XY]: As a true businessman, you really know how to haggle.

[SMY]: Do you want to say that your hand was forced as well?

[XY]: I’m not reckless like Guo Jia, but I know his tricks.

[XY]: I heard that the Sima clan makes a lot of money building cities.

[XY]: And you know the ins and outs of these cities, correct?

[SMY]: I can be anywhere you want me to be.

[XY]: No wonder the Sima clan is at the top of this popular market.

[SMY]: So you mean you would purposely put Cao Cao in danger,
[SMY]: just so you can make a surprising move when Lv Bu drops his guard?

[XY]: I only know that you have a marvelous record at rescue work.

[XY]: Or I should say that I didn’t expect Guo Jia to collapse;
[XY]: losing to someone who’s good at calculation, even.

[SMY]: You mean… I should get in the city ahead of time and protect lord Cao?

[SMY]: Then please put in a good word for me later, mister Xun.

[XY]: Our army is short in number, so we would appreciate your help, General Guo Gong.

[LYH]: Then what’s mister Xun’s plan?

[XY]: I hope General Guo and Mister Sima will setup ambush in the forests around the outskirts; the target is Chen Gong.
[XY]: The Handicapped Warriors should be in the city, saving my Lord at the crucial moment.

[SMY]: Deceptions after deceptions, to make Lv Bu fall for the same trick…
[SMY]: Though Chen Gong… might be a bit difficult for me.

[XY]: One, you really have no choice.

[XY]: Two,

Ha ha ha!

[XY]: I heard someone even defeated that demon Guo Jia.

{sfx: cha~}

[XY]: So how is Chen Gong a big deal?

[XY]: You do realize… that I will watch your performance, and decide whether to help you later.

[SMY]: What’re you laughing at? Don’t forget you’re…

[LYH]: Hahahaha, you’ve met your match.

[XY]: Three,

[XY]: if you read this, you will know my next step.

[XY]: Four, thank you for stopping my Lord’s crimes at Xuzhou.

[GG]: Mister Sima, he means…

[SMY]: Darkness always preceeds the light of dawn.

{sfx: pa!}

Who says only Crouching Dragon and Fledgling Phoenix of the Eight Geniuses are amazing?

Actually… any one of them is frightening enough!

Zhang Liang – once helped Liu Bang establish the empire of Han; but when the work is done, he only wanted to retire.

Wolfneck – a wolf can turn its head near 180 degrees, so it can bite anything in the front, or from the back.


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