Ravaging Times

chapter 121

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Sima Yi]: And then, the five hundred and twenty-fifth round,

[SMY]: battle of Guandu.

Ha ha ha ha ha…

Sima Yi, I’ll make you pay if you’re lying!

chapter 121 The Foolish Mastermind

[Chen Gong]: You mean… Cao Cao will go after Yuan Shao after he defeats Lv Bu?
[CG]: Yuan Shao is currently much more powerful than Dong Zhuo used to be, I’m afraid…

[SMY]: The five hundred and twenty-sixth round, invasion of Wuwan.

[soldiers]: Hahahaha, even more farfetched, this boy is funny!

[soldier]: Sir, no weapon found.

[CG]: In this world, there’re always some know-it-alls who would make unrealistic claims.

[CG]: Advisors please remember this,
[CG]: be down-to-earth.

[SMY]: Master Chen, want to hear more?

[CG]: They sound nice, but…

[CG]: Cao.Cao.is.dead.

[SMY]: What if… Cao Cao is still alive?

[soldiers]: Hahahaha, of course Cao Cao’s not dead, in, in fact…
[soldiers]: he’s been reincarnated as the son of the Emperor, and now nearly a prince!

[scout]: Report! Runan’s Yellow Turbans have arrived, they’re now surrounding the forest.

[CG]: A bit late, but definitely a good thing.
[SMY]: Master Chen believes that they’ve just defeated Xun Yu’s army?

[CG]: Correct, and I think you’re pretty talented for a speaker of the Sima clan.
[CG]: Because of your stalling, you’ve given Guo Gong time to think things through.

[CG]: Go tell Guo Gong, if he surrenders, I can promise anything.
[soldier]: Make way!
[CG]: This fire won’t wait, and neither will my generosity.

[CG]: As for the Sima clan, tell the decision-maker to speak to me personally.

[SMY]: Understood.

[CG]: And take back your flag! A noble commander does not humiliate his enemy.

[SMY]: No, Master Chen Gong, that’s my gift to you.

[CG]: Not a commander flag?

[SMY]: That is… our answer!

[SMY]: One, General Guo Gong will never surrender.

[SMY]: Two, the Sima clan will support Cao Cao!

[SMY]: This… is the decision-maker’s decision!

This… this boy is…

[soldiers]: Who… who does he think he is?
[soldiers]: So why did he even come out here?

Is this boy bluffing?

Or… was he stalling for real?

{sfx: xiu~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~ cha~}

He was stalling!?

{screaming: ah~ ah~ ah~}

[soldier]: Advisor Chen, our army in the back…
[soldier]: is aiming at us! Is it a mistake?

The army behind us… is Runan’s Yellow Turbans.

I’m suddenly recalling something.

A few years ago the warlords of the Guandong Coalition were all defeated.

Only one man, when he lost… his army was still growing in size,

and in that year…

{sfx: peng~}
{banner reads: Heaven is dead.}

Cao Cao took in a hundred-thousand Yellow Turban soldiers.

There was a leader among them.

After they went back to Runan, they secretly began to regroup.

So it seems… it was all for today!

And the one who made it happen was…

Silent for years, without any glory… Xun Yu the Second!

Years of reservation, only for this moment.

Now, as I relish in the enemy’s strategy, my brain is starting to calculate again…

Even when Yuan Shao fell into the trap at Luoyang, he was saved.
Even when Dong Zhuo held the most influence, he was assasinated.

Then it comes as no surprise, that Cao Cao’s day isn’t over just yet.
But, when I realized the truth behind the Puyang campaign…

[CG]: A good teacher can recognize bad habits when he’s teaching; a hegemon can tell friends from foe when he’s losing…
[CG]: Cao Cao was only fooling his men, for he knew he would win, then…

[CG]: The more I calculate, the more frightening the outlook; just like that boy predicted… but that’s besides the point.
[CG]: Advisors, Chen Gong is ashamed to be the teacher, now let’s try to figure out…

[SMY]: How to clean up this mess.

[Xun Yu]: Like I said, to defeat Chen Gong, only arrows will work.

{sfx: xiu!}

Runan had a great harvest that year, thus Lv Bu’s last bit of rations actually belonged to Cao Cao.


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