Ravaging Times

chapter 123

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[?]: Cao Cao will win for sure? No wonder Young Master agreed…
[?]: This training tactic even forced Xun Yu to delay his retirement.

[?]: But why does Cao Cao need to run around like a homeless dog? If word gets out, it’s really…
[?]: He wants word to get out.

[?]: Lv Bu’s loss or Cao Cao’s win, both aspects need to be well balanced.
[?]: Balance? You mean… a humiliating win is just to show Yuan Shao that Cao Cao isn’t a threat?

[?]: Listen, Cao Cao won’t die; even if we don’t save him, the Tian clan will…

{sfx: peng~}

chapter 123 The Price of Loyalty

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Shit, we fell for it!

[Zhang Lei and Guo Ang]: Servants of the Tian clan? Co… could it be…

[Lao Da]: Correct.

{sfx: sou~}

[Dian Wei]: Five steps,

[DW]: per death…

[DW]: Ten more Generals.

[soldiers]: Big deal! He’s one against us many, let’s get him together!
[soldiers]: Who goes first? Who goes first?
[soldiers]: Our Lord is wounded, why can’t the lot of you…

[DW]: My Lord tells me to kill Lv Bu. Yes, understood.

{sfx: cha~}

[Lv Bu]: Dian Wei, they’re all Lv Bu.

[DW]: You’re right.
[DW]: I’ve heard that there’re many, many Lv Bu.

[LB]: There’s one in front of the halberd.

[LB]: Record keepers please note: Cao Cao’s subordinates faught courageously against all odds.
[LB]: Also note down the names of cowards within our army.

{sfx: cha~}

I am making a comparison.

Why… does my army has man like this?


[LB]: Dian Wei, the one in my hand is also Lv Bu.
[soldier]: No… NO! MY LORD!

It is dependence.

Or is it that my men are only after the wealth?

[LB]: Dian Wei, this one is also Lv…

{crowd: wah~}

[DW]: Where? Where’s Lv Bu?
[DW]: My Lord, please tell me!

Will I be depending on… these men?

If a country is supported by these men,
will its future turn out to be the same?

…Will it be the same?
My head feels tired…

{sfx: cha~}

[LB]: Can you… answer me?

[DW]: With… with what?

[LB]: With death.

I don’t have an answer yet…
[LB]: Give him a respectable burial.

{sfx: cha~}

[DW]: I… remembered…

But I’m still thinking…


{sfx: ka! pa!}

{sfx: pa~}


[soldiers]: Hu… hurry, go!

[DW]: I am an assassin!

[DW]: The Assassin’s Creed is to sacrifice oneself…


{Ah~ Ah~}

{sfx: gah~}


I’m still thinking…

[DW]: Kill Lv Bu. Yes… understood.

What is the answer?



[DW]: …life?


[DW]: Loyalty.


{sfx: peng~}

What is that?

How shallow,
how unpleasant an answer.

But it’s very…


[LB]: Dian Wei…

[LB]: Lv Bu is…

Watching Loyalty being played out differently…

Seeing the contradiction in my Hero philosophy.

I want to cry, but laugh as well.
Is it because of the pain of my wounds; or the joy of a sudden clarity?

Ignorant people are still ignorant; the living are like ants; the dead are like dusts.

Being alive…
No, that’s the emptiness we must endure in this day and age.

Pitiful and laughable.

Mortals of these lands lived this way for thousands of years.
Living under a master, like men but not quite; as slaves but more like animals.

Sometimes there are animals that want to stand up too…

But history just won’t allow it.

Or is it just me, who doesn’t get the rules of the game?

Am I… just a wild beast?

Not yet at the human level.


Now… I seem to understand Loyalty…

It is what brings structure and order to this screwed up world.
I may not agree with it…

But it’s laughable, and it’s admirable.

[Zhang Liao]: LAO DA!
/* modern slang for “boss”, “big guy”, especially in a gang type group */

[?]: Lao Da!

[LD]: I’m glad…

You all still remember me…

the formal leader.


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