Ravaging Times

volume 16

Back Cover Couplet
Make plans like a crouching tiger; make decisions like an eagle lifting off

Previously on Ravages
Years of preparation is Zhang Liang’s plan; the exemplar in an army is no other than E Lai

Ravages Afterword
Many creators’ inspiration often comes from music, and I’m the same way.
Listening to music allows one to nurture the mood and helps one enter a state of clarity.
There is a type of music that I grew up with, which is heavy metal. (now it has branched off to many types)
I’m ashamed to have such “weird preference” when I love Chinese culture so much…
Most people find it hard on the ears, but I’m used to it.
In the afternoon it helps me stay awake; at night it helps me get to sleep.
And now I might as well let you in on a secret:
The inspiration for The Ravages of Time comes from a song written twenty years ago – Fight Fire With Fire!

God awful! Just like the story of Ravages~
editorial staff
Chen Mou’s nostalgic music collection

Next on Ravages
Is the way of vassals straight or crooked?
Is the path of commanders uplifting or frustrating?
Is the plan of business to buy or merge?
Volume 17
Choose one and see it play out!


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