Ravaging Times

chapter 129

(I need to read this over, no time right now)


[Sima Yi]: What did that Sun Ce say?
[Liaoyuan Huo]: No different than what his sister said – as long as we agree.

[SMY]: Then Yuan Shu’s intention is…
[LYH]: I think he just wants to use Sun Ce and his men to build his empire.

[SMY]: What’re you laughing at?
[LYH]: Young Master will do anything for money.
[SMY]: I’m no good,

chapter 129 Ease at Shouchun

[SMY]: except when it comes to waiting.

[SMY]: The longer Yuan Shu avoids sending troops, the more we’d have to pay, this…
[LYH]: You sure can’t wait when it comes to money.

[SMY]: Our ancestors worked very hard for this wealth, we descendents shouldn’t forget that.
[SMY]: I just think it’s not as simple as it looks.

[LYH]: You must’ve seen that Tian guy’s niece, right?

[LYH]: I heard that you had a marriage arrangement with her…
[SMY]: What are you trying to say?

[LYH]: She looks nice, so should be a good investment.

[LYH]: Have you thought about “continuing”, Young Master?
[SMY]: Wha… whatever.

[Hong Zuo]: Help…

Help me!

[SMY]: Something’s happening.

[guard]: Halt!

[guard]: This region is controled by lord Yuan Shu. You from the Sun clan…
[guard]: don’t expect the Yuan clan to intervene.

[HZ]: Go tell your Lord,
[HZ]: that Hong Zuo needs to see him, hurry!

[Sun Ce]: Hong Zuo, stop running!

[HZ]: He’s here, hurry!

{sfx: ta~}


[soldier]: Wh… why has he returned with the troop?
[soldier]: Isn’t Sun Ce heading for Lujiang today?

[SMY]: Sun Ce?
[LYH]: Yup.

[guard]: I heard that General Sun has a mission today, so why the sudden return?

[soldier]: Is it… Hong Zuo? Get in! Hurry!
[HZ]: Gre… great.

What the hell…
are you all doing?

[guard]: Mister Sun, this is lord Yuan’s camp, please control yourself!

[SC]: This is a Sun clan matter, what’s that got to do with a guard like you? Step aside!
[guard]: Sun! Military law must be obeyed, so speak to our Lord if you have a problem.
[SC]: Clan rules must be obeyed too, and it’s none of your business if I want to kill him!

[soldier]: A Lord is like a tiger.
[HZ]: Whew.

[Ji Ling]: Hong Zuo,

[JL]: your assignment… is it done?

[HZ]: Yessir… I found out, that the thing is at…

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: xiu~}

{sfx: peng~}

[Ji]: Truly as mighty as the father.

{Yuan Shu’s Great General, Ji Ling}

[JL]: A toast, to you!

[SC]: Oops, my apologies.

[SC]: This disobedient halberd slipped out of my hand.

[guard]: No… nonono, my tone was kind of harsh too.

[SC]: What’s the matter, you can’t even finish this guy?
[Sun Fu]: Yessir… I’ll be more careful.

[LYH]: You’re right. There is something else going on.
[SMY]: Yeah, you better be careful.

[servant 1]: The second supply caravan from Henei has arrived.
[servant 2]: Then let’s go check the list.

[LYH]: I’ll go now, before they get suspicious.
[SMY]: Keep in touch.

[SF]: Hey, you’re being followed.
{younger clan brother of Sun Ce, Sun Fu}

[LYH]: Isn’t brother Sun Fu headed for Lujiang as well?
[SF]: You know what Yuan Shu is up to, right, brother Zhao Huo?

[SF]: Everyone in the Sun clan is being split up, but they’re keeping me as a hostage.
[LYH]: But you seem to be free to move about.

[SF]: Yuan Shu can keep anyone he wants.
[LYH]: Right, it makes sense with all those “spys” in your clan.

[SF]: Are you bored, brother Zhao?
[LYH]: Boredom must be driving you crazy too, right?

[SF]: Haha, Yuan Shu is always focused on his own interest…
[SF]: He’ll give each of his followers a “job” to do, so that their minds don’t wander.

[SF]: A job that won’t affect him.
[LYH]: What?

[SF]: If brother Zhao has nothing to do… let me show you something.

[guard 1]: Get down here!
[madman 1]: That year at Hulao Pass, I held a blade,
[guard 2]: Not again.

[madman 2]: and cut Lv Bu down from his horse.

[guard 3]: Stop fighting!
[madman 2]: Uh huh.

[madman 3]: Stop lying. I killed Lv Bu!
[madman 1]: No, I killed Lv Bu!
[madman 1]: I also killed Xiang Yu, for our great Han…
/* Xiang Yu was Liu Bang’s competitor for the throne after the Qin dynasty */
[madman 4]: You… you killed my son!
[guard 3]: Stop, stop fighting!

[SF]: There are two types of injuries on the battlefield.

[SF]: Most are physical, so those men are just sent home. The other type… sending those home would discourage enlistment,
[SF]: and killing them would look bad.

[LYH]: They must be madmen.

[SF]: Yuan Shu is strong on psychology, and he handled this quite well.
[LYH]: Madmen are the results of so many losing battles. No wonder Sun clan’s troop is favored.

[madman 1]: Sun, what kind of opponent have you brought to me today?
[madman 1]: Could it be Dong Zhuo?

[LYH]: Me… Dong Zhuo?

[SF]: See how fun it is? They’ll behave once they sweat a bit.
Come come come…

[LYH]: Haha, that’s right.
[LYH]: Bored beyond sanity, might’s well lose it for real.


[Shan Wu Ling]: Our horses are gone too?

[servant]: They took them all. Probably getting ready for battle!
[SWL]: No matter, we can still leave the city.

[servant]: You mean with Sima clan’s transport horses?
[SWL]: Right, just say we’re returning to Henei, then sneak some back once the next caravan comes.

[servant]: Then I’ll go borrow some from them.
[SWL]: What for? We are from the Sima clan.

[SWL]: Get up.

[SWL]: Sima Yi told me to get the horses.
[Sima Yi]: Ah?


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