Ravaging Times

chapter 130

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Ji Ling]: What? Only half a year has gone by and they want to hold another clan meeting?
[Yuan Shu]: Yes, because the fact that the Emperor is in Li Jue’s hands is not to our advantage.

[JL]: Ay, so us former loyalists look like warlords now.
[YS]: It’s all because of that stubborn brother of mine; he doesn’t know how to change with the tide…

[YS]: Even as a kid he thinks he’s always right, but our clan is a mess in his hands despite its size.
[YS]: I believe this clan meeting is just meant to prevent a split up.

[JL]: Right, the Yuan clan used to be powerful with Imperial Han’s backing, but now that’s a thing of the past.

[YS]: How can I not be concerned, when my clan is in crisis, and my brother is no help?

chapter 130 Battles of Manipulation

[YS]: Too small.
[JL]: Right, doesn’t feel kingly at all.

[carpenter]: But… I’ve re-created it based on the original measurements…
[JL]: Don’t worry, we’ve got time and money.

[YS]: The Yuan clan will become more powerful once this thing is resolved.
[JL]: Yes, my Lord will then become the master of the Yuan clan, and your brother can’t say anything.

[YS]: By the way, still no news about “that thing”?
[JL]: Sun Ce is very cautious about it; none of our spies succeeded.

[JL]: My Lord, I think we should just beat the information out of him!
[YS]: No, the men of the Sun clan tend to be brick-walls. I doubt he’ll give it up even if we kill his entire family. Besides, if my brother hears of this…

[YS]: As they say, one shouldn’t pick on a late-comer.
[YS]: “Retrieving the Imperial treasure”… definitely sounds better than “robbing it from someone.”

[YS]: Once we have solid proof, then we’ll have the excuse to deal with him.
[JL]: True, we shouldn’t rush in and tarnish the reputation.

[YS]: It has been five days since Sun Ce’s offensive on Lujiang, right?

[JL]: His opponent is a veteran named Lu Kang. Sun Ce will have trouble winning with the little army that he has.
[JL]: Being as proud as he is, he’ll be quite frustrated if he can’t take Lujiang quickly.

[YS]: So I’ll just treat him like how I treated his father – pretend to help him, but make it difficult for him to win.
{note: During the years when the Guandong Alliance campaigned against Dong Zhuo, Sun Jian initially obtained a few wins as the vanguard; but then Yuan Shu reduced his military rations because he didn’t want Sun Jian to get credit for the success, and that has forced Sun Jian to withdraw}

[YS]: He still needs me if he wants to retake the Eastern region, and he’d still have to give that thing to me in the end.
[JL]: Life is strange like that; enemy or not, if there is a benefit involved…

[JL]: What’s that crowd about?

[JL]: Hahaha, my Lord’s prediction was right on the mark.
[YS]: Didn’t think he would lose this badly.

Lu Kang…

His head is here!

[soldiers]: Ahh! It’s… it’s Lu Kang…!

No way!

[YS]: You defeated Lu Kang in only five days, Bo Fu, you…

[SC]: The Sun clan is good at marine warfare, so I just secretly attacked them along a water route I found.
[SC]: Thanks to uncle Yuan’s powerful reputation, I was able to take Lu Kang’s head using extremely little “cost”.

[YS]: Water… waterborne Lv Bu.
[JL]: Bo Fu, you didn’t need to bring the head here personally.

[SC]: Now that Lujiang’s defenses have been broken, I would like to use Shuxian as my military base. But if my goal is to retake the Eastern region… I don’t think I have enough funding.
{note: Shuxian is where Lujiang’s government office is located}
[SC]: In order to avoid a misunderstanding like the one between my father and uncle Yuan, I’ve decided to make the request personally.

[YS]: Yes… yes…
[YS]: I’ve made a promise, of course…

[scout]: Report! Sun Ce at the frontlines has broken Lujiang’s defenses!

[general]: Like hell he did, Lu Kang’s head is already here.
[general]: And we thought you’re our fastest scout.

[SC]: Uncle Yuan, speed is vital in war…

[JL]: Don’t worry, Bo Fu, we will certainly give you the funding…
[JL]: As soon as I’m done with the preparations, you can personally escort it to the frontlines.

[YS]: Right right right. Besides, we haven’t heard from Wancheng’s Cheng Pu;
[YS]: wouldn’t it be much faster to retake the Eastern region if mobilization proceeds on both fronts?

[SC]: Then…

[general 1]: General Sun, you could make a mess if you rush.
[general 2]: You should follow our Lord’s precise plan!

[SC]: Yessir.

[YS]: Monster.
[YS]: If we keep letting this Monster run free, I fear… that one day…

[JL]: My Lord, let Liu Xun handle this.
[YS]: You mean…

[JL]: Make Liu Xun the governer of Lujiang, giving him the military command.

[JL]: Then we just blame the Sima clan for the slow delivery, and keep delaying!
[JL]: Don’t worry, Wancheng is even harder to take down; to retake the Eastern region…

[JL]: is not easy at all!

{outskirts of Wancheng}

[Shan Wu Ling]: Into that valley ahead, five-li region can deploy ambush, three-li region can setup camp.
/* 1 li = 3.927 km */
[servant 1]: Noted.

[SWL]: What’s the status at Cheng Pu’s frontline?

[servant 2]: The rebel forces are holding up pretty well. It’s hard to get an upper hand.
[servant 2]: Though Cheng Pu is really amazing… using only that many soldiers.

[SWL]: Let Cheng Pu know that Sun Ce, with my advice, has taken Lujiang.

[SWL]: So if they would just retreat to this region, they could win!

[servant 2]: Milady, the map is complete.
[servant 3]: The markings are placed.

[servant]: Hurry! Give this to general Cheng Pu.
[servant 4]: Yessir.

[SWL]: Then, next step…

[SWL]: Oh yeah, you all haven’t eaten, right?

[servant 1?]: Seeing how spirited milady is, I forgot about hunger.
[servant 5]: Yeah, beginning from Lujiang, we’ve just been too busy to eat.

[SWL]: Ok, let’s cook first.

{sfx: pa~ pa~}

[servant 2]: Smells good.

[servant 6]: If you hadn’t been sick yesterday, we wouldn’t have known about this skilled cook.
[servant 7, Zhang]: Phhtt, I cook better than this horse driver.

[Sima Yi]: Then,

[SMY]: enjoy. I will go feed the horses.
[servant]: Good, go.
[servant]: Zhang, stop hogging! Didn’t you say you cook better than him?

[SWL]: A horse driver with no callus.

[SWL]: A cook without the smell.

[SMY]: Oh…

[SWL]: You don’t look like a servant at all.

[SMY]: You’re right, milady. I’m actually a new bookkeeper.

[SWL]: You seem too young to be a bookkeeper, unless you can do something no one else can.

[SMY]: If you want to know Sima clan’s secrets, please pardon my ignorance.

[SWL]: It’s ok, I just want to chat a bit with you.

[SWL]: How about we start with this portrait.

[SWL]: Go ahead…

[SWL]: Mister Sima Yi…


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