Ravaging Times

chapter 133

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[?]: Good news,

[?]: Huang Gai has deployed troops in the region north of Wan to watch our backs.

[?]: Then we’re pretty much disconnected from Yuan Shu now.

[Sun Ce]: Everyone has worked really hard, thanks!

chapter 133 The Last Step

[?]: Now once we meet up with the caravan, we’ll use that funding to appease the residents at Wancheng and settle there.
[servent]: Right, now is the last chance to rest.

[servent x]: Even old Xu is getting sentimental.
[Xu]: The once famous clan of the Eastern region has risen again; who wouldn’t be moved to tears!

[servent y]: Young Master, they’re here.

[Sun Fu]: It’s not over yet, don’t let them drink too much.
[servent z]: Yessir.

[guardian 1]: Long time no see, Young Master Sun!

[SC]: It’s finally here.

[guardian 1]: Back when Master left the item for me to safeguard, I swore to protect it with my life.
[guardian 1]: Human heart is unpredictable, and if it wasn’t for Young Master, Hong Zuo would’ve leaked out the secret.

[guardian 1]: I feel so relieved hearing that Young Master is going to guard it personally.
[guardian 2]: Now that the item is returned, we can finally sleep in peace.

[SC]: Let me say it again, this doesn’t belong to the Sun clan.

[SC]: The Sun clan is a clan of Loyalists, and we’re honored to protect this Imperial treasure. As long as we exist, it shall not fall into the wrong hands.

[guardian 1]: Right, Imperial Han is still in the control of Dong Zhuo’s remaining forces, plus the hungry warlords… this task will be tedious.

[guardian 2]: Now that we have Wan as a base, and after we extend our influence into the Eastern regions, who’d dare to come after it?

[SC]: I want you to go gather our former subordinates, and tell them we’re starting over.

[guardian 1]: Yessir.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: A commendation party?

[LYH]: Then where’re you going, mister owner?
[owner]: The job’s done, so I’m going home.

[owner]: Oh yeah, mister Zhao is scouting for the caravan, right?
[owner]: The traveler’s inn is in a remote area; just follow the markings I’ve set.

[LYH]: Wan’s territory is vast, and our force is too small to cover the area. I’m worried about our enemy’s remaining forces around here; have you seen any?

[owner]: Wan’s Grand Administrator is dead,
[owner]: so his subordinates should all have gone southward, turning to crimes, perhaps. Don’t worry, if it’s not safe, I wouldn’t dare to come out here.

[LYH]: Then good luck.

[owner]: Be careful.

{sfx: xiu~}

[Lao Er]: Damnit, what did you do that for?
[LYH]: How can you sleep during guard duty?

[LE]: Huh, the caravan is so fast…
[LYH]: It’s not here yet, I’m just scouting ahead.

[LE]: Don’t worry, brother Zhao, nothing is around here, I’ve checked.
[LYH]: But you still shouldn’t drink so much, something could’ve gone wrong!

[LYH]: Where has Lao Da gone to?
[LE]: He went to pick up Ms. Shan.

[LE]: You look so worried…

[LYH]: A servant of mine is missing, have you seen him?
[LE]: That’s your family’s business, how should I know?

[LYH]: Lao Er, has anyone left?
[LE]: Didn’t I say that Lao Da left?

[LYH]: They wouldn’t have taken all the horses, right?

[LE]: Wake up! Where are the horses?
[LYH]: Was there anything in these drinks?

[LE]: How could there be, I checked it myself!
[LYH]: Is that why you drank so much?

[LYH]: You guys got careless.

{sfx: peng~}

[LYH]: Back door!

[LYH]: Spy!
[LE]: Spy…? Who?

[LYH]: Must’ve been the owner!

[Shan Wu Ling]: How many?

[servant 1]: Over a hundred, and they just showed up!

[?]: They came from the north, so are they Yuan Shu’s troops?
[?]: Impossible, they’d have been blocked by Huang Gai!
[?]: Then… Yuan Shu set an ambush here ahead of time?

[SWL]: No, I think these are just bandits, formed by the remnant forces from Wan.
[SWL]: The maps are done, let’s get out of here.

[servant]: Quick, pack up!

[servant]: Mi… milady!

[SWL]: What’s wrong?
[servant]: Milady, stay away!

[Nameless Advisor]: The meal has just been prepared, why the rush to leave?

[Nameless]: It might not be delicious, but it’d a pity to waste.

[Nameless]: Fortunately I’ve always been good at the cleanup work.

[Nameless]: Besides, with such a show to entertain me, I suddenly have an appetite.

[Nameless]: Today I pretend to be a bandit, so that I can…
[Nameless]: steal a bite of a “horse”,
/* word-play, “ma” in “Sima” is the character for “horse” */

[servant]: Milady, we… we’ve been surrounded!

[Nameless]: and swallow a “mountain”.
/* word-play, “Shan” is the character for “mountain” */

[Nameless]: Ms. Shan.
[Nameless]: I’ve been waiting for you.

Someone submits under the rule of his enemy in hope of restoring his clan;
someone takes in the descendent of a dead friend in hope of obtaining the treasure.

One would come back to exact revenge once the Eastern region has been taken;
one would eliminate all traces of his crime once the treasure is obtained.

Their strategies go back and forth, just waiting for the other side to get careless.

[Ji Ling]: My Lord said it’s hard to get the truth out of mister Sun when he’s drunk.

[JL]: I say it’s also hard to attack mister Sun when he’s drunk.

[JL]: What a godly man.

[JL]: If one is a god, why would he miss a Seal from the world of men?

[SC]: If one serves a Lord, why would he declare himself the Emperor?

[JL]: Again I say, retaking the Eastern region,

[JL]: is not easy at all!


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