Ravaging Times

chapter 134

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[workers]: One!
[workers]: Two!

[Liao Lan]: My Lord… isn’t this kind of wasteful?

[Yuan Shu]: If we don’t tear down the old, where’s room for growth?

[workers]: Three!

[YS]: If a building’s foundation isn’t stable, no amount of repair is going to prolong its life. Might as well rebuild it.
[YS]: What might look wasteful to simpletons is really renovation in the eyes of the wise.

chapter 134 The Pretentious Kindness

[YS]: The Yellow Turban rebellion has shown that the world is against Imperial Han; the segmentation of our land by warlords has signaled the death of Han.
[YS]: This scene reminds me of the despair felt by the Emperor of Zhou during the Warring Periods.

[YS]: Rebuild it according to this picture.
[servant]: Yessir.
[LL]: My Lord does seem to have that farsightedness of the lord of Qin.

[YS]: The world is chaotic right now, so even if we save the Emperor, we’d still be seen as trying to use him for our gain.

[YS]: If they’re just going to see us as traitors, we might as well take it one step further, for the benefit of the people!
[YS]: Though we mustn’t be too extreme, and since the people is superstitious, we’d need one more thing to appease them, just like what Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu did with the Imperial Seal.
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liu_Xiu */

[YS]: That’s why I took in Sun Ce.
[YS]: Oh.

[YS]: Guess what expression would be on my brother’s face if he sees this.
[LL]: He can only be jealous of you, because the capable shall dominate.

[LL]: I heard that Cheng Pu has sent back our troops once he took Wan. Their draft was quite fast.
[YS]: The Eastern region used to belong to the Sun clan; now that they’ve got a base, the former subordinates would naturally flock there.

[YS]: And once they’ve got a base, they needn’t hide the Imperial Seal anymore. I think it will arrive soon.

[LL]: Don’t worry, my Lord, we still have spies in their clan. The moment we know that they’re in the city, I can move in with my troop.

[YS]: The shrewd Sun Ce would retrieve the Seal before entering the city.

[LL]: Vice, prepare a troop to block the route into Wan, let none of their former subordinates in.

[YS]: Oh yeah, they have a pretty good impression of you, right?

[YS]: No need for a fight, just go as the ambassador of condolence.

[general]: A commendation party?
[owner]: Yeah, and since mister Sun is there, why don’t you go to him?

[owner]: I’ve already sent people to contact your comrades in the region.
[owner]: The inn is located in a remote area, but you’ll get there if you just follow the signs I have placed.

[general]: Boss, should we listen to him?

[Nameless General]: We’ve been wandering around ever since our Lord died, but now there’s finally a thread of hope!

[Nameless]: My brothers, Sun Ce is here!

[Nameless]: Regroup, let’s head for the inn!

[servant]: So… so many.

[servant]: Mission complete.
[owner]: Go tell the Advisor that they’ve all regrouped.

{sfx: pa~}

[soldier 1]: We’ve got the Imperial Seal!
[soldier 1]: General Ji orders an immediate retreat!

[soldier 1]: Hurry! Sun Ce is coming!

[Sun Ce]: Give the Seal back to me!

[soldier 2]: Impossible, I thought I stabbed him when he was drunk…
[soldier 1]: I say this guy is also… not human!

[SC]: Learn this, you should behead the man you want to kill!
[SC]: A stab… is not enough.

[soldier 3]: Mister Sun, our Lord never intended to kill you.

[SC]: Then why are you all here?

[Ji Ling]: You still don’t get it?

{sfx: pa~}

[servant]: Wake up! We’ve got trouble!

[Lao Er]: You’re not getting away!

[JL]: Tough guy, but…

wrong weapon!

{sfx: peng~}

[JL]: Another one.

[SC]: What don’t I get?

{sfx: peng~}

This man must die!

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}

[JL]: Mister Sun, do you understand why I’m not going to kill you?

[SC]: I didn’t expect Yuan Shu to have such an idea.

On second thought, with a powerful General like him, Yuan Shu could’ve easily taken Lu and Wan, so why did he…

Oh no!

[JL]: Farewell, mister Sun.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Mister Sun, follow them out of here…

[SC]: We have no horse, right…?

{sfx: long~}

[servant]: Ar… army?

[lead 1]: Forward division, reporting for duty!
[lead 2]: West-hill division, reporting for duty!
[lead 3]: North-hill division, reporting for duty!

[Nameless]: My brothers, the Sun clan has killed our Lord and taken our city,
[Nameless]: let’s return the courtesy!

Sun Ce!
Blood for blood!

[soldiers]: Exact revenge for our Lord!
[soldiers]: Die! Sun Ce!

Cheng Pu was able to easily take Wancheng,

because Ms. Shan used tactics to lure away the main force, but… the scattered army…
is now whole again…

It’s over!

[LYH]: Mister Sun, go, I’ll cover you!

[SC]: No, I’ll cover you, just take my men and go!

[SC]: Except… it’s hopeless…

[LYH]: No, as long as there’s a thread of hope…

[SC]: But, that thread…

is already broken!
{band reads: exact revenge to appease hatred}

[JL]: Strategy two, done.

{shouting: kill~}

[Nameless Advisor]: For fear of losing Wan too, Sun Ce snuck out against order, even kidnapping important patients in the process.
[Nameless]: Disobedience and kidnapping are facts, so is my Lord’s generousity to overlook these crimes.

[Nameless]: Once Wan is taken, Sun Ce dismisses our troops and starts to draft his own army. His ambition is also a fact.
[Nameless]: Unfortunately he meets a vengeful army from Wan along the way…

[Nameless]: He dies young, another fact!

[Nameless]: After Sun Ce dies, my Lord will send Liao Lan to give his condolences, and without any fuss about the offenses, continue to let the Sun clan govern Wancheng.
[Shan Wu Ling]: Continue to govern? Without a leader, I say the person doing the governing will be Liao Lan.

[Nameless]: Right, you’re very smart. Next, Liao Lan, in the name of the Yuan clan, will help the Sun clan exact revenge for Sun Ce, except on the way there…
[Nameless]: Liao Lan will discover the missing Imperial Seal in the hands of the murderers.

[SWL]: I say, Liao Lan will secretly get it from Ji Ling.

[SWL]: That’s brilliant, it proves that the Sun clan hid the Seal.

[SWL]: So how’re you going to use me then?

[Nameless]: Fate has brought you to me,
[Nameless]: so I’m going to keep you and use up your clan’s fortune.

[Nameless]: I didn’t get the Sima clan, but I got the Shan clan that has been silently serving Cao Cao.

[SWL]: Advisor is such a talented man, but why didn’t you…

[Nameless]: I could’ve taken Lu and Wan if I wanted to, but it’s better to let Sun Ce do it. One, it’ll force him to give us the Seal.
[Nameless]: And two, I want him to die a reasonable death on the battlefield. However, this is only the first strategy.

[Nameless]: There are two types of strategy, one is prognosis; while the other is the chain reaction strategy that depends on the first.
/* I can’t translate this… too technical */

[Nameless]: I advised my Lord to follow through with the first strategy, so as to keep you busy; and I would personally oversee the second strategy, for cleanup.

[soldier]: Advisor, the Sima clan’s caravan is nearby.
[Advisor]: Sieze it under the guise of those bandits from Wan.

Obtain Lujiang, take Wancheng, kill Sun Ce, snatch the Seal, and acquire the subordinates of the Sun clan. Considering that he did these terrible things, Yuan Shu doesn’t look bad at all; instead, he’ll be seen as merciful and honorable, for that he has done well as the first step toward declaring himself the Emperor.

This supporting figure… is really a genius!

[servant]: Xiao… Xiao Xu!
{sfx: pa~}

[soldier 1]: We caught them all.
[Nameless]: Good.

[soldier 2]: Advisor, there’s one more.

[servant x]: One… one more?
[servant y]: Ten died, twenty were caught, who else?

[soldier 2]: Out!
[Sima Yi]: Aiya, take it easy, my neck hurts a lot!

[servant z]: Oh!
[servant w]: Oh!

[SWL]: Oh!

[SMY]: Oh!

Sima Yi’s patience has reached its limit…


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