Ravaging Times

chapter 141

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[outpost scout]: They’re back! They’re back!
[scout]: The team sent to seize Sima clan’s caravan is back.

[general]: Oh?

chapter 141 Wait for the Right Timing

[Nameless Advisor]: Nothing at all?

[captain]: Yessir. They dropped their stuff and ran when they saw us.
[captain]: Nothing but hay in the carts.

[Nameless]: Misdirection is a common tactic used by transport groups.
[captain]: Yes, so I came back… to request for a bigger team to cut them off in the west.

[Nameless]: West? How do you know?
[captain]: We caught one.

[Nameless]: Bring him!

[servant of Sima clan]: Si… sir, I’m just working for money…
[general]: Quiet!

{sfx: pa~}

[servant]: Wah! My leg!

[captain]: He fell off the horse while trying to escape. We caught him and beat the information out of him.
[Nameless]: Good, very good.

My leg!

[servant of Shan clan]: They just came back… and now they’re heading for the west again.
[servant of Shan clan]: The Sima clan won’t be able to get away this time…

[Shan Wu Ling]: You mean… distract them with a decoy?

[Sima Yi]: Having gotten Wan using this trick, hasn’t milady already figured out the landscape around here?

[SWL]: You mean… you all have known this area…

[SMY]: The Sima clan has business all over, and we must deliver on time. So geography is an important subject.
[SMY]: How could we take the risk of changing a route, if we aren’t sure it would work?

[SMY]: Besides, losing this caravan will give Yuan Shu the excuse to ask for more.

[SWL]: Who says you’re just a bookkeeper? You seem to know everything.
[SMY]: No,

[SMY]: it’s just that milady has always underestimated the Sima clan.

[SWL]: True. I also couldn’t predict that breaking a man’s neck doesn’t kill him. Quite a wolf’s neck you got there.

[SMY]: The Sima clan have just a few servants, but their many talented ones are enough to make it strong!

[SMY]: Because of that, the Sima clan could defeat Dong Zhuo and Lv Bu with just the Handicapped Warriors.

[SWL]: Handicapped Warriors? I think that most powerful one… has already “left” with Ling Cao.

[SMY]: Speaking of taking over the Sima clan… milady seems to be going all out.

[SWL]: Yes, Sun Ce’s fake death would also eliminate Sima clan’s most powerful henchman, that… would be really helpful to the Tians.

[SMY]: Ms. Shan should know that… anything is possible in this world,

[SMY]: but to take that man’s life…

[SMY]: Haha!

The strategies are still at work.

Only the last person standing matters.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Haha!

[LYH]: I’ve been waiting for you.

[LYH]: Back off,

[LYH]: tell your men to back off.

[LYH]: You hear me?

[Nameless General]: Hell! You think you’d live after I die?
[Nameless]: My brothers, we men of Wan cannot be threatened!

[general]: Right, we have sworn to kill them all!

[Nameless]: Right! That’s it, my good brothers!
[Nameless]: Kill him!

Good brothers…

{shouting: kill~}

{shouting: kill~}

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: cha~}


[LYH]: Sun Ce, my life…

doesn’t need to be concluded just yet!

[Gan Ning]: Over there,

[GN]: is a late-arriving…

[Meng]: worthy opponent.

[SWL]: What in the world are you saying?

[SMY]: Ms. Shan, the story isn’t over yet.

[SMY]: Oh yeah, about the Handicapped Warriors…

[Zhang Lei]: My leg, has long since…

[ZL]: stopped hurting.

Assassins live only to risk their lives again; is that their duty?


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