Ravaging Times

chapter 142

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Lao Da]: Found anything?
[servant]: Nothing!

[servant]: Their things are here, but the people…
[LD]: Oh no, something’s up!

[LD]: They couldn’t escape…

chapter 142 Act During the Right Timing

[soldier]: Make five teams, do a full search from south to north!
[soldier]: And send a message to Young Master Sun!

Shit! Milady and the guys…

couldn’t escape!

[Nameless Advisor]: You can’t escape.

[general]: Everybody surround this tent!
[general]: No one moves unless I say so!

[general]: Advisor is in trouble, tell the troop on the hill to get here!
[general x]: Did you hear me? Go tell them!

[general]: Vice Commander, what now…
[Sima Yi]: Be patient.

[SMY]: Take your time.

[SMY]: Please take a seat, Ms. Shan.


[SMY]: See, it’s good to be alive.
{sfx: zheng!}

[SMY]: Because you can accomplish much more if you’re alive.

[SMY]: Right?

[Nameless]: Somehow… you don’t seem like a nobody.

[SMY]: Like you, I prefer to keep a low profile.

[Zhang Lei]: Mister Advisor, please sit.

[Nameless]: Yes, there are many ingenious men in the world;

[Nameless]: duke it out with strategies is really tiring.

[SMY]: Looks like Advisor has no intention of letting us go.

[Nameless]: I never submit to threats.

{sfx: cha~}


[Nameless]: No use.

[general]: Damnit! Who told you guys to do that?
[general]: Advisor is still in their hands, so back off! Everybody back off!

[Nameless]: Now that the shade has been removed, let’s do the same with our subtlety.

[SMY]: I say… since Advisor’s main goal has been achieved, why not let us go?

[Nameless]: But I say… no one can threaten me. Get them!

[general]: A… Advisor, but…
[Nameless]: Besides, this world is full of morons.

[Nameless]: If one achieves something meaningful, why should he fear that his life has no value?

[SMY]: So what is Advisor’s sense of value?

[Nameless]: The Sages of old says, men should be loyal.

[Nameless]: My life… in exchange for a foundation of the Shan clan, that’s already quite meaningful…
[Nameless]: And now… plus the Sima bloodline, isn’t that an even better deal?

{sfx: pa~}

[SMY]: Ms. Shan, you’re finally willing to sit down.

He… he is…

Sima Yi!?

[SMY]: Advisor’s intellect is extraordinary indeed!

[?]: Your humility is just a disguise.
[Nameless]: They say the less you know about a man, the scarier he is.

[Nameless]: People never understand the reason behind the sudden rise of one’s status from being unknown.

[SMY]: Yes, it’s easier to do things when one is not known.

[Nameless]: That’s why after all these years… I’m still not famous around the world.

[SMY]: In some ways… that’s right… but is it worth it?

[Nameless]: Your life is your value, while I’m only looking out for my Lord’s benefit.

[Nameless]: And now… with two of Cao Cao’s investors in my hands, my Lord will enjoy the benefits forever.

[Nameless]: I don’t see a better deal than this.

[Nameless]: If I can’t make the right choice now, what is the value of my life?

[Nameless]: Listen, capture them and give them to our Lord! You take the credit!

[captain]: But… Advisor, you…

[SMY]: Our last caravan carried armors. Guess what we’re sending this time?

[Nameless]: I only know that this time you’re sending…

{sfx: pa~}


[captain]: Go! Get them!

[ZL]: Sit down!

[SMY]: The Shan clan,

[SMY]: is going down!

{sfx: xiu~}

{sfx: xiu~ xiu~}


My life…
isn’t properly concluded!

[general x]: Team two, what’s happening on the hill?
[team leader]: We just got here, who knew…

[servant of Sima clan]: Be careful not to hurt Young Master, don’t aim low!
[servant]: Hurry, their diverted troop is coming back soon!

[servant]: Keep firing, we’ve got plenty of arrows!

[soldier]: Shit! It’s Sima clan’s transport group…
[soldier]: Split up! Or else we’ll soon…

[SMY]: Ms. Shan, you,

[SMY]: are gonna be mine!
[SWL]: Like hell!

Talents die young before their names become known; that is common in life!


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