Ravaging Times

chapter 144

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

In this day and age,
be cruel or forget domination;
/* “one can’t dominate if one can’t be cruel;” */
be cunning or forget riches.
/* “one can’t become rich if one doesn’t rely on treachery.” */

[captain x]: We can’t go around them; we’re coming back!

[captain y]: Hurry! One last step!

[captain y]: Just one…

chapter 144 The Biggest Deal

{sfx: ka}

[captain y]: The main troop has been led away, and we don’t have enough men to charge at them!
[captain z]: Hold on a little longer; they will return when they can’t find the Sima clan’s caravan!

[captain y]: They stopped firing. Should we storm the main tent?
[captain z]: No, they’re trying to lure us out!

[captain z]: Incoming, down!
/* “here they come again…” */

{sfx: shoo~}

In this day and age, more than half of the population die on the battlefield.
Only three men out of every ten may live pass the age of forty.

But… upon seeing this man so unwilling to accept his end, I really feel that it’s an unfortunate thing to die…

Now I understand why men are valued over women, for it may just be Heaven’s “logical compensation” to men.

Staying alive is hard enough, yet death can happen so casually…
[Zhang Lei]: With so much blood your hands, Young Master, I bet you’re going to be punished in hell when you die.

[Sima Yi]: Zhang Lei, you are getting better at flattery!

[ZL]: No, I’m being earnest. I think Young Master’s strategies will catch up to historical legends.

[SMY]: Legends shmegends; we’re all killers. The smart ones would rather be infamous and hope to reduce their sin with their death.

[ZL]: So Young Master does view the morality of killing differently.

[ZL]: I’m interested in Young Master’s view on Sun Ce.

[SMY]: The sacrifice of a few subordinates brings about a city and everyone’s safety. Some say that’s immoral, but I say he’s smarter and more merciful than those fools who only know how to throw away their lives.
[SMY]: Benevolent Lords would make both life and death meaningful.

Today I managed to refute all standards of morality. But is he a sage, or is he…

[SMY]: Both buying and selling should have their worth. That was my business sense talking.

[SMY]: This time we’ve asked for the help of all of our allies in the southern region in addition to using that many arrows. We invested so much.

[SMY]: This cost…
{sfx: shoo~}

[ZL]: Young Master, our path has been cleared.

[SMY]: Ms. Shan,

[SMY]: after you.

[ZL]: Don’t worry, I’ve sent someone to help your people.

[Shan Wu Ling]: Do I… have another choice?

[?]: Someone stepped out!

[servants]: Give’em cover!

{sfx: shoo~ shoo~}

[general]: Back! Stay back!
[general]: Don’t go out there!

[servant]: Second Master is here.

[SMY]: Lao Da, any good news?
/* as in the first son of the family */

Lao Da came too?

[Sima Lang]: Before now I really couldn’t figure out what you were thinking, but…

[SMY]: Like a fisherman casting a net. I told you we’ll have our catch on the way back.

[SML]: I didn’t expect my brother to be interested in a lady’s jade hair clip.

[SMY]: Excuse him, Ms. Shan, this weirdo is my older brother.

Sima Lang!?

[SWL]: Mister Sima is a meticulous man. Lord Cao will certainly judge you differently.

[SWL]: We will pay you back for your help to the Shan clan.

[SMY]: Our two clans may be at odds, but I don’t want Yuan Shu to dry up your family fortune either.

[SMY]: So then… let me conclude this story.

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~ pa~}

{sfx: pong~}

[servant x]: No good, this wood is too hard.
[servant y]: Hurry, we must get out now when we still can…
/* “it’s now or never…” */

[servant z]: Can you see Ms. Shan?
[servant w]: The tent is in the way!

[servant ?]: Wait, someone’s coming!

{sfx: pa}

[servant ?]: Hey buddy, who sent you here?

[servant of Sima]: Ms. Shan has been taken by Yuan Shu’s men. Go home and get help!

[servant a]: So did mister Sun send you?
[servant a]: Please wait, I have more questions!

[servant of Sima]: No time, the enemy troop will be back soon!

[SMY]: Go to the Shan residence as Yuan Shu’s men.

[SMY]: Use this… Get them to pay up as much as possible.

[SMY]: The Sima clan never makes a losing deal, and this time we might even make a profit.

[SWL]: I’m going to end up… at the Sima residence?

[SML]: Ms. Shan was taken by Yuan Shu’s men; what does the Sima clan have to do with it?

The story concludes…

In the end it makes sense that the Sima clan can maintain its standing in this world.

[SMY]: The payback looks good,

[SMY]: for we will forever enjoy Shan clan’s fortune.

[SWL]: Right. Quite suitable for those delicate stomachs.

[servant]: Young Master, the Clear Wind Triad brothels sure can use people like her!

[SMY]: Vice chief, I advise you to watch your mouth.

[SMY]: Not just anyone can be a guest of the Sima clan.

[SMY]: If you accidentally offend the future daughter-in-law of the family…

[SMY]: you’ll regret it forever.

[SML]: Haha, nice.

Right. Now even if my family realizes that they’ve been duped, the Sima clan can just use our marriage agreement to settle the dispute.
The wolf’s neck allows it to bite enemies in the front and in the back. This fiance of mine is really frightening…

[SMY]: Oh yeah, I remember one saying –
[SMY]: the Shan clan

[SMY]: is so close I can almost taste it.
(“…already near my lips”)

Tens of thousands of the well-off businessmen can’t be compared to the profiteers in the business market. I ask, where is Fairness?

Tens of thousands of soldiers are worth less than the high ranking officials on the battlefield. I ask, what’s the price of human life?


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