Ravaging Times

chapter 145

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

How much can happen in a day?

Will I be dealing with countless strategies?

Or fight against countless enemies?

chapter 145 A Very Long Day

[Liaoyuan Huo]: It’s so long!

{sfx: pong~}

[general]: The turtle has lost its shell!
[general]: We outnumber them; we can take them!
{headband reads: exact revenge to clear hatred}

{shouting: kill~}

I kept thinking that it will all be over once Sun Ce is finished…

But… why am I still here?

It must be indignation…

I, Gan Ning…

must certainly not lose a shooting match to a boy!
[Gan Ning]: Fifteen…

[Meng]: …to thirteen!

This guy’s aim is getting better.

{sfx: cha~}

[GN]: Success,

[GN]: is getting closer!

[soldier]: Sir, we’ve taken the small hill.
[general]: Archers, get ready!

[fighter 1]: This is the last hill; if we retreat any more…
[fighter 2]: Enemy archers are getting closer…

Just one more step…

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: pong~ pong~ pong~}

[Guo Ang]: Then… let’s take bigger steps!

Success is getting closer.

But the closer one gets to it,
the more caution one must take.

On this side of the story, Yuan Shu is scheming for Sun Ce’s death while pretending to know nothing about it.
He’s playing the role… of a benevolent elder.

On that side of the story, men of the Sun clan are still waiting to hear from Sun Ce.
They’re playing the roles… of helpless vassals.

The show is still on…

[?]: The riot has been put down. Order within the city has returned.
[?]: But… is there still no news of Bo Fu?

[soldier]: Sir! Yuan Shu has sent an ambassador here!

{Han Dang}
[Qiao Rui]: Amazing!
{Yuan Shu’s Supreme Commander, Qiao Rui}

[QR]: Men of the Eastern region sure can put down a riot fast!

[general]: Is lord Yuan… really giving Wan to us?
[Han Dang]: This is lord Yuan’s handwriting, and… there are even signatures of many influential men in the region.

[QR]: I have another good news. General Liao Lan is coming here with supplies. You know…

[QR]: restoring the Eastern region is within your reach!

{Cheng Pu}
[Cheng Pu]: Cheng Pu shall thank lord Yuan on my Young Master’s behalf!

[QR]: Since your worries are resolved, why don’t you tell mister Sun to come out and accept the letter?

[CP]: Bo Fu caught a cold during his long trip, so he’s resting now…


[QR]: My Lord always treat people earnestly, and I hope mister Sun can understand that.

[QR]: Besides, the relationship between Yuan clan and Sun clan goes way back. My Lord has always treated mister Sun like his own son, and sensing his nostalgia, my Lord decided to give Wan to him.
[QR]: I think… if mister Sun would just take a good look at the situation, he’ll know that it has all been a misunderstanding.

[CP]: In that case, please put in a good word for him, brother Qiao.

[QR]: Then I shall speak for my Lord, wishing mister Sun an instant success!

[QR]: Goodbye.

[soldier]: What did you see, Master Seer?
[QR]: Hahaha… I saw…

[QR]: Sun Ce’s death.

[HD]: Qiao Rui is a keen observer. I hope we didn’t show any signs…

[HD]: Cheng Pu, I’m really disturbed.
[CP]: Even so… we have to keep hiding it.

[Sun Ce]: Sorry, I was afraid that you couldn’t fake it well…
[SC]: so I didn’t notify you.

[Han and Cheng]: Bo Fu!

[SC]: Quiet.
{Sun Ce}

The best part of the show is yet to come!

{Wancheng, conference room}
[official]: Mister Sun isn’t going the eastern route, instead he’s surveying Dongancheng first?
/* Dongan City? */

{Zhu Zhi}
[Zhu Zhi]: Yes, Young Master thinks it would take less time to capture Dongan first!

[ZZ]: Therefore all proposals would have to be set aside for now.

[official 1]: General Zhu, if our main force is to settle here… we can only send a few hundred men to attack Dongan.
[official 2]: Right, and since we’ve just gotten a base, we should focus on recuperation first.

[ZZ]: Troop strength is not a problem while timing is the key. Right now Yuan Shu thinks that Young Master is dead, and that Wan will be out of control; how could he have guessed this?

[official x]: Do you expect us to emulate Third Genius Jia Xu’s miraculous win against Lü Bu at Changan?
[official y]: And how would Yuan Shu not know what’s happening if we do succeed?

[ZZ]: Don’t worry, the fall of Dongan won’t be tied to us; not even Yuan Shu will see through that, and the most absurd thing is…

[ZZ]: Dongan can be taken, not by manpower…

[ZZ]: but by genius!


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