Ravaging Times

chapter 146

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

What is the meaning of life?
Is it to cherish the memory of a splendid past? Or to face the unknown challenges?

This year’s camellia are very pretty,
so pretty that no woman can compare…
So pretty that they tempt me to let go of everything…

After all these years, I suddenly remembered…

Was I clinging to your beauty, or did I grew attached to the lost gentleness?
Am I laughing at his indecisiveness, or admiring his impressive foresight?

chapter 146 The King of Benevolence And Righteousness

{Yuan Fang}

Xiao Cha, do you mind?

[Yuan Shao]: Do you… mind?

[Yuan Fang]: Mind what? You’re not welcome here.

{Yuan Shao}
[YS]: But I’m now one step closer.

[YS]: I remember last year I almost died trying to get this far.

[YF]: I still carry the dagger.

[YS]: Good, stab me again, if that would lessen my sin.

[YF]: Time really can change a man,
[YF]: making him more mature, more clear about his life’s path.

[YF]: If…

[YF]: If only killing one’s father does not offend Heaven, it would all be easier.

[YS]: If only Xiao Cha was not from a peasant family, if only you’re not my son…
[YS]: If only Yuan Shu didn’t wrong the Sun clan, it would be even easier.

[YS]: If only, if only; fate is beyond our control…

[YS]: We’re living in a rare period in history when Heaven’s door is open;
[YS]: if one doesn’t know how to use this chance he will regret it later!

[YS]: Restoring the former reign is but wishful thinking of us old vassals.
[YS]: In the end, aren’t we all just thinking of our own future?

[YF]: You are truly the master of the Yuan clan, always thinking things through. Don’t worry! For a powerful clan like today’s Yuan, it’s not hard to dominate this world.

[YS]: Yet big as this clan is, it’s not mine alone.

[YF]: Big as this clan is, you’re not the only treacherous one either.

[YS]: Right, there’s also your overachieving uncle… You know about his dirty business, yes?

[YS]: When Luoyang was in flames… I risked my life to save the Emperor so as to keep him from claiming the throne.

[YS]: Unfortunately the Emperor was murdered, the Yuan clan split up, the Imperial Seal resurfaced, and they all feel predestined!

[YF]: Destined? You wanted to use me to befriend the Sun clan, but instead led to Sun Jian’s death by the hands of Yuan Shu.

[YS]: The world can’t stay united, nor will it stay divided. The rise and fall of a clan also follows the path of destiny.

[YS]: The unified will of the Yuan clan made it powerful,

[YS]: but as Loyalists of Imperial Han, we cannot follow that destiny…

[YS]: Our clan’s renowned reputation for having “Generations of Loyalist” cannot be ruined by my generation!

[YS]: If we want the world, we must obtain it through someone else!

[YF]: You sure care about saving face.

[YS]: As someone who hates the Yuan clan, can you achieve this?

[YF]: After all these years I finally understand. You want me to be the wretch of our clan.

[YS]: I was afraid that you wouldn’t have the guts, but now you have no choice.

[YF]: A bastard son gains his own following and usurps the throne… Do you think I have this ability?

[YS]: If you didn’t have the will… why arrange for that Zhen girl to familiarize herself with your three “brothers”?

[YF]: And you as the father just watches while they’re taken by jealousy?

[YS]: If that’s your first step toward usurpation, why would I intervene?

[YS]: In this golden age of opportunity, I’m glad that you’re ahead of them.

[YS]: Because soon those worthless sons will grow up and fight over power, like your uncle and I.
[YS]: Those three are incompetent, but the influence of their relatives are too great. Once I’m dead the followers will choose sides, and cause the clan to split up, then be destroyed.

[YS]: That’s why I say… Propagation is really a fascinating thing.

[YS]: The earlier one obtains happiness, the more likely it is to cause his downfall.

[YS]: The earlier one experiences suffering, the more likely it is to make him successful.

[YS]: I can play the fool for the sake of the reputation; I can also be ambitious in hope of conquering the world.

[YS]: If you yearn for the fatherly-love, please forgive my incompetence.

[YS]: Because I’m not giving you a family, but an empire.

[YS]: I know that you’re waiting for the right moment, hence you’ve been flaunting your dazzling skills, yet still managed to save some surprises.

[YS]: It could have been a flawless victory, but you disguised it with defeat.

[YS]: You sure fooled those three, for they don’t see you as a threat.

[YS]: Am I right?

[YS]: You… are becoming more and more like the First Emperor of Han.
{note: Han dynasty’s first emperor, Han Gao-zu Liu Bang}
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liu_bang */

[YF]: Yuan Shao, it’s better to play dumb about certain things!

[YF]: I’ll save this stab today, because I’m going to give you a warning…

[YF]: For this dagger will land on the man who stands in my way!

[YS]: Excellent!

[YS]: This determination is what I want from you. Do a thorough job.

[YS]: Not only were you creating internal disturbances, you were also dealing with external problems. I know you already sent people to the north.

[YS]: As Yuan Shu starts to plunge the world into chaos…

[YS]: As everyone drop their guard against a foolish Loyalist like me…
[YS]: You will take the entire northern region, removing that obstacle from the path to world conquest! Then, with anger in your heart…


[YS]: I hope… you will become a talented man, and that’s the greatest accomplishment of my life!

[YS]: Let the world cherish the memory of my loyalty, and let the world be in the hands of my descendants.

The benevolent and righteous schemer cried that day, because he foresaw the future of his clan…

But his tears are followed by a smile.

After that… the camellias begin to shrivel away, no longer beautiful.


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