Ravaging Times

chapter 150

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Tides come and go. Empires rise and fall.
Each era proceeds like this because the Central Plain has thousands of years to pass by.
(not sure; “central plain” is more or less synonymous to “middle kingdom”, but has clearer connection to the title “fiery phoenix light up the plains”)

People are born and they die. Businesses succeed and they fail.
That’s how a person live.
Because human life only last some tens of years.

chapter 150 Deploying All Talents

[Yuan Shu]: How did Advisor die?

[general]: The main troop was sent to capture Sima clan’s caravan. when we came back we found the Advisor shot dead by arrows.

[YS]: Where did the army of archers come from?

[general]: Our path-clearing team for their caravan was already finished.
[genera]: Now that I think about it… they were transporting a large amount of arrows…
(“… when we were checking the items at the checkpoint …”)

[official]: That minion of Cao Cao really does respond well to changes of events.

[general 2]: Cao Cao is a hard one to figure out, My Lord. If he lives we’ll have endless trouble later.
[official 2]: Right, and he’s expanding his influences now. My Lord, we should get rid of this eyesore soon!

[general 2]: My Lord, I’m willing to lead a troop to wipe them out!
[YA]: The people have endured so much bloodshed.

[YS]: If we are that inclined to start a fight, when will the chaos end?

[YS]: And how would I be any different than those other warlords?

[YS]: The people are living in exile after many years of fighting.

[YS]: Instead of biting one another like animals,

[YS]: why not generously take in the people and expand the territory?

{sfx: pa~}

[YS]: Listen to the will of the people,

{sfx: ding}

[YS]: is the Will of Heaven,
(“is obeying the Heaven’s Will”)

[YS]: and is also to accept the birth of a new era!

[YS]: The goal has been achieved, so laugh!
[YS]: Laugh for our successful acquisition of the Imperial Seal!


[Ji Ling]: Sheesh, Advisor has just died, why would my Lord…
[vice commander]: Looks like another banquet tonight.

[JL]: Vice Commander,

[JL]: tell Qiao Rui and Yan Xiang to go easy on the drinks, and come to my house afterwards.
[vice]: Yessir.

My Lord… has lowered his guard.

{Lujiang . Shuxian}

[?]: How much longer do we have to wait?
[guard]: My Lord gave orders, no rash actions.

{Yuan Shu’s Supreme Commander, Liu Xun}
[Liu Xun]: The tiger broke free and will take the East.

[official 1]: The letter says Sun Ce is not dead, and intends to take the Eastern regions.
[general 1]: This really is Liao Lan’s handwriting.

[LX]: Liao Lan is a tough guy, how could he…

[genius]: Liao Lan has been imprisoned. He hopes to be rescued by you.

[LX]: He wants my help? I suspect…

[?]: Yes, it’s a trick. If General Liu leads the troop away from Dongan, Sun Ce will then take the city.

[LX]: There are all kinds of people in this world. For fame, some would even…

[LX]: sell out his oath-brother!

[Zhou Yu]: With only few years of life, we all wish to leave our names in the history books.

[official 2]: There’s no chaos at Wan, my Lord. If Sun Ce is dead, his followers would have already scattered.
[general 2]: I think Fifth Genius is telling the truth.

[?]: This is the era of Central Plain with the most number of talents.

[LX]: People tend to look to higher grounds, and it’s not easy to stand out in a crowd.

[LX]: I would like to leave my name in the history books too, but even with my talents, I still lack something to win honor for my Lord.
[ZY]: You spoke my mind.

[LX]: Ji Ling gained a standing due to Advisors’ skills.
(“Ji Ling’s rise is because of the skills of ‘advisors’.”)

[ZY]: Eight Geniuses gained a standing when compared to lessor talents!
(“Eight Geniuses’ rise is because of contrast with ‘leaves’)

{the next morning}
{inside Shouchun city}

{banner reads: Ji residence}

[servant 1]: My Lord says you guys can come in and get some sleep.
[servant 2]: The meeting’s still on?

[JL]: So Cao Cao might be moving to Changan?

[Yan Xiang]: That’s right. We can secretly spread the accusation of Cao Cao’s plot to use the Emperor to rule the lords, which will completely ruin Imperial Han.
{Yan Xiang}
[servant]: For you, General.
{Qiao Rui}

[YX]: Also, Yuan Shao is moving northward to eliminate troubles for the future.
[YX]: That’s why Yuan Shao and Cao Cao treat each other as the main enemy, and not paying much attention to our Lord.

[?]: Each side takes what is needed. That’s the plan.

[JL]: Then… what about that instigator who concerns us the most?

[Qiao Rui]: Since Liu Bei is an honorable man, how can he not fall for my trick?

[JL]: Master Seer seems quite confident.

[QR]: Because THAT MAN has agreed.

[JL]: So we can now sleep with a peace of mind.

[JL]: Our Lord is going to be very busy, therefore we’ll be his vital support, in intellect and strength.

[JL]: Prepare a banquet.
[servant]: Yessir.

[QR]: More? Haven’t we drank enough last night?

[YX]: But our spirits weren’t free enough then.

[JL]: Remember the decline of Imperial Han.

[JL]: We must not follow in its footsteps.

There is the Loyalty for the country, and there is the Loyalty for one’s Lord.

So Loyalty slowly fades because of the ambiguity.

[?]: My Lord, you agreed to attack Xuzhou?

[Lü Bu]: Right now we have nothing. How can we refuse?
{banner reads: Zhang}

[?]: But doesn’t that make us an enemy of Imperial Han?

[LB]: Imperial Han is really only an empty name, and bad guys are all over the place, so why should we be afraid?
[?]: Yuan Shu is not talented, but he has many skilled and loyal advisors…

[LB]: Yes. Taking us in is just for show. The real intent is to weaken two enemies.
(not sure)
[LB]: Strategy is interesting like that.

This voice… sounds very familiar…

{sfx: ka!}

{sfx: ka!}

My bones are all broken…

[?]: In that case, we’ll have to handle the opportunity with care.

[LB]: Everything will be destroyed one day.

{sfx: foo~}

[LB]: But my era…

[LB]: will never end!
(“has never ended”; but Mr. Chen is speaking Cantonese, not Mandarin, so I’m not sure hot to interpret this exactly)

Except that a hegemon’s road

has never been a smooth one.


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