Ravaging Times

volume 19

Back Cover Couplet
Imperial Han is doomed; latent dragon is enraged

Previously on Ravages
Tiger of the east breaks through the cage; fire on the plain extinguishes in the rain
(“fire on the plain” is a wordplay of Liaoyuan Huo’s name)

Ravages Afterword
Take command when the time is right – control the populous – by whatever means necessary.
The cause can be vague, while the result is the important thing.
Successful conquerors in the past all understood this principle:
“For the good of the people” is the slogan, but the goal is to benefit himself.
Why do emperors always enjoy their fame and fortune after taking over the world?
Why do they only pass down the rule to their descendants?
Why do people still want to revolt during peacetimes?
It is all because the world is obtained through conquest.
As for who looks good or bad, that is up to the victor and his creative historians.

In 20xx, the last remaining reader finally understands the Truth to Ravages…
Ravages volume 5000
Battle of Guandu, win or lose; only 500,000 yuan
“For the benefit of the reader” is the slogan, but the goal is to con them for money.

Next on Ravages
Heaven remains the same,
and principles remain the same.
Who is favored by Heaven
in ages of romantic legends?

Volume 20
A life favored by Heaven


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