Ravaging Times

chapter 152

It is ironic when those with aspirations are born in the wrong time.

[Jia Xu]: You’re really not leaving, General Zhang?

[Zhang Ji]: Leaving? Changan is no longer like a capital, and enemies are everywhere. Where can I go?

chapter 152 The First Irony

[ZJ]: Victors justified and losers demonized. It is all fate.
{“General of the Agile Cavalry“, Zhang Ji}

[ZJ]: Victors become the Loyalist while losers the crook. When one’s reputation is ruined, he remains a crook forever.
[ZJ]: Crooks… I see them everywhere!

[ZJ]: Crooks killing crooks, then say it’s for Justice. I don’t intend to let them off that easy.

[ZJ]: When you are in power, everyone submits; when you weaken, everyone will start some trouble.

[ZJ]: This social climate never changes.

[ZJ]: I’ve done enjoying power and riches.

[ZJ]: What else will I miss…

[JX]: You lack talent, but your cleanup work was quite systematic.

[ZJ]: Jia Xu, you are always so outspoken.

[ZJ]: Crooks don’t like to hear the truth either you know!

[JX]: We live in chaos now because people got used to lies.

[ZJ]: Right, my Lord (Dong Zhuo) used to say that as well, sadly… vanity is hard to resist!

[general]: We are ready to go, Mister Jia.

[ZJ]: So,

[ZJ]: I leave that lad Zhang Xiu in your care.

[ZJ]: Why do you cry? It’s not a hopeless fight. Trust me, I’ll be back soon.

[ZJ]: All right now, go with Jia Xu to see Xiu-er.
(-er suffix is a familiar way of referring to a person; not always applicable)

[JX]: Let me say it again, Cao Cao already accepted Zhang Xiu, so why don’t you come with us?
[JX]: Retire to the back scene is much better than throwing lives away like those two fools.

[ZJ]: A crook will always be a crook.

[ZJ]: He will end badly no matter where he go.

[ZJ]: Letting Cao Cao exploit me… and hurting Xiu-er in the process…

[ZJ]: I might as well follow those two fools to see our Lord…

[JX]: You sir, are a fool too.

[ZJ]: It is still… so unpleasant to hear.

That’s right, fools are everywhere;

and only fools end this way…

[ZJ]: Where are those two fools?
[soldier]: General Li and Guo have almost caught up with His Majesty.

[ZJ]: I’ll say this again,

[ZJ]: if you men stay with me…

there is only… DEATH!

[official]: There’s another group to our right!

[Yang Feng]: Luoyang is just beyond the valley up ahead;
[YF]: some of my men in the valley will assist us. Hurry!

[soldier]: Commanders want to talk!

{sfx: loom~}

[Li Jue]: Valley.
[Guo Si]: Ambush!

{Commander-in-Chief, Li Jue}
[LJ]: Once we succeed,

[GS]: no more in-fighting!
{General of Chariots and Cavalry, Guo Si}

[LJ and GS]: Good!

{sfx: loom~}

[LJ]: Deputy,
[deputy for LJ]: once we succeed…

[deputy for GS]: Li Jue’s head will be on your desk!

[LJ or GS]: Good!
My Lord was right. Chaos was brought about when people became accustomed to lies.

{sfx: ta~}

[officials]: They… they caught up!

{sfx: loom~}

{Guo Si’s General, Cui Yong}

{sfx: pa~}

[official]: Ah, Dong Cheng‘s chariot…

[Cui Yong]: His Majesty leaves all because of the selfish official Dong Cheng.

[?]: A crook’s path…
[Xu Huang]: only…


[XH]: leads to,

[XH]: death.

{sfx: cha~}

[XH]: You!

{sfx: pa~}

[XH]: You!

[XH]: You!
[XH]: You!
[XH]: You!
[XH]: You!


In this chaos, are Loyalists’ path also no different…?

Why are they born in the wrong time?

How ironic!

Though the irony is… heroes are created in desperate times!


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