Ravaging Times

chapter 155

Good advice tends to be hard to accept; how ironic.

[?]: Division two has been separated!
[?]: The main force has been surrounded – they’re stuck on the mountain!

[?]: Maintain communication with division two. Don’t let them surrender!


Such power from such a small force, they…

chapter 155 The Fourth Irony

[Xun Yu]: Training at Puyang really paid off, my Lord. Your skills truly take the crown.

[Cao Cao]: That doesn’t sound like you at all.

[CC]: So… what’s your next move, Advisor?

[XY]: You should exercise restraint on your vicious use of force.

[XY]: We should hold off the attack once our troops reach Huaying.

[CC]: Too merciful, but that suits you.


[Li Jue]: Those on the mountain…
[Guo Si]: Wiped out.

[LJ]: You look all shaken up!

[GS]: You’re no better!

[?]: My Lord, they’re in pursuit!

[LJ]: Hurry! Zhang Ji’s main camp is just ahead!

{sfx: loom~}

[Xiahou Dun]: What speed! Their Redhare cavalry is really something!
[?]: We can’t catch up!

Pursue for ten li, then hold our ground. Xun Yu is way too conservative!

{flag reads: Zhang}

{sfx: pa~}

[Zhang Ji]: Fools.

[LJ]: Zhang Ji,
[GS]: they have two thousand!

[LJ]: Before they set up formations,
[GS]: let’s give them a counter-attack!

[LJ]: Give me three thousand men to flank their left!
[GS]: Lend me three thousand more to flank their right!

[ZJ]: No matter many you take… they’re just going to die.

[ZJ]: Our days are over; we can’t accomplish much anymore.

[?]: My Lord, the eighth battalion has also left!

[ZJ]: Ok, you can leave too!

[LJ]: What the hell are you doing, Zhang Ji?
[GS]: Where are our Lord’s remaining forces?

[ZJ]: The remaining… will just die for your ambitions.
[ZJ]: If soldiers have no motivation to fight, why force them to?

[ZJ]: What made you think you can claim rulership when you two can’t even control Changan?

[ZJ]: Xiliang might not be great, but as farmers,

[ZJ]: we can still make it, I think.

[ZJ]: Comrades,

[ZJ]: good advice might be hard to accept, but it’s not too late to turn back.

[GS]: Forget him, Li Jue, he has lost it.

[LJ]: I’ll spare you for now, Zhang Ji!

[ZJ]: That’s fine, we’ll meet again soon.

[LJ]: Let’s go! We’ll hold our ground in Changan!
[GS]: Right. We’ll start over from there!

Power corrupts.

My Lord’s dream is already gone…

It is too late to turn back once we choose the crooked path.

The funny thing is…

{flag reads: Dong}
still willingly sacrifice myself for those two fools!

[XHD]: You sir, are a fool too!

[ZJ]: Haha…

Still… unpleasant to hear!

[CC]: You mean… they’re still doomed if they return to Changan?

[XY]: Yes. Changan’s people are not satisfied with their rule. Wu Xi and his fellows will bring us their heads within three days.

[XY]: We will then obtain Changan without any casualties, which makes for a better deal.

[CC]: So I can take in all of Dong Zhuo‘s remaining forces?

[XY]: Yes, just like when you took in the Yellow Turbans.

[CC]: We came with five thousand, but leave with fifty thousand. Xun Yu, I’m thinking…
[XY]: I know.

[XY]: I will be more powerful than Guo Jia if I plan more viciously.

[CC]: Yes, mercy is better used during peacetime, not during wartime.

[XY]: This reminds me of Master‘s critique about you, my Lord…

[XY]: An able minister at peacetime; an anti-hero at wartime.

[XY]: My entrance proved the first half;

[XY]: Guo Jia’s entrance proved the second half.

[XY]: How could both types of people appear before you at the same time, my Lord?

[XY]: The Truth is hard to fathom; sometimes a demon, sometimes a savior…

[XY]: Maybe I am a pathetic slave to the old ways,

[XY]: but I never understood how you can embrace an absurd ideology like “Chaos before Comfort”!

[XY]: Morality is what Heaven meant it to be – right or wrong has always been unambiguously clear.

[XY]: Life is precious. Why are the able ministers loved by the people for centuries?

And why are the anti-heroes hated by the people forever?

Why is it always hard to accept good advice?

How ironic!

Though the irony is… who doesn’t like flattery?


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