Ravaging Times

chapter 158

People do not think the same way.
One may appear agreeable,

but deep down… who knows what he is thinking?

{Xuzhou . Xiapi}

[Liu Bei]: None of you approves?

[Mi Zhu]: We definitely do not!

chapter 158 Their Thoughts Are Not My Thoughts

[MZ]: We cannot work with a man who is as ambitious as Lü Bu.
{Mi Zhu}
{Liu Bei}

[LB]: Then, all of you disapprove of this?

[?]: His previous lords Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo both ended badly, so we have to be careful.
[?]: Yes. Why not just send some troop to chase him away!

{Cao Bao}
[Cao Bao]: However… could we have kept Xuzhou if Lü Bu hadn’t attacked Cao Cao?

[MZ]: Cao Bao, paying debt is one thing, being right or wrong is quite another!
[CB]: Brother Mi, aren’t we making our Lord appear dishonorable if we refuse?

[LB]: In the eyes of the public,

[LB]: I’m just a man who uses the title of “Imperial Uncle” for my own benefit;
[LB]: yet who knows what I’m really thinking about?

[LB]: People might view Lü Bu as being disloyal, but he eliminated Dong Zhuo from this world.
[LB]: We don’t know much about Lü Bu. How can we judge him based on what others say about him?

[CB]: That’s wise.

[http://ravagesoftime.wikispaces.com/Guan_Yu”>Guan Yu]: What are you all worried about?

[GY]: Are you worried that my brother can’t accomplish great things?

{Guan Yu}
[GY]: Or are you worried that Lü Bu is too powerful?

[CB]: Our Lord has these two Generals to protect him, so what are you all afraid of?
[MZ]: Then let me speak with Sir Zhang again!

[LB]: What do you think?

[GY]: You’re still a fool no matter what I think.

[LB]: Those who’re willing to follow me,

[LB]: are bigger fools.

[GY]: Other people might see Yun Chang as a man blinded by loyalty,
[GY]: but who knows what I’m really thinking about?

{Xuzhou . outskirts}

[Lü Bu]: Lord Liu wants me to settle in Xiaopei first?

[?]: Yes, Xiaopei is a developing region. Good things can be expected from it.

[LB]: Then please send my thanks to Imperial Uncle Liu, mister Jian.
{Lü Bu}
{Gao Shun}

{Liu Bei’s Attendant Clark, Jian Yong}
[Jian Yong]: No need. WE would be thanking YOU if you don’t plot something.

[JY]: Imperial Uncle Liu planned for a banquet tomorrow. Coming or not is up to you.
[LB]: Best to accept.

[JY]: Then I’ll be on my way.

[?]: This… this guy is Liu Bei’s ambassador?
[?]: So arrogant.

[Chen Gong]: He’s blunt and on the mark, not a simpleton.
{Chen Gong}

[CG]: Xiaopei… good idea.
[?]: What?

{Xuzhou . inner territory}

[Zhang Liao]: Get back here.
[ZL]: You guys are no match for him.

{Zhang Fei}
[Zhang Fei]: Here to admire the mountains again, mister Zhang?

[ZL]: People see mister Zhang as a foolhardy man, but who knows what he’s really thinking about?
{Zhang Liao}

[ZF]: I really don’t want to be your enemy.

[ZL]: Me either, so let’s be frank.

[ZF]: You people and Yuan Shu struck a deal to have Lü Bu get rid of my big brother.

[ZL]: Xiaopei is a dead land. My Lord will end up a ghost under your brush if he settles there.

[ZF]: So as a traveler you come to explore possible escape-routes.

[ZL]: So as an artist you come to paint the areas for potential entrapment.

[ZF]: But us Zhang’s have always known that our greatest enemy is not one another.

[ZL]: Zhang’s always like to find “common grounds”.

[Lü Bu]: Amazing.

[LB]: It’s almost fully healed.

[?]: My Lord’s injuries were so severe we didn’t think the wounds would heal, let alone this fast…
[?]: Mister Hua’s choice of medicines are unheard of. What an eye-opening experience.

[LB]: Soon I will be serving the people again, thanks to mister Hua. Hope you would look out for us in the future.

[Hua Tuo]: Chapter five is wrong.
[?]: Yessir.
[HT]: You sound upbeat, General.

[LB]: Because I’ve met the right person at the right time.

[HT]: Meeting such a beneficial guest is a great sign for your ambitious future, General.

[HT]: Am I that guest, I wonder?

{Hua Tuo}
[HT]: Or is it the person that I saved?

[LB]: People see Hua Tuo as a famous doctor, but who knows what he’s really thinking about?

[HT]: I’ll be in my tent mixing medicines.

[HT]: Remember, no one shall enter without my order.
[?]: Yessir.

[HT]: I asked for it, didn’t I.

[Meng]: I… thought you were Lü Bu.

[HT]: Lü Bu seems to be quite wary of you, for he only dares to watch you from a distance.

[HT]: A man of such abilities, no wonder even Dong Zhuo lost to him.

[HT]: I know your “secret”, so you better behave if you want to live.

[M]: Of course, mister Hua, I owe you my life.

[M]: Though you seem to have another agenda.

[HT]: You want to find a common ground?

[M]: Our common ground… is to let two enemies wear each other out.

[M]: Then your Lord can eliminate his opponent and get Xuzhou.

[M]: So is it by the ingenious Lü Bu? Or the poisonous Cao Cao?

[M]: We’re all experts in this field. Hope you will look out for us in the future.

[?]: Someone wants to eliminate the benevolent man and claim the throne; someone wants to eliminate the enemy and obtain Xuzhou. The strategy is as unpredictable as the human heart.

[?]: Both hegemons want me to take over Xuzhou. Why not humor them?

[LB]: People see me as a greedy ingrate,

[LB]: but who knows what my next move will be?

Eliminate Dong Zhuo when one sees the opportunity. But whom to eliminate when one forgets about righteousness?


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