Ravaging Times

chapter 160


[guard]: Back off!
[guard]: Back off!

[?]: I… I see the top.

[?]: So tall… It could be the world’s number one tower.
[?]: That shows the prestige of the empire.

chapter 160 Embrace the World

[Yuan Shu]: Like Qin dynasty’s Epang Palace.
(I checked the “historical” pronunciation of “a fang”, which turns out to be “e pang” or “e bang” depending on your own phonetic categorization)

[YS]: And just as powerful.

[Ji Ling]: After so many revisions, it’s finally built.
[Qiao Rui]: But that was quite fast.

[JL]: I’ve heard good things being said by the people on my way here.
{Ji Ling}
{Qiao Rui}
[QR]: Thanks to the braggings of those scholarly men.

[JL]: Hoo! Money can make anything happen.

[JL]: Though… Cao Cao is busy trying to appease the people of Changan. He must be spending way more than us.

[general]: The newest report says that Lü Bu has entered Xuzhou and is temporarily stationed in Xiaopei.

[JL]: Any news from Liao Lan?
[general]: Our Lord has received his secret report. Looks like taking back Wan won’t be a problem.

[QR]: Why care about that? Right now all of our enemies are extremely busy. We should rule over all of Eastern region’s small cities before they do.

[general]: But according to our Lord’s wishes… that task has been assigned to General Liu Xun.

[JL]: Liu Xun? Didn’t I order him to guard Lujiang? How…
[QR]: The plan has been going smoothly, why the sudden change?

[YS]: The design of this palace is great. I can hear that little complaint all the way over here.

[YS]: He’s right. I, the Emperor, have willed it so.

[JL]: Hoo, time to call (him) “His Majesty”.

{Yuan Shu}
[Yuan]: My valued minister, you must have thought you would be the one taking the Eastern regions, yes?

[JL]: I dare not, but… Liu Xun is just a fighter; that’s why I sent him to guard, not attack.

[YS]: Interesting. No wonder all the internal squabbles always have more “thoughtfulness” to them than civilian mutinies.
(not sure)

[YS]: This is what Liu Xun sent in.

[JL]: That’s… Liao Lan’s writing! Sun… Sun…

Sun Ce is not dead!?

[YS]: The Tiger is free and will take the East. A tough guy like Liao Lan has really done us a great service before his death.

[YS]: The better news is… had Liu Xun not preemptively blocked the roads of Wan, Sun Ce would have already joined his former subordinates in the south.

[YS]: If the Tiger is released back to his mountain, it’ll lead to an endless amount of trouble.

[YS]: The even better news is… at the time of exigency, I, the Emperor, can finally see the true abilities of my subjects.

[YS]: You two are like my valued right hand. And as such, you should just focus on the state of affairs on the right side. No need to shift between left and right.
(not sure what “right side” means politically; I doubt it’s talking about party alignment XD; probably about the management department, as opposed to the military department)

{sfx: pa~}

[YS]: And my left hand will forcefully take the Eastern regions for my hegemony.
[YS]: As long as the two sides work together, I, the Emperor, can sit on the throne,

[YS]: and still be able to reach for world domination.

[YS]: Oh!

{Lujiang . Shuxian}

{Liu Xun}
[Liu Xun]: Look! This all shows my Lord’s approval of me.

[LX]: The Eastern region has expected Sun Ce to come, but they don’t know that there’s danger behind them from Shuxian.
[LX]: Surreptitiously come in under the banner of the Sun clan…

[LX]: The crime will be pinned on Sun Ce, not my benevolent Lord.
[LX]: Then later when my Lord wages war to venge the losses of the Eastern region and defeats Sun Ce…

[LX]: the Eastern region will become unified, and my Lord will be praised for his righteous act.

[LX]: Now that I think about it, you have changed all the plans of Ji Ling’s faction.

[?]: Lord Yuan is a wise leader. How could he not admire General Liu’s wisdom.

{Zhou Yu}
[ZY]: Now that you have gained military command, General Liu, you should take a step further.

[LX]: You mean after I enter the Eastern region, the task to eliminate Sun Ce will be given to Ji Ling?
[LX]: Yet I can still beat Ji Ling to the punch?

[ZY]: Sun Ce is the son of a famous General, so he will have many skilled followers. Killing him definitely requires a large force.
[ZY]: In addition, lord Yuan must, for his reputation’s sake, avoid a direct confrontation. Therefore he can only act secretly. it’s difficult…

[LX]: I’m deeply impressed by your extraordinary intelligence, mister Zhou, do tell.

[ZY]: In order to take the Eastern region, Sun Ce will have to make the city of Dongan his military base.
[ZY]: One must know that the city of Dongan is a strategically vital position. It’s easy to guard, hard to invade.

[ZY]: If Sun Ce can take Dongan, he will be able to defend against lord Yuan as well as aid the transport of materials to Wan.

[LX]: You mean… lure Sun Ce here to die?

[ZY]: You can try to advance into the Eastern region first, then fake a loss and ask for aid from Dongan.

[ZY]: If Sun Ce sees the mobilization from Dongan, he will try to take the city when it’s weak, not knowing that there will be an ambush.
[ZY]: At the same time, Dongan’s forces will not be heading to the Eastern region but the city of Wan.

[ZY]: Sun Ce will die because he doesn’t return a favor; Ji Ling will lose because his tactics are no match for yours.

[ZY]: After lord Yuan officially declares himself the Emperor, the position of General-in-Chief…

{Wan . outside of the city}
{Liao Lan}
{stole supposed to read: traitor}

{Huang Gai}
[?]: There’s ambition, and there’s ploy.
(“up high there’s ambition; down low there’s attempt”; here it’s referring to people of high or low status/rank)
{Zhu Zhi}
{Han Dang}
{Cheng Pu}

[?]: There’s the will of Heaven, and there’s the will of the people.
(“up high there’s Heaven’s Will; down low there’s people’s Will”)

[?]: Now, everything’s in my hand.

[?]: Heaven, I will ask you again,

{Sun Ce}

are you on my side?
(“will you protect me”)

No matter how big the Epang Palace is,

Qin is still shortlived;

no matter how big the throne is,

mortal’s hands still cannot cover the sky.

The funny thing is, no matter how many Hegemons or reasons for saving the empire there were…

No one was as honest as Yuan Shu.


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