Ravaging Times

chapter 161

The world is in chaos because the people have grown accustomed to lies.


[Guan Yu]: Big brother has warned us, third brother, don’t…
[Zhang Fei]: I got it.

chapter 161 A Man Of Intention
(“a man with heart”; usually means someone who is careful, observant/watchful, determined, or has a goal in mind; not sure if this is about right in English; could also mean “mister niceguy”, or an honorable man; this phrase is referring to Xu Dan explicitly, which means it’s not talking about Liu Bei; but could be implicitly…)

[Liu Bei]: The trip must have been tiring, brother Lü Bu.
(he’s referring to Lü Bu as “older brother”)

[Lü Bu]: You welcome me in person, brother Liu, I really…
(he’s referring to Liu Bei as “virtuous younger brother”)

[ZF]: Lü Bu, who’re you calling brother? My big brother is the Emperor’s…
[Liu]: Brother, watch your manners!

{crowd noise}

[soldier]: Disperse! Get rid of those things!

[crowd]: Traitor of Imperial Han! Get your ass out of Xuzhou!
(“roll/scramble out of”, impolite slang for “leave”)
[crowd]: Three name slave! Get your ass out of Xuzhou!
(“three-lastname-family-slave”; having multiple lastnames implies his lack of loyalty)

Get your ass out of Xuzhou!

[Lü]: Brother Liu, if this is how you welcome people…

[Lü]: Then I really must take my leave.

[Liu]: No, they were supposed to welcome you, (virtuous) brother, but I don’t know when…

[GY]: Is this your handiwork?
[ZF]: How do I know.

[?]: Forward!

[ZF]: Get them out of here! This is outrageous!

[Zhang Liao]: Rallying the common folks is a nice move.
[ZF]: How do you like it?

[ZL]: If the people of Xuzhou are under your control, how can we get a foothold? Nice, nice.

[ZF]: Honestly this is going to be one suffocating banquet. Get the hell out once you finish eating.

[ZL]: Haha, we’ve found common ground again.

[Liu]: This is Xuzhou’s richest man Chen Gui’s son, Chen Deng.
[Lü]: I’ve heard so much about you.

[Chen Deng]: If back then General Lü hadn’t attacked the Cao army from behind, how could there be peace in Xuzhou today?
[Liu]: This is the truth, Brother Lü. That crowd of people just don’t understand.

[?]: Here here, drink to your heart’s content.

[GY]: How about now?
[?]: He’s almost drunk.

[GY]: Wait for my command.

[ZL]: Ah~~~~

{sfx: pa~}

[ZL]: How’s that? I’m almost drunk – just the right time to kill me!

[crowd]: Sir Zhang! Sir Zhang!
[crowd]: Sir Zhang!

[ZF]: You don’t scare me. Wanna die? Watch this!

[?]: General Zhang is so awesome!
[?]: Keep it up!
[Liu]: Haha, Zhang Liao certainly is a favorite among the girls.

[Lü]: Favorite? But the people of Xuzhou really love you, brother.

[Liu]: The people love me? In this day and age… that shouldn’t be said. I think brother Lü is really drunk.

[Lü]: If I were you, and in Xuzhou…

[Cao Bao]: General Lü, this is Xu Dan, a wealthy merchant from Danyang.
[Xu Dan]: Apologies for my tardiness.

[Lü]: Xu Dan of Danyang? Why did you flee to Xuzhou?

[Liu]: Brother Lü is drunk, please excuse him, brother Xu. Please, sit here!
(“drank past three rounds”?)
[XD]: Thank you, Imperial Uncle.

[XD]: Danyang is a barren place, hard for growth. I came because I want to serve a capable lord.

[Lü]: A capable lord…

[Lü]: The world is in chaos. If I’m Liu Bei, I’d definitely…

{sfx: pong~}

I see! So they were all listening…

[ZL]: How embarrassing. My Lord tends to joke around when he’s drunk, please, everyone, don’t… don’t mind him.

[Liu]: Not at all. I say even crazier things when I’m drunk.

[Lü]: Brother Liu always treats people with honesty,

[Lü]: how can I not tell you… what I’m really thinking about?

[Lü]: If I were you… I would join forces with Lü Bu, and…

[Lü]: conquer the world!

{the next morning}

[?]: He left.

[GY]: Yes, he left.

[GY]: He’s done for.

[GY]: Seeing how nervous Zhang Liao was,

[GY]: and this guy…

[Lü]: It’s so funny!

[ZL]: Hoo!

[Lü]: It’s funny how they all looked so nervous!

[ZL]: Funny? I was barely able to hold up the act, but you…

[Lü]: Zhang Liao!
[Lü]: How does the said conquest work?

[ZL]: Like you said, ally with the weak to fight the strong. But that’s different from our goal.

[Lü]: Then, what about businessmen?
[ZL]: Know how to make a good investment, inv…


[XD]: You’re a smart man. Surely you must know what I want to say.

[XD]: Liu Bei is a good man, yes, but he lacks ambition.

[XD]: The Emperor is being controlled, thus the Loyalists will only be used to conquer the world.

[XD]: One must know how to make a good investment, not to waste money on an idler.
[XD]: You served Tao Qian first, then Lü Bu, so you should understand my point.

[Chen Gong]: Then how do you view Lü Bu, brother Xu?

[XD]: The God of War is no fake, for he even killed a stable power like Dong Zhuo.

[XD]: But after Wang Yun‘s death, Lü Bu has become destitute, wandering from place to place.

[XD]: So it seems that funding is a key factor to the big picture,

[XD]: and I like men who act on their ambitions.

[CG]: Then I’m happy to arrange a meeting.

[Lü]: My honest words were for a man of intention.

[Lü]: The king Zhuangxiang of Qin rose to power…

(because) Lü Bu Wei knew how to make a good investment.


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