Ravaging Times

chapter 164


[?]: Move the ambush to the city center!
[?]: Strike only when Sun Ce‘s army is deep in our trap!

[?]: Wait, young master Sun!

[?]: What’s going on?

{army movement sfx}

chapter 164 The Golden Oriole from Behind
(this is second part of a Chinese idiom, meaning that when you only focus on your prey, you forgot that you are also a prey; see chapter 163’s title for the first part)

[?]: Why are they retreating all of a sudden?

[?]: The spy discovered a troop to our north moving toward Wan.

[?]: There’s a troop to our north?

{Wan . north}

[Ji Ling]: Sun Ce has been lured back.

[Qiao Rui]: Boy that Liu Xun, attacking Jingkou to lure Sun Ce to his death.
[QR]: Had the secret not been leaked to us, Liu Xun would have won all the credit for eliminating Sun Ce.

[JL]: Liu Xun, a fool like you is not fit to be General-in-Chief.

[QR]: Our Lord treats Sun Ce with “generosity”, but Sun Ce tried to take our Dongan. This proof is enough to condemn him without mercy.

[JL]: This darkness is perfect for an ambush.

[?]: The Pheasant Cap Master said, a leaf over the eye blocks Mt. Tai from view.
(this is not official translation; here’s a variation, see #93)
{note: The Pheasant Cap Master was a hermit of Chu territory during the Warring Periods. He lived deep in the mountains, wore pheasant on his head}

{the city of Dongan}

[?]: Sun Ce retreated near the brink of confrontation? Did someone leak our plan?
[?]: If they came from the north, it must be Ji Ling’s troop.

[?]: Since Sun Ce came with all of his forces, Wan will be empty. Ji Ling only has to occupy north of Wan to force Sun Ce to return.
[?]: They can set the ambush at north of Wan, and Sun Ce’s distressed army will be caught off-guard. Brilliant!

[?]: General Liu Xun gave this big mission to me; there’s no way I’m losing the victory to Ji Ling. Let’s send a troop to ambush them from the backside!

[?]: Sir, our reinforcement for Jingkou has spotted another one of Sun Ce’s troops!

[?]: Have they clashed?
[?]: Their troop is small, so General Chen Xing decided to fight them to the end!

[?]: The reinforcement for Jingkou is actually heading for Wan?
[?]: Yessir, that’s Zhou Yu‘s fake attack strategy.

[?]: You have finally returned, Sir!

[Liu Ye]: Returned to clean up the mess.
{Liu Ye}

{north of Wan}

[JL]: Prepare formations to fight the enemy;
[JL]: archers at high ground; infantry at lower ground.

[?]: Sir! Some troop one li from here is heading this way!

Wh… what?

{galloping sfx}

[?]: Sun Ce’s army is back?
[?]: Impossible! That fast?

{galloping sfx}

[Han Dang]: I am Han Dang, from Sun Ce’s army!
[HD]: Here to lure the enemies to their deaths!

An… ambush?

[QR]: Ambush? Did we receive false information?


[?]: Enemy ambush ahead; stop!

[HD]: Use arrows then!

[?]: It’s dark; archers, get ready!

[?]: It’s dark; archers, get ready!
[?]: Get ready!

[JL]: Sun Ce’s army is small. Wear them down with arrows!

[?]: Wear them down with arrows!

{arrow flying sfx}

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[JL]: Impossible! How could they have so many arrows?

[?]: Sir! The enemy has a lot of arrows. Request a cavalry attack!

[?]: Team one has spotted the enemy!

[?]: They’re here! Let’s go first!
[?]: They’re here! Let’s go first!

[?]: Clashed!

[QR]: Strange, their formation is the same as ours?

[QR]: It’s too dark. Light up some torches!

[?]: General Qiao, they’re lighting up too!



[Chen Xing]: General Qiao… how… how can it be you?

[QR]: Chen Xing, aren’t you leading the reinforcement to Liu Xun at Jingkou?

[CX]: We found Han Dang on the way and started pursuing them!

[QR]: Then… the ones fighting…

[HD]: A leaf over the eye,

[HD]: blocks Mt. Tai from view.

Heguanzi also said: Two beans in the ears will silence the thunder.
(this is not official translation)

[QR]: Oh no!
{horse nigh}

{Cheng Pu}
[Cheng Pu]: Master Seer, what do you see?

A genius!

Without a light in the sky,
(“a night where stars and the moon have no shine”)

Yuan Shu’s southern and northern armies fought a mixed-up battle at north of Wan; neither side could see or hear…


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