Ravaging Times

chapter 165

{the city of Dongan}

[?]: Th… there really was an insider leaking our information?

[Liu Ye]: Yes. It’s unfortunate that I returned late…
[LY]: In order to prevent another leak, I have to take over the operations here. Any objections?

[?]: (We’re) yours to command!

[LY]: Very good. The battle at north of Wan has started, right?
[?]: Yes!

chapter 165 Imperial Clan’s Reminiscence

[LY]: It’s dark; can’t tell friend from foe.

[LY]: If my calculations are correct, Han Dang‘s troop that was discovered in Jingkou intended to lure our reinforcements to meet Ji Ling at north of Wan.
[LY]: We are the southern army, Ji Ling is of the north. Communication between the two are infrequent, hence they can’t tell immediately.

[LY]: They’ll have to wait till morning to find out the truth… but the losses would be too great by then.

[?]: My Lord (Liu Xun) had a lofty goal, but sadly he has now made a big mistake. I hope you can advise us, lord Liu.

[LY]: Don’t worry, Liu Xun and I are friends… How can I just stand by?

[LY]: My army will guard Dongan, while you should divide your forces in two.

[LY]: Division one will aid those at north of Wan; division two will head westward for a surprise attack.

[?]: But… lord Liu, they will sort themselves out once morning comes; why send reinforcements? And also, why send troops westward?

[LY]: I want division two to go straight into Qichun!


[LY]: If there was someone leaking our information… who else do you think he’ll talk to?

{north of Wan}

[Ji Ling]: Aren’t you Liu Xun’s man?

[Chen Xing]: You… you’re General Ji Ling!

[?]: Stop! We’re on the same side!
[?]: Stop immediately!

{sfx: shoo~

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: General!!

[?]: General Ji, over there!

If I were Sun Ce…

So it is!

[?]: Their casualty is already over half.

[Gan Ning]: It’s time for us to make a move!

[LY]: When our two sides are weakened by the skirmish… it’s the perfect time for Liu Biao to attack us.

[LY]: One, he can severely damage our main force, preparing for his invasion of the Eastern region.
[LY]: Two, he can take Wan when Sun Ce is away, then try to kill him and remove a potential problem for the future.

[LY]: Everyone listen up: Team one shall depart for Wan; save Ji Ling to make up for the mistake.

[LY]: Team two shall attack Qichun by surprise; you must force Liu Biao to withdraw as soon as possible.

[LY]: If they don’t withdraw, the opportunistic warlords will surely come to reap the benefit.

[LY]: Their excuse is even more absurd…

[?]: You… you mean lord Yuan Shu‘s proclamation for emperorship?

[LY]: Yes. Like the allied forces who fought Dong Zhuo, but were after the world all along.

[?]: Team one to north of Wan; team two to Qichun!
[?]: The rations troop will follow soon!

{army movement sfx}

[LY]: A success. Diminution tactic achieved without any casualties.
[LY]: One stone for three birds. Now the Eastern region can be taken without nagging concerns.
(“one example to infer three”; dictionary translate the first part to be “learning by analogy”)

[?]: What do you mean, lord Liu?

[LY]: First they weaken our two armies at night. That’s using the right timing.
[LY]: Then they lure Liu Biao deep into Lujiang, making Yuan Shu and Liu Biao keep one another in check. That’s using the right location.

[LY]: And lastly, they lure Liu Xun into the Eastern region to distract Liu Yao’s army. That’s using the right people.

[LY]: All three sides will have spent a lot of resources – not easily recoverable in a few years.

[LY]: This way Sun Ce can come in without any fear of being attacked, even if he has a small army.

[?]: Then I’ll report everything to my Lord and ask him to come back.

[LY]: Liu Xun has made a serious mistake. Who knows what’s going to happen to him if lord Yuan decides to investigate this.

[LY]: But since he holds the military command, if he just stays in Jingkou, lord Yuan can only treat him nicely.
[LY]: Generals stay out of reach while the Lord stays in the court. That’s how to keep peace with the subjects.
(not sure)

[LY]: It’s also something I’ve come to learn within these months.

[?]: I heard that you have been gathering relatives of the Imperial clan to support lord Yuan Shu’s ascendancy to emperorship.

{sfx: pa~}

[LY]: That’s one aspect. But, the person I asked to come is Liu Biao.

[LY]: Secondly, the one who leaked information was me.

[LY]: And thirdly, if Yuan Shu wants to become the Emperor…

[LY]: how can the descendants of the Imperial clan just ignore it?

[Sun Ce]: Quite a series of reasoning.
(I think this is word-play on the phrase, “one example to infer three”)

[SC]: I am a subject of Han,

[SC]: here to greet Imperial Uncle Liu Ye.

Sun Bo Fu,
(Bo Fu is Sun Ce’s courtesy name)

the Imperial clan misses your father’s Loyalty!


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