Ravaging Times

volume 21

Back Cover Couplet
Pledge for loyalty; fight an army at Shenting

Previously on Ravages
Zhou Yu distracts the enemy with ingenuous schemes; Sun Ce takes the Eastern Region with ease

Ravages Afterword
From zero to hero, a hegemon needs more than just strength;
he needs a philosophy to win the confidence of his followers.
How a philosophy attracts people depends on what each person values.
From Dong Zhuo to the Yuan clan, and now Sun Ce, each of them holds a view that they believe is correct; and whether they rule or not is up to the will of their supporters.
After all, there is no good or evil when it comes to war between states;
only how much they believe in their view. This has never changed.

In 20XX, Chen X rules the political scene with the most considerate policies toward the populace, and he is supported by many…
Reap Without Sowing
Wealth And Fame Forever
I’m The Hottest

Next on Ravages
depicts this era.

Volume 22
Showdown At Xuzhou


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