Ravaging Times

chapter 167

{Danglikou . Niuzhu}

[Zhang Ying]: All these years along the river, I, Zhang Ying,
(or just “delta”)

[ZY]: have never lost a single battle;
[ZY]: took countless heads of well-known Generals.

chapter 167 Young Waves

{Liu Yao‘s General, Zhang Ying}
[ZY]: Even your father was wary of me back then…

[Sun Ce]: General Zhang’s fearsome name is widely known; Danglikou is hard to penetrate – truly the work of a God of War.

[SC]: Except if General Zhang falls the morale of Liu Yao’s army will dissolve, and Danyang would easily fall into my hands.

[ZY]: You’re still inexperienced, my boy, why be this suicidal?

[SC]: I’m young and restless, but General Zhang’s Might is troublesome. So I want to get rid of you once and for all.

[ZY]: Good, you already have Lü Bu’s audacity at this young age;

[ZY]: but none of his wisdom.

[SC]: I don’t know much, sir, so I hope you would personally come down to teach me.

[ZY]: I’m strict and cruel. If I come down I might have to hang your head on the fence pike for a long time.

[ZY]: I have a subordinate who used to know your old man.

[?]: Sun Jian was ok, but his son is not talented.

{sfx: pa~}

{Liu Yao’s General, Hui Heng}
[ZY]: This man still resents the fact that he couldn’t take Sun Jian’s head back then.
[Hui Heng]: Sun clan folks, me like.

[Cheng Pu]: Oh no, it’s Hui Heng.

[CP]: Tell Bo Fu not to act carelessly. This is a tough opponent.
[?]: Yessir.

[HH]: Haha, Cheng Pu’s head is good too.

[HH]: Come.

{sfx: cha~}

[HH]: Co…

[ZY]: So fast.


{sfx: pong~}

[SC]: My bad.

[SC]: This halberd slipped out of my hand.

[SC]: Please retrieve it for me.

[ZY]: I’m reluctant to part with an ace fighter’s weapon.

{sfx: ka~}

[?]: Look out, Young Master!

{sfx: shoo~}


[SC]: In return, you can have this halberd too.




[ZY]: Sun Ce, why bother?

[SC]: I must pay you respect, no matter how bothersome.

{sfx: don~}

{sfx: don~}

So fast!
I can’t even see it!

Am I getting old,

or is it…

great river’s young waves (have) overtaken the old!

[?]: Zhang Ying, Hui Heng.
[?]: Niuzhu’s five cities…

[Liu Yao]: lost in two days… And now Sun Ce’s name rings loud in the Eastern region.
{Inspector of Yangzhou, Liu Yao}

[LY]: The scary thing is, the conquered people supports Sun Ce, and his following is reaching the thousands.
[LY]: He’s hard to tackle externally or internally. We would soon be devoured if this trend continues.

[LY]: Jinkou’s deployment is already keeping us preoccupied, and now this from downstream…
[LY]: We’re being attacked at two fronts. Who has an idea to defeat Sun Ce?

[?]: My Lord, I think Liu Xun controls Jinkou’s army, and because of Yuan Shu‘s loss at Lujiang, he won’t make a move.
[?]: Therefore we can transfer Jinkou’s defense force here to fight Sun Ce.

[LY]: I think you’re still not experienced enough.

[?]: Sun Ce is about my age,

[?]: my Lord, great river’s young waves overtake the old!


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