Ravaging Times

chapter 168

[?]: Fighting in the name of supporting Imperial Han really is effective in this day and age.

[?]: Members of the Liu clan would favor us, and the people would respect us.

[?]: More supplies?

[?]: From the Shan clan this time.

chapter 168 Fearless Youth

[?]: Then you really have to be careful.

{Zhang Zhao}
[Zhang Zhao]: Cao Cao wants the Shan clan to help the Sun clan, but the motive is to surround Yuan Shu with enemies, but when it’s over…

[Zhou Yu]: We’ll be controlled by Cao Cao. I hope that you can lead the Sun clan out of this monetary trap, Master (teacher).

[ZZ]: Want some lesson in business management?

[ZY]: I can only handle the external threats. Internal affairs are best left to your care, Master (teacher).

[ZY]: Since you are already here, Master (teacher), please continue to teach this unworthy student of yours.

[ZZ]: Master Watermirror was quite reluctant to see me go. Apparently he already knew your intention.

[ZZ]: Hmm, where’s your oath-brother?

[ZZ]: Don’t tell me that boy ran off again?
[ZZ]: Haha, I’m terrible at controlling internal affairs.

{Shenting Peak}

{tombstone reads: “Ling Cao‘s grave”}

[Sun Ce]: Excellent craftsmanship. I like it very much.

[?]: No, my mother fixed that one.

[?]: She says she wants the Sun family to remember the debt to the Ling family.

[SC]: Don’t you hate me, Ling Tong?

{Ling Cao’s son, Ling Tong}

[soldier]: Young Master, Lao Da is here.

[SC]: Lao Da, I heard you got real sick…

[Liu Da]: Aye, long story; that Sima really scared me half to death this time.

[LD]: But that helmsman really knows what he’s doing – he even tamed Ms. Shan.

[SC]: Was the supplies delivered?
[LD]: Done, and then Zhou Yu sent me here to “escort” you home.

[soldier]: What’s to fear? Liu Yao‘s men wouldn’t dare to touch a big-shot like our Young Master.

[LD]: But you shouldn’t leave without notice. We sent Ling Cao to die last time; don’t want to repeat that today.

[SC]: Today is Ling Cao’s birthday. How can I forget?

[?]: Oh, Ling Tong, this is…

{sfx: pa!}

[SC]: Oh no.

[LT]: Right!

[LD]: Look out!

[soldier]: Young Master look out!

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pong~}

[LD]: As expected!

[SC]: Up there.

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[Taishi Ci]: Down there.

[LD]: Hoo.

[TSC]: Ha.

{sfx: don~}

{sfx: cha~}

[LD]: Whoa!

[TSC]: (Are you) Lao Da?

[LD]: And you are?

[TSC]: Young wave.

{sfx: pa~}


{sfx: pong~}

[TSC]: Kid.

[TSC]: A young hero is born.

[?]: So the young wave does overtake the old.
[?]: State your name.

[TSC]: Taishi Ci.

[SC]: Pleased to meet you.

Pleased to meet you.


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