Ravaging Times

chapter 169

{Liu Yao‘s main camp}

{flag reads: Liu}
[?]: Sir! We’ve spotted Sun Ce at Shenting Peak!

[?]: Impossible. That’s a strategically weak location; why would he take such a risk?

[?]: It is said that a Sun family subordinate was buried there, my Lord. Perhaps he went there to pay his respect?

[?]: So far the Sun army hasn’t broken our major defensive position here, I think…

chapter 169 Soldiers Give Their Lives

[Liu Yao]: this is a trick to lure us out. Let’s wait and see.

[?]: But Taishi Ci thought it’s the perfect opportunity, so he went. How can we just let him go it along?

[LY]: Since he has already fallen into the trap, why should I send more men to die?

[LY]: Record keeper, if we’re not going to fall for this trick, Sun Ce will attack from Shanggu instead. So we should transfer half of our forces to guard there.
[record keeper]: Yessir.

[keeper]: But how should we tell our men about Taishi Ci’s action…

[LY]: Young people are always eager to prove themselves. This is a good chance to teach him a lesson.

[LY]: Just say he secretly went to kill Sun Ce.
[LY]: Call him brave If he wins; call him foolhardy if he loses.

[LY]: I have nothing against him winning if he does. And it will serve as a warning to others if he loses. Either way has its purpose.

[?]: Taishi Ci is a smart warrior, my Lord, if he does kill Sun Ce we will win without a battle!

[LY]: Decisiveness is the right idea, but it’s utter foolishness if he doesn’t see the big picture!
(not sure)

[LY]: It’s my fault for transferring him to the frontline.
[LY]: What crap about young waves overtaking the old. Where would they be without the old waves clearing a path?

[LY]: Soldiers in action need not obey their lord… what foolish ancient saying!

{rain sfx}

[?]: The third battalion has returned.

[?]: The heavy rain might not deter army movement, my Lord, but the rations transport will have some difficulties. Therefore the enemy would not dare to come.

[LY]: Then Sun clan’s men must have retreated. Let’s hold off on any fighting, and take action as needed.

[?]: My Lord, since the enemy cannot go up the mountain, if Sun Ce is still there,

[?]: I’m willing to go help Taishi Ci. Maybe… we could still save him.

[LY]: What’s the point of going now?

[LY]: Even the ‘undefeated’ Zhang Ying was killed. How could this rookie survive?

[LY]: Forget it. We’ll plan (the next step) after we eat.

{rain sfx}

[?]: The outpost says Sun Ce’s army from Niuzhu is speedily climbing the mountain!
[?]: And they were shouting Sun Ce’s name along the way, maybe…

[LY]: Could Sun Ce still be at Shenting Peak?

[?]: If they are moving quickly, my Lord, they would not be carrying a lot, especially not food.
[?]: If we can trap them up there, this will be the perfect opportunity.

[?]: If our entire army are to surround Shenting Peak…

{sfx: pong~}

[LY]: Yes! A great… great opportunity!

[LY]: We must move faster than them! Everyone up the mountain for deployment!

[LY]: Rations will come after the fighting force!

{sfx: don~ don~}

[?]: Huff!
[?]: Huff!
[?]: Huff!

[Taishi Ci]: Who is this Ling Cao? Is he worth his master’s life?

[Sun Ce]: A master must never forget a loyal and brave subordinate. It’s worth it.

[TSC]: What an honorable fool.

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: cha~}

[SC]: So are you.
(“you are a fool too”)

[TSC]: Big deal, like anyone cared if I died.

[SC]: My men… if they don’t see me soon… will come… to find me.

[TSC]: Right… A master who cares about his men will have loyal and brave servants… I bet the entire army will come to save you.

[SC]: I don’t know about that.
[TSC]: Don’t know? What kind of master are you!

{sfx: pa~ pa~}

{sfx: pa~}

[SC]: Taishi Ci… I’m telling you, I never worry about what my men are doing!

[TSC]: You’ll pay dearly if you employ the wrong sort!

[SC]: Soldiers in action need not obey their Lord. To let them do what they do best, that’s how a master should treat his servants.
(“that’s the essence of the master-servant (configuration/setup/relationship)”?)

[TSC]: Sun Ce…

[TSC]: it must be wonderful to serve under you!

[?]: Too bad…

[SC]: Yes…

{sfx: pa~}

[SC]: Too bad you can only serve me in another lifetime, Taishi Ci!

[TSC]: You better visit my grave too!



{sfx: pong~ pong~}

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Huff!
[?]: Huff!
[?]: Huff!

{army footsteps sfx}

[TSC]: Footsteps. People are coming…

[SC]: One big group, one small.

[TSC]: Correct.

[?]: Still can’t see them. We’re not there yet.
[?]: Split up and guard each pass. Don’t let Sun Ce’s army come this way!

[?]: Look! It really is Taishi Ci!

[?]: Goodgod, he’s still alive.

[?]: Sun Ce is right there! Hurry!
[?]: We win if Sun Ce can be captured alived!

[SC]: Congratulations, Liu Yao’s army is finally up the mountain!
[SC]: Too bad…

[TSC]: What’s bad about an impending victory?

[SC]: Too bad,

[SC]: he doesn’t know how to use people like I do.

{Huang Gai}
[Huang Gai]: Like hell you do! Look at this mess you made!

[?]: Sir! Sun Ce’s men are here! Only a small team!

[?]: Split up and surround them!

[TSC]: Only a small team came. I don’t see how you’re using them.

[SC]: Old man Huang, what are the others doing?

[HG]: Are you hungry, boy?

[?]: Most of our forces went to deploy at Shanggu…

[?]: and the other half went up to Shenting Peak! Here we only have…

They are coming here instead of going to rescue Sun Ce.

They travel light for the speed, and their goal is the big picture!

Did his men went insane?

Or are betting it all?
(not sure)

[Zhou Yu]: Master (teacher) Zhang Zhao,
[ZY]: I’ll give you the capital to invest in your business.
(not sure)

Liu Yao’s main camp was taken over in the rainy afternoon.
They were robbed of all of their rations and military funding.

The historical record says, Sun Ce was a handsome man who was quite sociable. He was generous, open-minded, and knew how to use the right people.


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