Ravaging Times

chapter 178

{outskirts of Xiapi}


[?]: Look! They’re coming!

[?]: Light up!

chapter 178 Lure the Man into the Bag

[?]: The beacon signals that the outlaws have reached the outskirts. They may be here by noontime tomorrow.
[?]: The signal can be seen in Xiaopei as well. The precondition will be met when Lü Bu comes.

[Chen Deng]: The problem is, Cao Bao has a lot of influences in the city.
[CD]: To kill Lü Bu… we must adapt to any sudden changes. Tell General Zhao to be careful.

[CD]: Also, immediately notify the troop that was delivering rations to Xuyi to attack Xiaopei before returning to Xiapi.
[?]: Yessir.

{gong-hitting sfx}

[watchman]: Watch your doors.
(commonly means, lock your doors, beware of thiefs)

{sfx: pong.}

[watchman]: Watch your doors.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: The scout says Cao Bao’s men are deployed throughout the city. Make sure not to show any signs.
[?]: Don’t worry, the passageway has been set up. Moving in and out is not a problem.

[LYH]: Lü Bu thinks far into the future; he won’t stroll in casually. The leading man will be either Zhang Liao or Gao Shun.
[LYH]: If we let them in, Lü Bu will soon follow.

[LYH]: That’s a long list of names. Does Cao Bao really have that many henchmen?
[?]: There are even more that we can’t get information on.

[?]: That’s all right. The suspects have all been invited to the party.

{south gate}

[?]: Is it General Zhang from Xiaopei?

[Zhang Liao]: Correct. We noticed the beacon fire when we were on patrol.
[ZL]: Are the outlaws trying to attack here?

[?]: Yes, and if you are willing to help us fight them, please come in and rest a while.

[ZL]: You read my mind.

[?]: Outlaws?

[Zhang Fei]: That sucks… why now…

[?]: They’ll be here by noontime tomorrow. They might target the west and north gates.

[?]: We have closed those two gates to prevent spies from coming in.
[?]: Leaving east and south gates open, for our troops to move in and out.

[Cao Bao]: Sir Zhang, the outlaws may be too many for us to tackle.

[CB]: We had to join forces with Lü Bu to fend them off last time Why not ask for his help again.
[CB]: Besides, he owes us so much. Might as well make him return the favor. We shouldn’t let this ruin our little party.

[ZF]: Yes. Lü Bu may be fierce, but he’s a nobody in my eyes. Let him handle this little task.

[CB]: Haha, I heard that Sir Zhang kills enemies like reaching into his pocket. Too bad we won’t get to witness it today. Pity, pity…

[ZF]: The young waves overtake the old, Cao Bao. The world has already forgotten about the Might of my second brother and me.

[?]: A specialty from south lake. Would you like to try it?
(code speak; I think this small fish is codeword for “lackey”, and “south” is referring to south gate)

[ZF]: Too small, and I hate the way it looks. Get me another.
(code speak; referring to a henchman he dislikes)

[CB]: Now the world only remembers Sir Zhang as an eater.
[ZF]: Haha, I call the shots when my big brother is away.

[?]: How was it?

[?]: Sir Zhang says not to make any move. Wait to deal with Zhang Liao.
[?]: Got it.

{gong-hitting sfx}

[watchman]: Watch out for Zhu Rong.
(here the reference is to the Fire God, not a person)

[LYH]: Cao Bao’s men are about to start the fire. Let’s prepare to evacuate.

[LYH]: Everything’s going according to plan. Lü Bu will soon enter the city. Please tell Sir Chen Deng to get ready.
[LYH]: And pick some men with loud voices to pretend they’re being chased off by the fire.

[LYH]: Tell them to make a scene in the city and get the civilians to evacuate as well.
[LYH]: The more chaotic it looks, the more they’ll think we’re losing control.

{east gate}

[Lü Bu]: Lü Bu is here to fight the outlaws!

[?]: Thank you for your troubles, General Lü!
[?]: Please come in and rest a while.

[LB]: Let’s go.

[?]: This is from the east lake. It has a large tail.
(code speak; “big fish” Lü Bu is here, coming through “east” gate)

[?]: I have boldly decided,
[?]: that it can be served with just a little frying.
(code talk; waiting for the fire to start the chain of events)

[ZF]: Mm, good job.
[ZF]: If you want it… do it now…
(code speak, eating implies attacking)

[CB]: Yes.

[CB]: Eat it while it’s hot.

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Aah!

[CB]: You’re dead drunk, Sir Zhang, I doubt you can eat any more.

[CB]: My appetite has always been great. I think I’ll have you as main course.

[ZF]: Haven’t done eating yet…

[CB]: We’re done eating. Now my men should also thank Sir Zhang with a little sword-dance.

{unsheathing sfx: zing! zing! zing! zing!}

[?]: Everyone at this place works for me, Sir Zhang. It’s over for you.

[ZF]: Even you, huh…
(“didn’t expect you to be also…”)

[ZF]: Didn’t you want to see something, Cao Bao?

[ZF]: Now… no need to wait.

[CB]: See what?

[ZF]: How I fetch items.

Fetching something from his pocket, but what?

Sir Zhang smiles whether Lü Bu lives or dies.


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