Ravaging Times

chapter 179

There is one target.

There is one strategy.

There are many details.

Each is brilliant in its own way!

chapter 179 Dressed For the Party

[?]: Sir! The southern quarter is burning!

[?]: The flame grows in the wind, forcing out everyone there!
[?]: Zhang Liao‘s army is on the move, heading for the city center!

[?]: Make three divisions! First one go block Zhang Fei‘s army!

[?]: Sir! The scout from the front has returned!

{flag reads: Lü}

[?]: Second division follow the scout and take the gate!

[Lü Bu]: Third division follow me to the city center!

[LB]: As long as we pass this obstacle…

[?]: Fire!

[?]: Everybody follow the street overseer to the inner city!

[?]: Go quickly! Watch your posessions!
[?]: Don’t worry! Everything will be okay soon!

[?]: Sir Chen, please evacuate with us!

{banner reads: Chen residence}
[Chen Deng]: Don’t worry, we are prepared.

[CD]: Firefighters are already here.

[?]: Archers…
(“archery team”)
[?]: Fight fire? So it’s more than it seems.

[?]: Hm.

[?]: Really…

[Zhang Liao]: bad luck.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I think so too.

[?]: Sir! The enemy is also behind us!
[?]: Be… behind…

[ZL]: Then we’re trapped.

[LYH]: Zhang Liao, you know the phrase: drop your weapon,

[LYH]: and surrender.

{sfx: ta~}

[ZL]: Haha.

{sfx: cha~}

[ZL]: You know the phrase,

[ZL]: I excel in this range.

[ZL]: Bring it on, if you dare.
(“Come at me if you got what it takes.”)

[ZL]: How about it?

[LYH]: Then no need to retreat.

[?]: How about it?

[Zhang Fei]: I took out another worthless thing.
(word play on “thing”, in relation to “fetching things from pocket”)

[?]: General Cao, the men outside are not ours.
[?]: Looks like they have been eliminated.

[ZF]: Speed is vital in war. You all should follow the men outside and go take Xiaopei. Hurry.
[?]: Yessir.

[ZF]: Cao Bao, you “know” how easily I get drunk; why the hesitation to kill me?

[ZF]: Or… why the hesitation to surrender?

[?]: Well I’ll be damned – you fooled us many times!

[ZF]: Now we outnumber you…

[?]: So what if you outnumber us?

[?]: Don’t worry, General Cao, Lü Bu has already…

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pa.}

[?]: Where?

[?]: Don’t run! Come back!
[?]: As long as we work together…

[?]: Whoa.

[ZF]: Lü Bu,

[ZF]: is here,

[ZF]: to die.

As long as we pass this obstacle…

{sfx: pa~}

I will…

{crowd noise}

[ZF]: One target.

[ZF]: One strategy.

[ZF]: Details aplenty.

[ZF]: Each has its brilliance.

[ZF]: The party is over. You’re late.

[ZF]: Or is it, you were never really…

[LB]: I’m waiting for you to call off the ambush outside.

The two of them found a common ground in their strategy, and they laughed.


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