Ravaging Times

chapter 182

Master Kong said, apply yourself when there is a capable ruler and hide yourself otherwise.
(unofficial translation)

[?]: Five mountains with one man (standing) on each.
[?]: They represent the five Hegemons.

[?]: So you see it too. What else?
[?]: There will be a kingdom to the north; another to the southeast.
(“…south of Long River“)

[?]: What about the three kingdoms down below?
(not the Three Kingdoms Wei, Shu, Wu, but of the territories controled by the Liu clan)
[?]: No, they’re part of one.

[?]: Part of one… as in the Liu clan?

chapter 182 Liu Bang At A Distance
(“sees Liu Bang from a distance”)

[Watermirror]: Huh!

[WM]: Who is the third man besides Jingzhou‘s Liu Biao and West Shu’s Liu Zhang?

[?]: The retiree will lead the Liu clan to rereclaim the world.
[?]: I’m sure Master already knows the answer, given your understanding of mister Zhang‘s painting.

[WM]: The land naturally divided into kingdoms.
(“…based on the ‘right location'”)
[WM]: How can mister Zhang be the only one who sees the intricacy?

[?]: Birds of a feather, as they say.

[?]: You idiot!

[?]: Big brother entrusted you with Xuzhou

[Guan Yu]: and you go and lose our sister-in-laws too!?

[Zhang Fei]: With the constant decline of resources to support your unending war against Yuan Shu,

[ZF]: I have to strike first, knowing how ambitious Lü Bu is.

[ZF]: Or would you rather I give up Xuzhou without a fuss?

[ZF]: Loyalty to Han is great and all,

[ZF]: but… but at least think of the consequences before you go to war.
[ZF]: Xuzhou’s resources are not limitless.

[GY]: Then… then what about the others?

[ZF]: Chen Deng‘s father (Chen Gui) was taken hostage. We heard nothing more after the outlaws took over…

[GY]: Guards! Execute this failure of a commander!

[?]: Sir! Please reconsider!
[?]: Sir Zhang’s hand was forced!

[GY]: Oh I see! So you’re all in this together!

[GY]: Fine! I’ll do it!

[Liu Bei]: That’s right!
(“serves (him) right”; since the object of the statement is not present, LB could be saying “serves me right” as well)

[LB]: Rushing in despite the big picture – foolish.

[LB]: Accomplishing nothing in the end.

[LB]: Losing the fight… and endangering the people of Xuzhou…

[LB]: Death is too light of a punishment!

[?]: My Lord! Don’t do it!

[LB]: Who needs a sinner like me?

[LB]: How many have died in these months of battle?

[LB]: What good has my blind loyalty done for anybody?

[LB]: The one who deserves to die is me!
(“…me the fool”)

[LB]: The biggest fool there is!
[LB]: A big fool…


[ZF]: He… finally understands what blind loyalty means.

[GY]: Looks like you got me to play a part too. What a “good brother” you are!

[ZF]: You like reputation, whereas I don’t mind being called a brute.

[?]: Thankfully the people of Xuzhou won’t have to suffer for now.

[GY]: So you worked hard at fetching the item…

[ZF]: I fetched a “Liu Bang”.

[WM]: You mean mister Zhang had intended to leave Xuzhou?

[?]: Being where it is and having limited resources, Xuzhou won’t be much help to Liu Bei. Staying will only make him a pawn for Cao Cao.

[WM]: Why, then, did mister Zhang bring Liu Bei to Xuzhou if he knew about these downsides?
[?]: First, to raise his status. Second, with the Edict to attack Yuan Shu wouldn’t Cao Cao have to acknowledge his title of Imperial Uncle?

[WM]: Yes. By fighting against Yuan Shu, Liu Bei’s unrivaled Loyalty has been shown to the world.

[?]: A man with a good reputation will be welcomed by all. The warlords will want to use him to better their own image.
[?]: And with his recent loss, who else can he go to if not Liu Biao and Liu Zhang?

[WM]: That’s right. Those two are too conservative in their governance. Better to take the rein from them.

[?]: After this experience, Liu Bei might just drop his loyalty baggage and go do what a man should do.

[WM]: You… think he can do it?

[?]: That’s up to the person, Master. You know I like a bloody power struggle.

[WM]: Hahaha, so the Utilitarian Fledgling Phoenix is finally heading out.

[?]: Liu Bei is kind, but a ferocity lurks beneath – complementing each other.
(to me the grammar is straightforward “his follower” or “those working below him”, but it is entirely possible the intended usage is to mean “what is to follow”)
[?]: He will be a man of both light and darkness. Suddenly…

[?]: the face of the First Emperor of Han is coming into clarity.
(“…Han Gao-zu”, referring to Liu Bang)

[?]: Hostages obtained. The cities surrendered.
[?]: The Chen clan submitted.

[?]: The outlaws will control the place for us.

[Gao Shun]: With the matrons in our hands, Liu Bei’s remaining subordinates have all surrendered.
[GS]: No massacre; a total victory.

[?]: Sadly what good will these third-rate do us.

[GS]: No thanks to you.

[Lü Bu]: Right. I almost caught the most valuable person.
[LB]: But he still got away somehow.

[LB]: It’s as if that Zhang is becoming tougher to beat.

[Hua Tuo]: Your old wounds were in the way, that’s all.
{Hua Tuo}
[LB]: Old wounds unhealed, now new ones. Hahaha.

[LB]: Poor Zhang Liao, such bad luck he had.
[HT]: I’ll go check up on him.

[Chen Gong]: I see new wound there, my Lord.

[LB]: To your credit, Advisor Chen.

[LB]: So, what’s next?
[CG]: The one with the good name will roam the lands while the ones with the bad name will hold their own.

[CG]: For the seventeenth move we must bear Liu Bei’s pain.

[LB]: Ha.

[LB]: Just as you predicted, Chen Gong, the kingdom to the north is slowly taking shape.

[?]: Members of Lü Bu’s army are forbidden to loot or rape!
[?]: Punishment will be a swift death!
(reworded both sentences)

[?]: By General Lü’s order, surrender and you live.
[?]: Drop your weapons and you can go home after registration!

[?]: Have you found General Cao Bao?
[?]: We’re looking for him too.

[?]: Hurry up!

[?]: Don’t worry.

[?]: Someone from the Chen clan will get you out of the city after dark.
[Liaoyuan Huo]: Thanks for the rescue.

[LYH]: Your amazing fighting skills will be a blessing to Sir Chen Deng. But…

[?]: Don’t worry, the Chen family is Xuzhou’s lifeline. They must be properly treated.
[?]: Lü Bu can’t touch him if he wants to appease the populace.

[LYH]: I’m only worried that the enemies of the Chen clan might exploit this opportunity, especially that Cao Bao.
[LYH]: Not to mention the barbaric outlaws. The Chen clan needs more protection.

[?]: Sounds like you’ve been kept in the dark.
[LYH]: I’m listening.

[?]: Sir Zhang have predicted that the outlaws will accept a third bribe.

[?]: This largest bribe is two hundred-thousand picul of rations from Cao Cao.

[LYH]: Nonsense! Zhang Fei spoke nothing of it!

[?]: Of course not. He doesn’t trust you at all.

[?]: Can’t blame him, since the bribe was paid by your “boss“.

[LYH]: Si… Sima clan? You mean I’m the last to know?

[?]: Zhang Fei knew Cao Cao will take Xuzhou sooner or later, so he has been planning the exit.

[?]: Your last mission is to come with me and convince the Chen clan to be our insider.

[LYH]: Wait, who are you… exactly?

[?]: Your replacement.

The baggage has been dropped, but a heavy burden now lands on the shoulder.
(word-play on physical and emotional baggage)


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