Ravaging Times

chapter 183

(I need to read this over, no time right now)


[?]: Liu Bei accepted the Imperial Order to attack Yuan Shu’s forces in the south, moving most of his army to Guangling.
[?]: But once he left, Lü Bu swallowed Xuzhou in the hope of expanding his influences, disregarding any sense of trust.

[?]: Liu Bei now has to deal with both Lü Bu and Yuan Shu. With Guangling being a poor region, he won’t last there.
[?]: While Shouchun’s Yuan Shu has to defend against Liu Bei, Liu Biao and Sun Ce.

[?]: Though Lü Bu doesn’t have it easy either. Xuzhou is a big territory, and scattering his forces to protect each sector is a dangerous thing.

[Xiahou Dun]: How interesting, you put all the crisis of the Warring Periods into Xuzhou.

chapter 183 The Ever-changing Situation

[XHD]: Making a mess of that region, giving us more freedom to rule Changan peacefully.

[Cheng Yu]: Now that Changan is in order, we’re ready for the next step.
{Cheng Yu}
{Xiahou Dun}
[XHD]: So what are you two going to do?

{Xun Yu}
[Xun Yu]: Now we must maintain this balance of powers.

[XHD]: The outlaws have been assigned to Xuzhou. They will cooperate with us anytime. Why waste this golden opportunity to get rid of Lü Bu?

[XY]: No, now is not the time.
[XHD]: You mean the plan has changed?

[CY]: It’s a miracle that Xuzhou’s battle did not incur heavy casualties on either side.

[CY]: To act now will be too costly for us; not worth it.
[XYD]: Advisor, you mean…

[XY]: Maintain the current situation, let them use up more military resources before we act.

[XHD]: Right. Continuous drafting will break the poorer side first.

[XHD]: So how should the outlaws cooperate with us?

[CY]: Outlaws are guarding the outer cities – as our buffer.

[XHD]: Oh, the mantis prays on the cicada…
[XY]: While the golden oriole comes from behind.

{Xuzhou . Xiapi}

{Zhang Liao}
[Zhang Liao]: You mean… Cao Cao will attack Wanxian’s Zhang Xiu first?

[Chen Gong]: Yes, that Zhang Xiu who has the unbeatable Jia Xu.
{Chen Gong}

[ZL]: No wonder you are this calm.

[ZL]: Speaking of Zhang Xiu… He is Dong Zhuo’s remaining follower Zhang Ji’s nephew.
[ZL]: Cao Cao killed his uncle, and by logic he’d want payback.

[ZL]: So then, how should I assist you?

[CG]: Promote the outlaws as soon as Cao Cao makes a move.

[ZL]: Promotion? Have you lost your mind?

[CG]: In addition, make them earn it.

[CG]: Let’s get in on the action of opposing Yuan Shu and send them to battle.

[CG]: We know Cao Cao will make them turn against us, so why not remove this threat at the same time?

[CG]: Besides, Yuan Shu is the enemy of the country, their deaths will raise our reputation. One stone for two birds.

[ZL]: What if they won’t obey this order and join forces with Liu Bei at Guangling instead…

[CG]: Don’t worry, I have accounted for everything.

[ZL]: That’s all I want to hear.

{south of Xuzhou . Guangling}

[Liu Bei]: You mean…

[LB]: Lü Bu will let us return to Xuzhou?

[messenger]: Yes. He said he had no choice but to do what he did. He insists that you, my Lord, should station in Xiaopei.

[general 1]: Goddamnit, isn’t that suicide?
[general 2]: My Lord, this guy is obviously trying to kill us!

[Jian Yong]: My Lord, Xiaopei is a barren land, there’s no future at that place.
{Jian Yong}
{Mi Zhu}
[Mi Zhu]: Right. They wouldn’t dare to harm your mistresses. Don’t agree to this.

[?]: If we would just hold our ground, Cao Cao will come to help us.
[?]: And if we join forces, Lü Bu will be defeated!

[LB]: Go back…

[LB]: We must go back now!

[LB]: Enough nonsense. Loyalty and Righteousness cannot feed people.

[LB]: This land is too small for our army, and with so little food how long can we last?

[Zhang Fei]: The army is about to disperse.

[Guan Yu]: A wise decision. Except he refuses to go to Liu Biao.
[GY]: Returning to Xuzhou first… that’s not what you planned.

[ZF]: That’s ok. I would like to see what his next step is.

[?]: My Lord, what will we do once we go back?
[?]: What’s our future prospects?

[LB]: Lü Bu managed to take Xuzhou while in Xiaopei…

[LB]: Why can’t I?

[LB]: Fake a truce, then pay him back when we can!

[LB]: The First emperor of Han did the same thing to eliminate Xiang Yu!

[GY]: Congratulations, Liu Bang is here.


[Cao Cao]: If we surround him, Zhang Xiu will definitely surrender?

[Guo Jia]: Yes, my Lord. Being so cautious all the time,

[GJ]: you can finally get a good night’s sleep.
{Guo Jia}

[CC]: That man wants to give me another present?

[GJ]: Yes, my Lord. He gives you another date of mobilization.

[GJ]: Jia Xu also said, please let Zhang Xiu live.

[CC]: Mm. That depends on how he shows his sincerity.

[GJ]: Forgive me, my Lord, but I cannot help you with this interest of yours.

[GJ]: Why don’t you request it personally, my Lord? See if that works.

[CC]: Hoo.

[CC]: This… is more difficult than fighting a war.

[CC]: Hahahaha.

{Xuzhou . Pengcheng}

[Lü Bu]: Everyone was talking about this back then.

[LB]: When Dong Zhuo entered the capital, he planned a banquet.
{Hua Tuo}

[LB]: Many people were too busy to attend, including Zhang Ji.

[LB]: Turns out he was getting married on the same night, and I went to congratulate him too.

[LB]: His wife really was an unrivaled beauty, no wonder so many men dared to disobey order and went to see her.

[LB]: After Zhang Ji’s death, his nephew Zhang Xiu settled her in Luyangcheng, outside of Wanxian.
[LB]: Once Cao Cao takes Wanxian, he will divide his troop to protect each region, hence scattering his forces.

[LB]: Back then I had people of the Hu clan serve as insiders to help me eliminate Dong Zhuo. That’s him, standing before you.

[LB]: His younger brother helped me kill Niu Fu. Now he even managed to become Zhang Xiu’s right-hand-man, and is in charge of Luyangcheng.

[Meng]: Come any closer and this will kiss my neck.
“wen3” is pinyin for either “to cut one’s throat” or “kiss”… god this word-play…
thanks to for the word-choice idea

[LB]: All men suffer from the same sickness. They either lust for power, or for beauty.
[LB]: Some say Cao Cao is very interested in Zhang Ji’s woman.

[Meng]: So you want me to impersonate her and assassinate Cao Cao?

[Meng]: You think I will take on this suicidal mission for you?

[LB]: Well, if I’m not witty enough to have you, I can only lust after power.

[LB]: Even a poor man can be addicted to gambling,

[LB]: and right now, I am very interested…

[LB]: in a bet…

[LB]: to see whether you would sell me out?


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