Ravaging Times

chapter 184

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{sfx: foom~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~}

[?]: Here are some more.

[?]: Profiles on our partners in the Southern region.

chapter 184 Phoenix Joins the Fire

[Sima Lang]: All in flames…

[Sima Yi]: If Cao Cao finds out, they will suffer the same fate as Xuzhou’s Chen clan…

[SML]: Who’d have thought that Cao Cao would swallow all of Chen clan’s assets that were entrusted to us.
{Sima Lang}
[SML]: He is good. The Chen clan has no choice but to be his insider.

[SMY]: Now, another two hundred thousand picul.
(石 here may be pronounced as “dan4” instead of “shi2” as I previously translated, see page 8 of this; Chinese source)

[SML]: Two hundred thousand… didn’t we pay that already?

[SMY]: No, this time it’s for Wanxian’s defense.
[SML]: Wh… what? Again?

[SMY]: He’s not dealing with us just yet, because the Sima clan is good at making money.

[SML]: If that’s what he means by “talents must be used”, then I don’t know what to say.

[SML]: Ever since the Handicapped Warriors exposed their trail, he has been using it like a trump card.
[SML]: If this keeps up, all of your hardwork would be in vain.

[SML]: Oh, what about the Shan clan?

{sfx: foom~}

[SMY]: Once as sworn enemies, now that we’re in the rut, I’m thankful that they haven’t chipped in to hurt us.

[SML]: It’s good that you were able to bring Shan Wu Ling over to our side, so at least we have this relation by marriage, but…

[SMY]: Even that Oath of the eighteen Warlords, to go through thick and thin together, has become a joke now.

[SMY]: It’s sad that when a woman leaves the house she belongs to someone else.

[SMY]: We brought on this ourselves, so we must not drag others into this mess.

[SMY]: This… is the token of our partnerships…

[SML]: Zhong Da! What are you…

[SMY]: This is also a thorn that caused the trouble.

{sfx: foom~}

[SMY]: They should not suffer with us.

[SMY]: All ties must be broken, completely.

{banner reads: guests come like the cloud}

{Guo Ang}

[Zhang Lei]: We entrust this street to you from now on.
[merchant 1]: We won’t let you down.

[merchant 2]: We will always be loyal to the Sima clan.
[merchant 1]: Don’t worry.

{Zhang Lei}
[ZL]: It’s unfortunate that we have to raise funding for Cao Cao’s Wanxian occupation…

[merchant]: Bossman Zhang, we know that you have no choice…
[ZL]: That’s good. We’ll meet again some day.

[merchants]: Boss! Boss!
[ZL]: It’s okay, you all should go back to work now.

{transport sfx}

[Guo Ang]: Lei, what’s on your mind?

[ZL]: Xiao Meng died, and A Huo left…

[ZL]: What’s the point of staying behind?

[ZL]: It does feel like a relief now that Young Master tells us to let go of everything.
[ZL]: But there is still one thing that worries me.

[GA]: Right… That new team of Handicapped Warriors,
[GA]: and their leader… Could they have been sent by Cao Cao?

[?]: The Sima clan may be plunged into another scheme…

[SMY]: Lei,
[SMY]: Ang,

[SMY]: Huo,

[SMY]: take care.


[?]: I heard that the Sima clan liquidated a lot of estate.
[?]: Looks like Cao Cao will dry them out soon.

[waiter]: Good thing we got out early.
[worker]: Out from what? We’re still doing the same thing.

[waiter]: This is just a day-job to pay the rent.

[guest]: Please sell me half a bun.

[waiter]: One whole bun, or no deal.

[guest]: I want a half, and I want it delivered.

[waiter]: Who told you about us?

[guest]: The “fortuneteller” at the streetcorner.

[waiter]: You’re lucky. The boss is here. Please come in.

[waiter]: The codeword is correct, but we might charge you a little more for “fortunetelling”.
[waiter]: And we only deal with immoral men, not personal vendettas.

[waiter]: A hundred liang for killing a ringleader, a thousand liang for an official, with final payment depending on his rank.
[waiter]: And five hundred more for each of our dead, three hundred more for each crippled, and one hundred more for each wounded.

[waiter]: Please name your target.

[guest]: Just one.

[guest]: How much for killing Cao Cao?

[waiter]: Cao… Cao…
[waiter]: Cao… Cao…

[boss]: I heard that he will come here.

[guest]: You sound so calm, mister boss. Must be experienced.

[waiter]: Boss, this… this is too much…

[boss]: You look so composed, mister. Must be a master.

[boss]: Oh right, your surname please?
[guest]: Feng.

[boss]: And how much is mister Feng willing to pay?

[Feng]: Ten thousand catty of gold plus five hundred able fighters.

[boss]: Whoever that can pay this much must not be a commoner.
[boss]: How many warlords pitched in for this sum?

[Feng]: So I did come to the right place.

[Feng]: You’re no ordinary man yourself.

[boss]: You’re not run-of-the-mill either.

[Feng]: Do you have something against Cao Cao as well?
[boss]: A thing or two.

[boss]: Ma Yong, shut the door.
[Ma Yong]: Yessir.

[Feng]: Thanks.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I’m all ears.


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