Ravaging Times

chapter 185

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Han, General of Chariots and Cavalry}
Fighting under Great Han’s name serves one well.
{Han, Minister of Works Cao Cao}
/* http://members.shaw.ca/jiuwan2/Ranks.htm */

Holding the Emperor hostage to rule over the lords is an equally successful step.
Although the path is right, the enemies have all pointed their spears this way.


chapter 185 Safe Passage

[civilian 1]: Now that we’re back to Imperial Han, why do you still look so down?
[civilian 2]: Imperial Han? You mean Cao Cao’s Han, right?
[civilian 3]: Whatever it is, as long as there’s no war.

[?]: Too many people. Back off!
[?]: Team four go guard the entry way. Don’t let anyone else come here!

In the spring of 197 AD, Cao Cao declares war on Zhang Xiu; though in reality he has already accepted the letter of surrender.

[Zhang Xiu]: Sinner Zhang Xiu, here to welcome the Minister of Works.
{General who Establishes Devotion, Zhang Xiu}
{note: Zhang Xiu, newphew of Zhang Ji, the former General of the Agile Cavalry}

[Cao Cao]: Zhang Ji’s crime is inexcusable. But his newphew is still well-known for his loyalty to Imperial Han, and that is no sin.

[CC]: In priase, Zhang Xiu will continue his post at Nanyang.
[ZX]: Thank you, Sir Minister of Works. Please come in for a meeting.

[CC]: Did all of your men come?

[ZX]: Oh, where is Jia Xu?
[general]: He led a troop to guard the outskirts.

[CC]: Haha, I needn’t worry knowing that he is in charge.

[ZX]: I will come soon after.

{sfx: shoo}

{Dian Wei}
{sfx: cha~}

[ZX]: Oh!

{crowd gasp}

[Dian Wei]: Guards! Protect our Lord!

[DW]: The assassin’s arrow came from Zhang Xiu’s crowd.

[ZX]: Wait! This… this is not my doing!

[soldier]: Report! An army has appeared on the outskirts, heading toward General Xiahou.
[soldier]: And there are three more troops with unknown intentions!

[DW]: Zhang Xiu, is it your incompetent leadership?
[DW]: Or are you planning to assassinate my Lord after he enters the city?

[general]: Watch your baseless accusations! My Lord came to welcome you personally, why would…
[ZX]: Hold it!

[?]: Oh yeah? You want a fight?
[?]: I dare you to come over here!


[CC]: No wild guesses until the truth is revealed!

[CC]: All the warlords have wanted me dead. But Zhang Xiu cannot be so dumb as to try to kill me this instant!

[CC]: We should leave for now, and let them sort out the problem. We shouldn’t alienate each other because of a third party’s deception!

[ZX]: Min… Minister.

[CC]: Zhang Xiu, are you clear?
[ZX]: Yes… yessir!

[?]: How dare you act without mister Feng’s order?
[?]: Oh sure, blame us when you missed!

[?]: You think that I don’t know about your Lord’s mobilization…
[?]: Hell, like your Lord hasn’t? Don’t expect instant gratification after Cao Cao’s death!

[?]: Son of a bitch! I swear to God!
[?]: So will I! It must’ve been you!

[?]: Go get mister Feng! They’re going to do it!

[?]: Stop!
[?]: Keep the order!

[Ma Yong]: By head count, there are quite a few figures who’re after Cao Cao’s life.
[MY]: From their accents, there are southerners and northerners.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: The more people are involved, the less likely it is to be singled out.
{Ma Yong}

[LYH]: Besides, the Sima clan would be dragged into this no matter what.
[MY]: Boss, is that why you took on this job?

[MY]: Or is it… the Sima clan is about to collapse?

[LYH]: This is the last thing I can do for the clan.

[LYH]: Don’t worry. If it works out, Young Master will be able to settle everything.

[MY]: But… but you saw that Young Master is down in the pit right now.

[LYH]: The dragon crouched down; the phoenix fell asleep. Perhaps they’re just waiting for the sunrise.

{Cao’s camp}

[?]: The first camp pursued until the valley entrance, then lost sight of the enemy.

[?]: The fifth camp caught up to the assassins, but three got away.

[?]: Last time it took them a whole day, while this time only ten hours.

{Cao Cao’s eldest son, Cao Ang}
[Cao Ang]: They improved, but still a bit slow.

[general]: It’s a major speedup, you call that slow?
[CA]: It’s your fault for unable to deliver their rations in time.

[CA]: Only Yu Jin’s team was successful in this operation.
[Xiahou Dun]: Him again.

[CC]: Bro, you’re making the Cao clan look bad.
[XHD]: Oh ho, as if you didn’t run around like a fool.
{Xiahou Dun}

[Li Dian]: So could they be after us outside the city the next time?
{Li Dian}
[CA]: I don’t know about that. Let the Advisors decide.

[CA]: And also, tell the map makers to draw the pictures more clearly.

[general 1]: Young Master, it’s hard enough to go in the city, let alone diagram it clearly.
[general 2]: Haha, the young Minister of Works (Inspector) is stricter than his father!

[CA]: Now we’ll wait for Zhang Xiu’s report.

[CA]: He may not know that we’re in training, but many of his subordinates disagree with his choices.

[XHD]: See that? Training and observing. That’s ingenious!
[XHD]: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.

[LD]: Zhang Xiu is even more uneasy now that our Lord doesn’t blame him.
[CA]: Yes. He will be more loyal in the future.

[?]: General Yu is here.

[Yu Jin]: Good news! Yushuicheng is in disarray. Zhang Xiu doesn’t want to raise suspicion,
{Yu Jin}
[YJ]: so he has sent his General and the family here as hostage to show his loyalty.

[CC]: Score.

[CC]: Everyone, head for the city.

[?]: Yessir!

[Pang Tong]: That’s really amazing.

[PT]: You give Cao Cao his enemy Zhang Xiu without any casualties.
[PT]: I wonder, did you come up with this idea to win hearts and minds for Cao Cao even while he’s being targeted?

[PT]: The Dark Arts of war; even this training is rather interesting.
[PT]: And I wonder, what kind of man will Cao Cao become after you join Xun Yu and Guo Jia?

[Jia Xu]: I will never be as scary as a monster like you.

[PT]: You mean my directness, or my looks?

[JX]: Both…

[JX]: would make one tremble with fear.
{Jia Xu}

{Pang Tong}
[PT]: You know what, you going over to Cao Cao scares me the most.

[JX]: Don’t worry, can’t get away this time.
[PT]: Get him.

Jia Xu grew quiet, because he knows what is going to happen.


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