Ravaging Times

chapter 186

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{banner reads: Joy Garden}
Men spill their blood on the battlefield; men speak their mind in the joy-house.

[pander]: This way, officer. Our gals are getting impatient.
[officer]: Haha, business is booming.
[prostitute]: Thanks to you all.

[pander]: Come in come in, head on in.
[pander]: The seventh battalion is here. Open the west wing suite.

[?]: Haha, a few thousand starving men have arrived…
[?]: What’re you laughing at? They’re so far from home.

[pander]: Woah, bossman Ma, please head on in!

chapter 186 Men’s Weakness

[Ma Yong]: Where is Xiao Hong?
[pander]: In the back.

[Hong]: Yesterday, Cao Cao stationed five thousand men on the outskirts.
[H]: The cavalry will enter the city tomorrow.
[MY]: And their route?

[H]: Greedy Ma, you want everything with the little you paid me?
[prostitute]: We girls sacrificed our bodies to get it out of him, you know.

[MY]: Don’t forget, we help you out when you need it.
[H]: Hohoho, don’t give me that crap. Tell your boss to come here himself.

[MY]: Haha, so it’s about that “pretty boy”…

[H]: Oh right, is your boss leaving again?
[MY]: Yes.

[H]: Tell him that Cao Cao is just outside the city.

[MY]: Wh… what? He came to Luyang?
[H]: Our customer last night was his bodyguard.

[MY]: For what?
[H]: Yo, would your boss still come if we tell you everything?

[MY]: Right… right… I’ll tell him.

[?]: Cao Cao’s cavalry will be diverted this afternoon.
[?]: We’ll then disguise as the transport group and sneak into the camp late at night.

[?]: This picture shows their deployment outside the city.
[?]: Excellent. It’s very accurate.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Looks like… you get your news quicker than me, mister Feng.

[Pang Tong]: Don’t forget, you’re just one of my hired helps.
[PT]: My information comes from all sides.

[PT]: But you’re pretty good at extracting information.

[LYH]: Cao Cao has so many men, I wonder how you’re going to make your move?

[LYH]: And few days ago their training was obviously in preparation for the sneak attack.
[LYH]: And Zhang Xiu has pledged his loyalty to Cao Cao; so we’ll be stuck between two enemies if we move now…

[PT]: What’re you hinting at?

[LYH]: Who’s our insider?

[PT]: Hoo, your talents are wasted in that bakery of yours.

{outskirts of Luyang . the Cao camp}

[Cao Ang]: People of the Hu clan have always sold out their masters.
[Hu Ju Er]: Young… young master, stop kidding around…

[CA]: But, are we really the target?

[HJE]: Oh?
{Zhang Xiu’s General, Hu Ju Er}
(modern pinyin being Hu Che Er?)

[CA]: I mean the enemy on the outskirts.
[HJE]: Oh, yes.

[HJE]: Them… on the outskirts, they should be after Lord Cao. We must take caution.

[Xiahou Dun]: How about the terrain?
[CA]: The map isn’t done yet. But I figure their number won’t be small.

[?]: You people know this region better. Go defend against them.

[HJE]: We don’t have many Generals. I hope General Xiahou would spare us some help.

[XHD]: Cao Ang, our Generals have all been sent to guard the outposts, right?
[CA]: Yes, and they can’t return in time.

[CA]: How about we release Zhang Xiu’s men, and let them prove their loyalty to us.
[XHD]: Then I must accompany them to make sure.

[CA]: Oh yes, Hu Ju Er,

[CA]: my father approves of your performance.

[HJE]: I will do whatever it takes to please our Lord.

[XHD]: Do what? Cao Ang, what did he do?
[CA]: Haha, uncle Dun, you should go ask my father yourself.

[?]: Qingzhou warriors, gather outside the camp!
[?]: Xiahou Dun’s Generals, head out!

[?]: Done?

[HJE]: Done. Looks like old Zhou is ready to send his message.

{Yushui Pass}

{sfx: pong~}

[Zhang Xiu]: He’s gone too far!

[ZX]: Too far!

[ZX]: What then, old man Zhou?

[Zhou]: Cao Cao’s men have no regard for us. They just barged in and took your aunt…

[?]: Damn Cao Cao! That son of a bitch!
[?]: My Lord! We can’t let this go!

[ZX]: What about Hu Ju Er?

[Zhou]: Hu Ju Er doesn’t dare to offend Cao Cao, but he secretly diverted Cao Cao’s main force, and hopes that you, my Lord, would use this opportunity well.


[?]: My Lord, Cao Cao’s army has sent back our Generals they held!

[ZX]: Good! Tell them to await my command!

[official 1]: My Lord, we should decide after Jia Xu comes back.
[official 2]: He would surely have a brilliant idea to resolve this issue.

[general 1]: Hell! I snatch your mother yet you still have to play nice with me?
[general 2]: Where’s the logic? Ask Jia Xu for what?

[generals]: My Lord, Jia Xu proposed the surrender, like he’s going to help!
[generals]: My Lord, our men are still armed and ready, what’re we waiting for?

[ZX]: Tell me, everyone, how long should I wait?

[general]: Give me four hours!

{Luyang army camp}

[guard]: Next time don’t come back so late.

[?]: There are enemies outside; we had to go around them.

[guard]: Go on then.

[?]: Too many men at the front camp, let’s go to the back.
[?]: Set the fuse and get ready.

[?]: So few of them now.
[LYH]: Looks like their main force was diverted.

[?]: Look over there.

[?]: Some important person may be coming.

[?]: Is it a woman?
[?]: Oh.


[?]: Hey! Don’t run out there!

[?]: Damn that mercenary!
[?]: I told you outsiders are not dependable!

[?]: Forget him, let’s do it!


That body…

{sfx: pong~}

[Dian Wei]: Woah!

[LYH]: Woah!

[DW]: You!

The two of made a holler, followed by another type of sound.


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