Ravaging Times

chapter 187

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

all is quiet.

There is only the whispering of walking men.

[?]: The enemy is just outside the woods, but we must get ahead of them.
{note: military gear, baggage, mostly travelling necessities for the soldiers}
[?]: How? We even dropped our gear, and it’s not like we’re going any faster.

[?]: Is this crappy road really the shortcut?
[?]: Oh yeah, where is that Hu guy?

[?]: Report! Up ahead, up ahead…

chapter 187 Everything In One Night

[?]: There are flames!

[soldier]: It looks like an ambush. Should we contact General Hu?

A stunned expression, just waiting for the outburst.

[Xiahou Dun]: He…

Oh fuck him!

There is one clan that has only one job.

[Hu Ju Er]: He’s right. Men of the Hu clan always betray their masters.

[HJE]: Tell Lord Lü Bu that he better send troops if he wants a piece of the pie.
[soldier]: Yessir!

[?]: Report! The men in the woods are in disarray!

[HJE]: Excellent. Signal the nearby “enemy forces” for a joint assault.

[?]: Listen up, go around them to the forest entrance. Our target is Cao Cao’s military gear.

A sea of flames,
bringing forth a wave of curses from the woods.

Suddenly one awakens from sleep with a puzzled expression.

[?]: The north camp’s food storage has been set on fire!
[?]: Everybody up! Go put out the fire!

[Cao Ang]: If this is another drill then it has gone too far!
[soldier]: I wouldn’t dare make up something like that. This is for real!

[CA]: What’s the situation at the back camp?
[captain]: It’s fine over there, but they’re not enough to help us!

[CA]: Right, re-deployed…

[?]: Then go request for help from the midway camp!
[?]: Hurry! Get water from the river pass!

The fire is just the prelude.

{south gate}
[captain]: Did you send the signal?

[scout]: Yes, but no response.

[captain]: Oncoming troops! Re…

{sfx: long~}

[captain]: respond…

A call to arms,
just for the dignity of one man.

[?]: They… they’re not stopping.
[?]: It’s an attack! An attack!

[Zhang Xiu]: Cao Cao, you despicable dog!

{shouting: kill~}

[?]: Break the fences!

[general]: Young Master, the south gate is under attack, and they request for aid!

[CA]: Then forget the fire; fend off the enemy first!

[?]: Zhang Xiu has revolted! Tell all troops to go defend the south gate!

[CA]: Not soon enough. There are too few men at the south gate.
[CA]: Build a line of defense right here right now!

[CA]: Deploy an ambush formation! Call the archers! Hurry!

{sfx: xiu~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~}

[soldier]: Watch where you’re aiming!

[ambush]: Hold this position until Zhang Xiu’s men arrive!
A team of rations transporter is actually the pawn for creating chaos.

[soldier]: Those archers are from the rations troop that just came in!
[soldier]: Oh no! We’re fighting each other!

[CA]: Stay calm! They’re only a small group of insiders!

[CA]: Hold this position no matter what! We must keep the midway in order!

[CA]: Don’t worry!

{sfx: cha~}
[CA]: This is just…

{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: ba la~}


{sfx: ta~}


[Liaoyuan Huo]: It’s just… just like…

[Dian Wei]: fighting myself.

[CA]: Gua… Guardian Dian!

[ambush]: Is… is he that outsider?!

[LYH]: You… are almost dead, right?

[DW]: You… you too!

A bitter laughter came upon me,

for being toyed by fate;

for being rejected by Heaven and earth.

Everything becomes a blur,

followed by an emptiness.

In this mirror,
I see my mutilated self.

And suddenly all is quiet.

So quiet I can hear the spearhead rubbing against the bone,

and the helpless cries from the organs.

What appears to be a tough exterior is fighting to prevent itself from crumbling.

Blood cannot wait to flee the breaking body,
“The blood cannot wait to exit through any crack to avoid this disaster,
and escape in the dark.”

flee in the dark.

{sfx: pa!}

The pitch-black sky faces off against the emptiness,

and the mind is rocked by waves of broken memory.

Another dead silence.

Which wave shall reach the shore?

Hope it is a memory that can wake me from this nightmare.

[DW]: My Lord!

[DW]: He… is calling me.

Oh no. A dying beast is about to strike back.
/* distorted */

One name, one reminder.
[CA]: Fa…

[CA]: Father, father!

[CA]: Father is on the other side of the camp!
[CA]: On the other side!

One night, one nightmare.

[?]: Somebody…

[?]: help… help our Lord.

That night I saw a road with no return.


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