Ravaging Times

chapter 190

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

That day a promise was remembered, and a man was killed.

That day Cao Cao made a decision as well.

[?]: He’s here! Cao Cao is here!

[?]: What took you guys so long!
[?]: The camp is too large, and we had to divide our forces to surround it properly!

[?]: What about the rest of Cao Cao’s troops?
[?]: The troops on the outskirts are already in disarray, fleeing for their lives!

chapter 190 Jest Over Gratitude And Hatred

[general]: Oh right, haven’t you caught him yet?
[soldier]: It’d be easier to kill him than catch him…

[general]: Haha, I’m the expert at that!

[general]: Brothers, forget the diserters;
[general]: if you want to raise your status, come with me!

[general]: Catch him alive, brothers!

[soldier]: A… another one.

{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: xiu~}

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Bo… boss is down!
[?]: Look out, Cao Cao knows a thing or two!

[soldier]: A… another joke…

[Xu Chu]: My Lord,

[XC]: are you, still, training us?

[Cao Cao]: This joke,

[CC]: is not funny at all.

[?]: It’s… it’s Xu Chu!
[?]: Don’t be reckless, let’s wait for the main troop!

[XC]: The siege formation, the deployment planner, amazing.

[CC]: Xu Chu, let me tell a joke too.

[CC]: I just remembered what Jia Xu once said…

[CC]: to challenge Zhang Xiu really is to bet one’s life against Heaven; who knew…

[XC]: Who knew… my Lord, went to play with, woman instead.

[CC]: Haha, is that funny?

[XC]: That woman, amazing; enemy, arrives, immediately, escapes; skilled.

[XC]: Luckily, I came in time, or else, my Lord, would not be, laughing at all.

[CC]: Xu Chu, what do you mean?
[XC]: She, is definitely, not, from the Zou clan.

[XC]: My father (Xu Lin) knew Zhang Ji well; his wife, I have seen before.
[XC]: That woman, also refined, but, not Zou.

[CC]: Then that means…

[XC]: My Lord, let me, tell you another, joke, to calm you.

[XC]: There is, a fool, who thought, with a, gold-laying hen,

[XC]: he can, make it, lay golden eggs, as long as, he can, control it.

[XC]: Who knew, this hen, turned out to be, a tiger, who has, a criminal past.
[XC]: That year, when my father, demanded money from him, he brought on his own death. Same, as today.

[XC]: Heaven is just; and under the light of day, he would be exposed, to many witnesses.

[XC]: Besides them, even my Lord, and I, have seen.

[CC]: Who?

[XC]: Fought me, at Tanxian.
[XC]: You have, seen him, at Puyang.

[XC]: My Lord, the Handicapped Warriors, made a move.

[XC]: Think, whose order, is that woman following?

[XC]: My Lord, you are, already halfway, through the gates of hell.

[?]: gah!

[Dian Wei]: Zhang Xiu!

[DW]: I… swear!

{sfx: peng~}

You will die~

{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: cha~}

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I…

[LYH]: swore…

[LYH]: to kill you!

{sfx: pa~}

[DW]: Ha!

[DW]: I…
[DW]: am now two.

[DW]: Lower body,

[DW]: get up.

[Zhang Xiu]: gah!

[ZX]: Monster…

[DW]: Together…
[DW]: kick Zhang Xiu to death!

[DW]: Hurry! I have… caught him.

[DW]: Kick…

[DW]: kick him to death!

{sfx: pa~}

[ZX]: Dian Wei, it’s all over.

[DW]: Never!

[DW]: Legs! Get up!

[DW]: Legs! You traitors!

[DW]: Did you forget… why you live?

[DW]: Live,

[DW]: for…

[DW]: for…

{sfx: cha~}

[DW]: Loyal…

Monster! Go to hell!

[XC]: Proof, irrefutable;

[XC]: as long as, we survive,

[XC]: and recognize true loyalty.

[XC]: the days, of raising the tiger, will soon be over.

Cao Cao made a decision in his mind that day.

The Sima clan received another letter in the afternoon.


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