Ravaging Times

chapter 191

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{sfx: xiong~}

[captain]: General Xiahou, can you see it?

[Xiahou Dun]: One troop to the left, and another in front of us.

chapter 191 Deserve To Die Or Not

[XHD]: Send word! Retreat rightward!

[?]: To the right, everyone retreat!

[soldier]: Master Dun, according to the map we can’t travel in that terrain. It’ll take at least three days for us to go around!
[soldier]: How will we last three days without our military supplies?

[XHD]: The most important thing right now is to preserve our forces in order to save A Man. Do as I said and go right!

[XHD]: Heaven, the bet is on!

[soldier]: My Lord, they have broken through.

[Liang Ping]: Pang Tong has already prepared for that. We won’t incur any casualty in this battle.
{member of anti-Cao alliance, Liang Ping}
[LP]: Once they enter that hopeless terrain, they will run out of rations in three days, then disperse.

[LP]: We might’s well wait a little longer.

[Pang Tong]: Score.

[PT]: Cao Cao’s main camp is destroyed, and the other half of his forces will soon scatter as well.

[PT]: Go tell Song Li’s army to head in from the north.
[PT]: The rest of our allies can send forces too.

[PT]: In the worst case where Cao Cao gets away, he will still face enemies in all directions.

[PT]: Not to mention his support within the territory has collapsed under my pressure.

[PT]: I wonder what interesting idea the Sima clan would come up with next.

{Luyang, Cao Cao’s main camp}

[Xu Chu]: One horse,

[XC]: I clear the way.

[XC]: Stay behind me, my Lord,
[XC]: and you may, stand a chance.

[XC]: My Lord… you hear…

[Cao Cao]: Not anymore…

[CC]: Not anymore…

[CC]: Dian Wei…

[CC]: is dead.

[XC]: My Lord, all men, will die…
[CC]: Xu Chu, is that Heaven’s Will?

[XC]: Still thinking of, Jia Xu’s words, my Lord?

[CC]: A joke is better.

[XC]: My Lord, let me, be honest.

[CC]: That’s too much for me.

[XC]: Fated to die, will die, no matter what.

[CC]: Shit.

[CC]: I heard it.

[XC]: My Lord…

[XC]: you, finally, heard it.

{sfx: long~}


[XC]: They are here.

[soldier]: It’s Cao Cao’s border patrol!

{shouting: kill~}

[soldier]: Captain, the cavalry is still… still here!
[captain]: Stay calm! Their number is small, just finish them!

{shouting: kill~}

{shouting: kill~}

[Cao Ang]: Father, I will save you!

{shouting: kill~}

[CA]: Father, get on!

[CC]: Crouch down, you idiot!

[soldier]: Target,

[soldier]: perfect.

{sfx: cha~}

[CC]: Ang-er!

{sfx: pa~}

[CC]: No!

{sfx: pa~}

[CC]: No!

[CC]: Fool! You fool!

[CA]: What… was… foolish?

[CC]: Fool, you should take my place once I die!

[CA]: No… not as great as you, father, I cannot…

[CA]: Hurry… get on.

[XC]: Young Master, is, right, my Lord.

[CA]: Father… your talent… is what the people pray for…

[CA]: Heaven is just…

[CA]: You should not… die.

[CA]: Will not…
/* not sure; my interpretation is “Those who should not die will not die” */

[CC]: Woo…

[CC]: Woo…

[XC]: My Lord… now is the time…

[CC]: Xu Chu.
[XC]: Yessir.

[CC]: Can you tell another joke?

[XC]: My Lord, I will tell one, after you get on.

[CC]: Would it be too much for me?

[XC]: I did not, finish, what I was saying. Heaven is just.

[XC]: Fated to live, will live, in the end.


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