Ravaging Times

chapter 193

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Having come this far…

it seems there is no turning back.

[Ma Yong]: Knife!
[?]: Yessir!

[MY]: Sew this part first!

chapter 193 Six And Tricks
I have no idea… going by interpretation and personal style…

[soldier 1]: In… intestine came out too.
[soldier 2]: He’s not going to die, is he…

[MY]: Ok, stuff it back, hurry!
[MY]: Don’t let him bleed too much.

[MY]: Ok, seal the wound with hot iron.

{sfx: zi! zi!}

[soldier 1]: Not a sound from him, that’s scary.
[soldier 2]: I bet he’ll be up and running in a few days.

[soldier]: Old Ma.
[MY]: Speak.

[soldier]: I counted, and only Wang’s group is gone.

[MY]: Maybe he ran away?

[soldier]: He’s always after money, so why would he do a job for free?

[follower]: Yeah, and he’s been acting weird. He closes his pawn shop often.
(not sure about last part)
[soldier]: Oh, I think he’s pretty close to mister Feng.

[soldier 1]: Of course they’re close. He’s the one who recommended mister Feng.
[soldier 2]: They already knew each other before this?

[MY]: Hoo~ A “fortuneteller”,
[MY]: can never be trusted.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Ma…

[?]: Boss!

[LYH]: Run…

[LYH]: Run away…

[LYH]: Something… happened…

[MY]: Boss, what happened?

[soldier]: Officer, please tell lord Zhang that our master is being treated for injuries.

[officer]: Then tell mister Liaoyuan that the heads of our alliance will come to visit tomorrow.

[soldier]: Officer, who… who is mister Liaoyuan?
[officer]: Haha, don’t play dumb. Who doesn’t know Liaoyuan Huo, the leader of the Handicapped Warrior? We’d still be fooled if Advisor hasn’t told us.

[soldier]: Officer, this…
[officer]: Ok, I’ll come again tomorrow.

[MY]: Identity… exposed…

[MY]: We fell for it!

Having come this far…

it seems everything is lost.

[Zhang Xiu]: Jia Xu, I thought you were dead.

[Jia Xu]: But Cao Cao is still alive…

[ZX]: So what? My army is unstoppable, and with the help of the allied forces nearby, it only strengthens my resolve.


[ZX]: Are you laughing?
[JX]: Nonono… I’m happy for you, my Lord.

[ZX]: We owe this victory to that Loyalist shidi of yours.
shidi = younger lowerclassman)
[ZX]: The young wave has caught up. Looks like he’s above you skillwise.

[JX]: Then what is your next move, my Lord…

[ZX]: You’re a dove. Now is not the time for you.

[soldier]: Advisor asks, how long should he wait to send it?
[ZX]: Tell Advisor to wait a little longer.

[ZX]: Jia Xu,

[ZX]: you’re done here.


[JX]: Hoo~

Every new sovereign brings his own courtiers.

Way to go, Sixth.

[Xiahou Dun]: Having reached here…

[XHD]: finally…

[Cao Cao]: Didn’t expect you to come up with this idea after losing the military gear.

[XHD]: You play the pervert, and I’ll play the robber.

[CC]: Our reputation didn’t come by easy. One mistake and we both ruined it.

[XHD]: A Man, somebody must be held responsible.

[CC]: Fine. Military law cannot be broken.

[CC]: Xiahou Dun disregards the law and robs the people of their food. But for protecting his Lord, he will only be demoted by one rank.

[XHD]: Not enough.

[XHD]: This is a very serious crime. I brought crisis upon the people, so I should be discharged from the army and become a peasant.
[XHD]: I just wish to escort you back, then take the punishment.

[CC]: Ay…

{sfx: pa.}

[CC]: You are the most fair and upright man amongst my brothers. To make you take this…

[XHD]: The big picture is the important thing!

[XHD]: I don’t care what people say. How could I save you if I hadn’t done that. Besides…

[XHD]: Dian Wei and Ang-er gave their all… how could I let them down.

[CC]: Yuan Rang…

[CC]: you really are the good brother that I admire the most!

Having come this far, what good is reputation if one is dead.

[Liang Ping]: Impressive, the loss of gear couldn’t defeat him either.

[Pang Tong]: Out comes a new man from a deadend.
[PT]: With that foodhold there we cannot easily advance.

[LP]: Look, another separated division has returned.
[PT]: Same thing. We cannot fight the enemy head on. We must wait a little longer.

[LP]: How many villages did he plunder?
[soldier]: Four. I think that’s enough rations for many days.

[PT]: Xiahou Dun was sure that our smaller army would not dare to attack them. He kept his cool and waited for reinforcements. Like his ancestors would do.

[PT]: So much can change on the battlefield.
[LP]: Haha, only that can create an Advisor like you.

[PT]: Oh right, what’s the status at Wuyin?
[LP]: The alliance has reached there and stationed at key positions. Once they make their move it’ll be hell for the enemy.

[LP]: Speaking of defense, I heard that Yu Jin knows a trick or two.
[PT]: Like I said, fight with brains, not with brawn.

[soldier]: Report! The thing you wanted Lord Zhang Xiu to send has arrived.

[LP]: Give it to Chen Nan. Tell him to rush it to his Lord at Wuyin.

[LP]: So, Advisor, what’s next?
[PT]: Everything is going according to plan. Now I must go to Henei and visit…

[PT]: the Phoenix that has thrown itself into fire.
(this is a reference to the title of chapter 184… too much word play…)


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