Ravaging Times

chapter 194

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

The surging wave pushes the boat with the current to transcendent heights.

{Wuyin . Yu Jin’s main camp}

{Cao Cao’s General, Li Dian}
[Li Dian]: It was agreed that a report would come every six hours,

[LD]: but there hasn’t been any since last night.

[Yu Jin]: Perhaps they were attacked.

chapter 194 The Killer Setup
/* still debating whether the literal “The Perfect Killing Formation” is good enough; suggestions? */

[LD]: Then what’re you still standing around for?

{Cao Cao’s General, Yu Jin}
[YJ]: We don’t even know who the attacker is. Who’s responsible if something goes wrong?

[LD]: Can you afford to have something happen to our Lord?

[YJ]: Since our Lord entrusted this place to me, I’m responsible.

[LD]: Are you going to send troops or not?

[YJ]: Li Dian, you have your men.

{sfx: fu~}

[LD]: Damn you! Coward!

[LD]: Deputy, gather our men and follow me!

[general 1]: Li Dian left, let’s…
[general 2]: No, not just yet.

[YJ]: Recordkeeper, how many men do we have at the rear?
[recordkeeper]: Our main army was divided to station at various points once in Yushui, thus the number is small.

[recordkeeper]: General, if we don’t do anything while our Lord is in danger,
[recordkeeper]: what if it’s true and he reprimands…

[YJ]: Recordkeeper, transfer all of our rear troops here immediately.

[recordkeeper]: Tra… transfer here… then…
[YJ]: Yes, abandon all staging grounds.

{sfx: long~}

[Song Li]: Haha, Li Dian has been lured out.
{Anti-Cao Alliance member, Song Li}
{Zhang Xiu’s General, Hu Ju Er}
[Hu Ju Er]: Let’s send a division to cut off their supply line.

[SL]: With Li Dian gone, their forces at Wuyin would be halved.
[SL]: By number we’re at full advantage. A sure win.

[HJE]: But Advisor insisted that we not attack unless we’re absolutely confident.

[?]: I say mister Feng is being too careful.
[HJE]: If that’s true it’d be difficult for us to take Wuyin.

[SL]: Don’t worry, my subordinate Chen Nan has nothing but praises for him. This won’t stump him.

[messenger]: Sir, General Chen Nan is here.

[Chen Nan]: There are some clothing on the carts. Tell team two to put them on.
[soldier]: Yessir.

[SL]: Chen Nan, when did you surrender to the Cao crook?

[CN]: Master said, let me enter their camp before sending troops.
/* “sending troops” or “starting the offensive”? */

[HJE]: Haha, if something happened at Cao Cao’s main camp, it certainly is about time for the deserters to get here.

[?]: Fine. We’ll wait.
[?]: Ok.

{Luyang . Mountain side}

[?]: While we’re trapped here, our rations could only last us for at most two days.
[?]: If I’m not mistaken, Wuyin’s reinforcements will arrive soon.

[?]: If I were the victor, I wouldn’t stop now, but take advantage of the enemy’s lapse instead.

[Cao Cao]: Li Dian is an impatient man; he’ll be lured out soon.

[Xiahou Dun]: That leaves only half of the forces at Wuyin. It would save them a lot of trouble if they decide to attack.

[CC]: Suppose we think about this further. If the enemy mingles with our deserters, and becomes the insider at Wuyin…

[CC]: In other words, Yu Jin would then have to deal with both external and internal enemies.

[soldier]: My Lord, I found out that the one having us surrounded is “Stronghold Master” Liang Ping.

[CC]: So he’s on Zhang Xiu’s side.

[CC]: If Liang Ping has sent troops, why would Song Li, his old enemy, stay put?

[CC]: If I’m not mistaken, they have become allies at some point.

[XHD]: Impossible…

[CC]: Why wouldn’t they, if there’s something in it for them?
[CC]: We tried to account for all possibilities, but we missed this.

[CC]: Shit, who is that persuasive?

[Pang Tong]: Our troop only amounts to twenty percent of Cao Cao’s,
[PT]: so we must tread carefully.

[PT]: Even though we have allies, our numbers are still moderate.
[PT]: Having powerful allies and legitimate support is the correct way toward great achievements.

[PT]: Today, all will be accomplished here.

[scout]: Good news.

[PT]: I think Lü Bu has made his move too.

[scout]: Yes. Opposing Yuan Shu is just for show; he has redeployed his forces, getting ready to strike.

[PT]: Who dares to aid Wuyin, now that we have his intervention?

[student]: Master, what if Yuan Shao…

[PT]: Don’t worry. That guy has already sent all of his forces after Gongsun Zan in the north.
[PT]: This sudden move can only garner full support from him.

[student 1]: The right timing, the right location, and the right people; amazing.
[student 2]: So then what’s next, Master?

[PT]: All of these are still tied to Imperial Han. I’m waiting for their reply.

[student]: If Imperial Han could give a nod, then it would be great!
[?]: Master, the messenger is here.

[messenger]: Sir! Good news.

[PT]: Good! Now our force is twice that of Cao Cao’s.
[PT]: Let’s go.

In the afternoon, Jingzhou’s Imperial Uncle Liu Biao, representing the Imperial clan, sends his forces to join the fight against Cao Cao.

On that day, everyone agreed on the same thing.

Because the killing opportunity is just around the corner.


[?]: Fourth Master, you mean…

{banner reads: discussion room}
[4th Uncle]: Yes. Delay sending that two hundred thousand picul of rations.

[?]: Fourth master, we’ve already delayed many days. If they blame…

[4th]: Just say there was a problem with our funds. Ask them to accommodate a little.

[merchant 1]: It’s easy to delay, but we can’t keep doing it.
[merchant 2]: I heard that the Shan clan has already sent their supply of weapons.

[?]: Damn that Shan clan, always such a pain.
[?]: I think they’re just marking their boundary.

[Sima Yi]: Sirs, if you have read this letter, then you’ll undoubtedly agree.

[SMY]: Someone is threatening us to oppose Cao Cao.

[SMY]: If we do we’ll be treated like friends; if not… our dirty business with the Handicapped Warriors would be exposed, killing us all.

[?]: Young Master, do we have another option?

[SMY]: Don’t worry. This is only a delaying tactic. Nothing is decided yet.

[4th]: We can go either way. That’s how one should do business. Flexible.

[?]: Besides, we’ll be squeezed dry sooner or later if we continue to please them.
[?]: So we’ll need the help of every supporter we have on Cao’s side.

[merchant 3]: Back then we dealt with Dong Zhuo. Who’s afraid of you, little Cao Cao?
[officer]: Correct. If Cao Cao really wants to confront the Sima clan, then there’s only one thing to do.

[SMY]: Well said. No matter how brilliant he is, confronting the Sima clan…

[SMY]: only leads to one conclusion…

[SMY]: Kill him!


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